The pages are still blank, but there is a miraculous feeling of the words being there, written in invisible ink and clamoring to become visible. ~Vladimir Nabakov

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Once upon a dream

My heart is swiftly beating
In the magical seconds
Encapsulated glory
In warmth of fires heating
I feel no worry
Yet hear a sound
Chanting and drumming
Of ancient warriors
Humming so profound
Yet a soulful tone
And I no longer feel alone
Dancing in midnight hours
Under naked heaves
Around vast blazing fire
Flickering with reach
Towards the cosmic stars
With passion
In heated moment
From within depth of desire
For only you
My sweet dream
The hot coals and embers
Glow brilliantly bright
Like gemstones
Illuminating my heart
And its thousands of chambers
We gaze into the flame
Dancing our dance
Of mesmerized
Serene trance
Oneness of fame
In this dreamy state
With needs to be transferred
We are hypnotized
Beyond dimensions
By our undying loyal fate
Into a single most exquisite
Moment in time
Of zero
I reveal to myself
In this ballad of rhyme
I am standing
In front
Of the burning blaze
My hand to you
Am handing
In this dreamy haze
Do take it my love
It fits your heart
As it always has
Perfect lovers glove
Never to be apart
Once lost
Yet found
In this dream
So profound
Only coverlet of fur
Is touching the ground
Draped over my body
With bare shoulders
Exposed fully is my soul
Welcoming you
Into me
To again feel whole
My golden hair long
Moves ever so gently
In the sweet breeze
Of lavender
And jasmine scents
You approach me
From behind you show
Firmly wrapping
Your strong hands
Around my waist
As I am fully aglow
You are so tender
Drawing me close
Closer to your body
And your soul
Blankets mine
I entirely surrender
In this dream alchemy
Of soulful time
In this liberty
Of delicate goose bumps
We feel no fear
Peace and serenity
Lays in the warmth
Wiping loves tear
While the only thing
Moving within
Are the waves of bliss
Energy surging from one
And back to the other
Without a miss
Celebrating life
And your firm body
Feels hot
Yet your soul even hotter
As if on fire
We burst to scatter
With a needful crave
To dive into our oasis
You begin kissing my neck
With a gentle peck
I shiver
In rapture
Keeping the dream safe
With silky ribbons
Holding to it in capture
I turn around
You to face
We gaze into Oneness
In a blaze so intense
Of lovers embrace
And my sparkly
Earth coloured eyes
Connect with yours
As the reflection
Of flames
Dances within them
Until break of day
Shines in sunrise
I reach the other side
Of your safe haven
We gaze
Upon each other
For millennia
Savouring the gift
We are given
Through this rift
This moment in time
Once upon a dream
Feeling the hot breath
Of the other
In silent ecstasy scream
As it floats up
Into darkness of the night
Sizzling in searing
Our bodies firm
Against each other
As if one entity
So closely connected
It is beyond magnitude
Of existence
And ability
Our two hearts
Beat in harmony
As they should in heat
And as they once did
Again at last
To a unison beat
We gently moisten our lips
Awaiting with anticipation
A lover's tender kiss
With passion
Craving and yearning
Of thousand lifetimes
All in one burning
We, we
Suddenly awake!