The pages are still blank, but there is a miraculous feeling of the words being there, written in invisible ink and clamoring to become visible. ~Vladimir Nabakov

Monday, December 8, 2008

Book of Life

Pursued bliss
Freedom released
Within the book of life
Envy non-existing
Lust hankered
In anchored
Seeking respect
Admiration for self
In the walls of freedom
Loving absolutely
Totally open
The truth
That lays deep
In the mountain rocks
And every stream
Of minutes tick
This journey
Called life
We are
To feel it
Taste and smell
The beauty of elements
Focusing on opposite
Not the important
The dying and
Not living
Hungry always
Yet full of hatred
Though one day awaking
Realizing and comprehending
Then again reliving
With brand new
Dreams and
Vision in
Life passing by
Why so quickly we die
Then hurrying to grab a hold
Of the book of life
And this time
Reading it
For it
Holds on
To the pages
That make you feel
Alive with hot fire and desire
Re-read if you must
Though do trust
Your inner
For you
And I are
For a purpose
Long or short matters
Not the destinations at all
But the journey taken
Lessons learned
Is this vast

Friday, December 5, 2008

Grandmother My HERO

Her beautiful face imprinted is forever onto my heart
And no matter where I will journey this will never part

The gentleness in her voice and many humorous sides
She was quirky, silly and fun playing seeks and hides

In her gigantic closets so hard of solid wood
I did my best obeying though rarely was good

Hiding and roaming through her various clothes
Somehow loving the pungent smell of mothballs

Dressing up in her scarves and jumping in feather bed
I loved everything about her from her toes to her head

She is my very dearest now unwell grandmother
Her soul is so very different, not like any other

The love I feel for her is beyond human view
Now only memories held of the times that flew

Her illness in memory lacks and my recognition failed
Though her body still lingers, her soul has long sailed

She was my protector from my father so violent
My escape into childhood I do reminisce silent
Hiding and running from his unsteady blowing fuses
She was my hero rescuing me from these many abuses

Missing her immensely, her voice and warm touch
I know somehow inside she remembers that much

She was a mother to nature, the dying and living
Her soul and life mission always pure and giving

Never wanting and lusting anything for her
Nor desiring or ever wearing any animal fur

Her birthdays come by as I celebrate in silence
Thanking for her help from my fearing violence

She will remain immortal within my heart and mind
Her brilliance and kindness is so hard to find

Alzheimer illness is unkind and fast
And stole a Hero from me at last

I adore you grandmother without end
As angels in my prayers to you I send

And when death hour visits for your pass
I hope you let go this life closing your eyes

There is nothing left for you here
Your great life is long done my dear

So let go with ease
And rest in peace


Monday, December 1, 2008

Finding GOD

Waking with peace that empowers me doesn't last
As the energy of the world hastily creeps in
To every fibre of my mortal soul and skin
And alters this resolute feeling I love
While dreaming of his dove
Seeking to find it again daily, struggling though I do
Before closing my eyes on the darkest nights
Reducing nightmares and immoral frights
While thoughts of God linger amid
As my other eye rests its lid
Finding God is not easy though all of us see his light
Even the blind man whose eyes cannot see
As he is no different then you or me
Can tell you of the one brilliant light
His incandescent love so bright
Collecting rocks along a shore one day I found a rock
So very remarkable one neither so pretty nor shiny
As I shoved this rock in my pocket so tiny
At a magical sunset that refilled my core
And began to look for more
Never thinking twice about what has just happened there
My days of journey just continued along this life
Equally repeated days in bliss and strife
Rhythmic usually are these days ahead
Observing the living as dead
When darkness and despair creeps up to God we all do turn
Even those disbelieving who call him by different name
Jehovah, Allah, Father or Lord it's all the same
We call this name that carries us across
As we all bear this heavy cross
We are such arrogant fools all fighting over the same God
Like vultures and scavengers we continuously peck
And attack with devour, famine and wreck
Looking to find this being we adore
Lessening the chances even more
So again, this rock I found along the shore one day, resurfaced
As I reached in my broke pocket emptiness to show
Then hearing a call in the breeze's gentle blow
Standing along the edge of a rock face
Ready squeezing it with embrace
I looked yet again once more to observe it closely with my eyes
And noticing it was this fantastic fossil I was holding
While my faith and believes were folding
Recognizing life for very long existed
And my birth for a reason was listed
This was the hour I found God and felt his vast absolute power
It was an awaking moment where I had the bravery
To let go of hate, shame, grief and slavery
Of this world I disliked yet coexisted in
Sealed was his love inside me within
As God is everywhere, in the sun, trees, birds, ashes and YES, me
I felt something within inside awake and believe it's him
At this moment when all the lights went dim
Loosing all faith, knowledge and belief
Feeling nothing but soul grief
I once found God on the shore as he unlocked opened another door
For me, just plain old me for why am I so valuable?
There must be a reason for my life applaud able
Just when I was ready to take a leap
He upheld this love ready to seep
You see God resides within all of us this much I now forever know
And appreciate it in the elements, birds, fire and snow
So while living eternally trusting and believing
Somehow persisting and continue living
With faith, integrity and above all giving
I found God