The pages are still blank, but there is a miraculous feeling of the words being there, written in invisible ink and clamoring to become visible. ~Vladimir Nabakov

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Video of my Art

I got very excited when my dear friend A. Jill Gaebel created this awesome video for me. I love her wonderful talent making these for her fellow artist friends, and the cost is oh so reasonable. I think every artist should have one of these on YouTube. Thank you Jill & thanks to the viewers for your wonderful comments and continuous support. Namaste~

Friday, August 28, 2009

I am an Empath

I celebrated this to be my 36th year on Earth. For the first two thirds, I found it very hard to be here.

Through healing meditations and allowing creativity to flow through me, I've grounded myself with knowledge of learning what I am suppose to learn, in search for my purpose and making footprints to last for eternity. I've learned there are like-minded individuals who resonate with me and I'm fortunate to have these special people in my life who contribute to my constant learning, growth and development.

Aside from my family who is priceless to me, there are people who enter my life with messages to deliver, fun projects to achieve, business partners who have come and gone and whether they stay in my life for short or long time, all have impacted me and my life with a deep meaning and for that I'm very grateful.

I've always been on a highly sensitive side, though later in my years came to a realization that I am in fact special. I'm a passionate human not only physically and emotionally but also spiritually and what I mean by spiritual is not necessarily religious. I feel connected to Mother Nature and mankind on a level beyond the obvious. I love being in nature and listening to the birds sing, smelling Earth's fragrances and even watching and listening to the rain with lightening all around. I actually do stop often and do smell the roses. I also love watching people and talking to people, yet find it very therapeutic and refreshing to be alone and listen to my inner thoughts.

One of the most important aspects of realizing I am in fact what I am is by having the ability to sense people and their inner feelings and thoughts, which are often evident by my own mood alterations without explanation as I absorb this sensation. Let me clarify this, I am not moody but sensitive in terms of receptive and aware not fragile and thin-skinned. I've learned that I resonate on a wavelength that allows me to tap into other energy sources I'm surrounded by and sense the vibrations that are undetectable by the naked eye. This can sometimes be challenging to filter and control as people are so different and the space is filled with countless dimensions, wavelengths and vibrations. This explains my broad-minded perspective and interest in various cultures, arts, and people in general. It also explains why people, children and animals are drawn to me like a magnet as my personality is filled with light and genuine care.

I find it very intriguing to study this phenomenon, since I've learned that people's faces and their facades does not often match their inner thoughts and feelings. Does this mean they are fake? No, I think it simply means they do a great job of hiding their feelings, stress, worries, sadness, secrets, illness or whatever they don't want to reveal or are not ready yet to reveal to the rest of the world. I often find myself ask my friends, Are you OK? if I find the feeling I get does not match the face they give me when we are speaking. Many times they are surprised at my accurate definition of asking this and I don't offer what I know though allow them to tell me what is the matter, as it is often more healing to the individual to let things out willingly then to pull it out of them. I've had people tell me that I would have made a great psychiatrist since I acknowledge my ability of listening well to others. I don't like to offer opinions often but rather help the individual brainstorm and let them come to their own conclusions. It is after all their choices that unfold their life.

Throughout the course of my youth and teens, I've known things that are unexplainable to me even to this day. They come to me in deep meditations and my dreams. Events which become reality, predictions that happened to the exact day of event and many other things that I am unable to mention in this limited human language though feel it at my core and centre of my being, are so very real to me. I can say that I am more aware then ever before of what love, life and living are about and what living in the moment means, to me anyways. What does it all mean when time stops for a moment and everything becomes still or in slow motion? I believe it means we are on the course we were set or chosen for ourselves and everything is, as it should be. Many experience this feeling in a short but defined sensation as deja vu and that is my daily living.

I have many through the course of a week, from which few are very profound.
I am connected at the source with life, plants, animals, rocks, insect, humans and the vast universe sensing beyond dimensions all that is within. I simply find pleasures in life's bountiful beauty and show respect to both people and nature. Being a loving and compassionate person can be overbearing on others as my genuine love and carrying may appear to feel overwhelming sometimes. Again, it is what I am 100%.

The one person I can thank for my Empathy is my grandmother. She is one of a kind soul that is connected to me at a level I cannot even begin to describe and I get my gifts by DNA. It is an inharrited trait genetically and that is just fine with me. I've always had a knowledge that I was different in terms of sensing people and my grandma reasured me it was alright to be kind and loving, despite what other do or say to me and how they treat me or make me feel. My ability to sense beyond my 5 senses has never steared me wrong and I rely on it like I do on listening, seeing, smelling, etc. I rely on this energetic vibration with my life and I believe it has actually saved my life on few occasions.

Life took a complete awakening turn for me the day I became a mother. The day I held my first born in my hands, became a solid foundation and a bookmarked chapter to my human transformation as my tears of purest joy bathed my child's precious newborn face. I felt myself slowly transforming over the course of the 9 months, expecting though never knowing how profound this moment would become on the day my baby arrived. The purest and unconditional love that is born at that moment is above and beyond words. A mother's connection to her child is one of a kind bond filled with all emotions.

Everything multiplied by hundred for me over the next few weeks after my daughter's birth. My dreams became more visual, colourful and vivid, more clairvoyant conversations with my guides have more then multiplied and my healing abilities surfaced at last. Healing abilities? Never in a million years I would think to be capable of such things those which I only know am capable of now, though had to accept them as my gifts and abilities only to embrace them. At first I was afraid, thinking this unknown and unexplored thing I was dealing with was not only taboo in terms of blending in with the rest of the society, but also what am I to do with it.

The first time I healed my daughter, she was only a small babe at about 6 months or so. She had sniffles, a minor cough and slightly elevated temperature, nothing major. I held her in my arms and rocked her to sleep in the oversized rocker in her nursery. I gently caressed her precious body from head to toes along her back and I felt a surge of energy connect us at the source of existence. It was a surreal feeling and a very remarkable one. Moments after I placed her down into her crib as she slept so peacefully, I felt nauseated and very tired to the point of having to lay down with unexplainable fatigue. I woke up with a slight fever, sniffles and basically a cold she had the night before. To my surprise she woke up refreshed with no sign of the cold, not even sniffles.

At the moment I didn't think anything of this, until the events happened again, again and again with multiple times repeating over the course of nearly 3 years before I had to come to terms of what was happening. I was in fact healing my child and absorbing all of the illness into my body, while cleansing her free of the nasty bug. As a human, I fought my mind into believing it was true though after so many times and the fact she never even had a cold nor was ever on any antibiotics like all the other children & infants I known, I had no choice but to accept what was happening. My healing touch as I call it is something I share with only my children, and they not very often have a cold for more then 24 hours. Now me on the other hand, I have to perfect my method of not absorbing the illness but to channel it through me and out. This is one of the reasons I was ill so many times this year and my body took a butt kick.

Healer, heal thyself! It is something I heard in my thoughts and cannot pinpoint where or how, perhaps in a dream though it is true. I've been learning techniques to connect into the pillar of light for cleansing and protection from Earthly invaders. Yeah, I know to you it probably sounds more like DO-DO-DO-DO!
There are no explanations for what we as humans are capable of achieving, though I know as we evolve, this new generation of children on Earth are more special then the generation before. We are becoming more aware, alert and awaking to the possibilities that there is more to us then what is obvious by our physicality.

We are in-fact beings of light and energy and that energy is what drives the vessel we each occupy. Our human body is designed only to sustain and survive on this Earth, as the others are on other planets and in other galaxies. Yes I do believe there are other worlds and civilizations just like ours. The universe would be a huge waste of space. Or fate is in the power of our thoughts and mind and is in every human organism, our mere visions and mind set makes life happen, whether predicted or manifested in what appears to feel like trial and error. Life unfolds and is so perfect yet unpredictable, it is precious and one of a kind.

I've had to entertain the thought that my visions are in fact my future manifestations as the numbers only increase with my daily living. Are they one of a kind and both the same? Perhaps! I've learned this in the last couple of years through The Law of Attraction and The Secret that my mere way of thinking weather positive or negative actually makes things happen and ultimately influences and alters the outcome. Our destiny lies within the power of our thoughts and that I know is true.

In the last 12 years, I've learned to love my life, my mind, body and my soul just as I love mankind. I've learned tremendously to appreciate life and I am no longer afraid to live and don't find it difficult to be on Earth. I embrace life and find humour in the challenges and surprises the universe unfolds each day, no matter how hard or difficult they seem to be they are what they are. There is usually a great lesson to be learned with all those emotions that don't make us feel very good. I do my best to laugh daily and find pleasures in the simple things I see and do.

I am highly adaptable in everything I do and pursue and the fact I am highly artistic, poetic and have a high degree of imagination does not surprise me one bit. In fact it only confirms the fact that I am who I am and I am an Empath.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Saving the Rainforest

Everything we do matters. Today I joined by signing the petition to stop the destruction of our rainforest. I know many people think, what can I do to help and who am I to make a difference. The truth is though we all make a difference, TOGETHER. Alone we stand as one but together we are strong and do make a change. Please take a moment and sign the petition to stop the destruction of the rainforest and help save the magic and thousands of special species that live in it. Thank you.