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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Real or Fake?


It is by far the most uncomfortable feeling to sense a person's side that is absolutely two-toned, fake.  You feel it, see it, you want to do something about it but you can't.  They are your friend.  Until they are not.

How does one ever approach the conversation?  "Ahem, I don't like it when you have a face just for me & another one for her & one for your boyfriend, then one for your clients & one for your students"

Graphic work/design by - Janette Dengo

I've had multiple stories told to me by a friend who got so hurt by another female who clearly belonged on the screen with an Oscar for her performance.  The lengths people go to - to cause grief to others blows my mind.  They stoop to such low and dirty levels of saying garbage about you not only to authority figures (which alone is sickening) but to common friends who sometimes believe the lies only for you to loose those friendships too.   Why do people do that?

Why does this happen?  It breaks my heart to hear these stories from my friends, but then again perhaps this is why something similar happened to me.  I suppose it happens to us so we can better understand what a friend has gone through and for us to feel their pain to comfort and understand them and be there for them in every way.

People play games!  They say then don't but they do.  They say they are honest but they are liars.  They ask you to trust them only to bash your heart.  Does that give them some power as these people are clearly control freaks of the society.

I thank my lucky stars each and every day that I have decent and kind, respectable people in my life, pretty much my whole life.  Minus a few hick-ups in so called friendships, it's all a learning process.

I take everything as a lesson & in strides.  Weather it's real or faked from others, it is not my problem.  In the end, I do not worry my little heart over the devilish ways of people's conduct because I am not God.  One day they will have to unwrap & reveal their sins caused to others, however the gracious light allows it.

What I do with my life is the only thing that is in my power and control.  I know exactly who I am & I like who I am.  Nobody will change me & my light.  I will never become a hater, back stabber, liar and two faced because those cells do not exist in me.

My focus in life will continue with great power to help and change the world for the better - one person at a time and it always starts with ME.




Anonymous said...

I like your design. I can relate to your story here..... people think they are real but inside, everyone hurts and defends that with all they've got. I don't know you but I can tell you've had your share of hardships. Keep writing.

Janette Dengo said...

Dear Anonymous, thank you for leaving your footprints on my pages. I appreciate your feedback. Friends are the most precious gifts from God & I hold each and every one who allows me to share with them & love them dear to me. Sometimes we put people in the friend category who clearly don't belong there and that's how I look at it. Not everyone is a friend, even if we'd like them to be. Some people are best to remain as acquaintances and they remain friends through a filter of mutual respect. Please stop by again. xoxox