The pages are still blank, but there is a miraculous feeling of the words being there, written in invisible ink and clamoring to become visible. ~Vladimir Nabakov

Monday, April 20, 2009

2009 Children’s Aid Society - Fundraiser & Silent Auction

It was my very first ART SHOW held on April 18, 2009 at the Hungarian Hall in Brantford, and I was happy to participate for such a great cause. Months of waiting the moment couldn’t have prepared me for the awesome evening I was about to experience.  The hall was packed with fabulous works of art and the event simply sold out. Walls were graced by water, acrylic and oil paintings of so many wonderful artists of abstracts, realism and impression art, while many folks brought their unique treasures and many antique pieces.   It was going to be a night to remember.

The day began with preparing easels, cards, labels, prices, stickers and of course my art for display. I entered the hall at noon, hoping to find a cozy little corner to set up at. Well, to my surprise the entire hall was already set up as the doors opened at 9:00 a.m. with no room inside except a cozy little corner as I anticipated, though right in the foyer. See, the universe is quirky like that and it always has a sense of humour. It was all right with me as the area was right near the double door entranceway to the grand hall, so beautifully decorated and lit with a brilliant huge chandelier in the centre over the table settings.
When I saw this being the only spot to set up in, and as Fran Welsh the event’s co-ordinator has also suggested, I began setting up right away as it was possibly the last spot available. Who ever said the first is the best? This spot was perfect for me, as far as I was concerned. I was up and set up within 10 minutes, though ended up making two trips while bringing my own table as the one promised to me wasn’t available anymore. I brought two more pieces, which ended up being greatly admired by so many potential buyers and browsers. I entered a total of 7 of my works into the show and I was pretty proud of my humble creations.
Me at the 2009 CAS Fundraiser

As the evening approached I got myself all decked out for the Latino festival, comfy yet sassy with a bit of bling-bling, my evening pumps and headed to the hall. I got there early enough to make final touches to my display. My mom who is my best friend was there to support me all the way. As soon as I saw her smile as she sat there in the parking lot in her vehicle, I knew that everything would be just fine since I had the best supporter I could with me. 

The place was still fairly empty with only a handful of people. I started speaking with another wonderful artist, who also had set up in the hallway. What a gem that soul is, so personable and wonderful. Her name is ARLENE LASKEY and she is a fantastic visual artist. Her works can be found at THE BRANTFORD ARTS BLOCK where I am also a member.

We had many intriguing conversations through out the evening, while we both admired each other’s artworks. I was also happy to see my friend and fellow artist VANESSA FRASER’S fabulous piece set up on the left of my display. Vanessa is more then an extraordinary artist, she has become a very dear friend and confidant, while she inspires me in more ways then I can say. She is truly an angel and is the reason behind this event being my very first show.

I met Vanessa using Google while I searched upcoming shows and exhibits to participate in. Long story short, I will be in an exhibit put on by Vanessa who was the co-ordinator for the Charlotte Villa Retirement Residence 2008 ART SHOW and I plan to attend the 2009 November show. Now back to the evening. Another fabulous artist I chatted with through out the night was NICOLE C. ALEXANDER. Her works are incredible, rich tones Caribbean inspired art, oil on canvas. I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it.

She was one lucky girl to have her art display set up nearly 10 feet away from the famous ROBERT CROSBY who’s works are just simply incredible. I could stand for hours admiring his fantastic photo-life/realism paintings. With so many fabulous art to see, there were few more spectacular pieces that which caught my eye and they were works by NALINI ALMAS. Nalini’s art is abstract by oil and acrylics, very “funky” as you will see when you visit the website and it’s right up my alley for both visual taste and painting preference.

There was so much to see and admire in such a glorious evening. My only hope was to absorb all of it and remember the moment. As more guests began to show up, I realized that the three of us artists in the hallway had the best spots in the entire place. It was not only the best lit-up location to make our art vibrant and brilliant, it was also the best conversation area due to the loud Latino band that played excellent happy-feet music most of the evening.

Now although myself and many other artists did not join the guests in their glam dinner, we did have complimentary seating with hors d'oeuvre and coffee or tea. This was very nice for those who wish not to participate in the dinner, which was quite pricey, however for a great cause to raise cash for the CHILDREN’S AID SOCIETY ENDOWMENT FUND. The CAS Fund sends over 350 children to camp each year and also provides post-secondary education to those in need. I was so happy to be part of this, as I believe our children are priceless. The evening progressed and while the guests ate their fancy dinner, my mom and I went out for a coffee and some fresh air. The evening was so beautiful and the warm breeze almost felt like kisses of summer on my cheeks. I was savouring every moment. Can you tell?

Spirit of Eden by Janette Dengo

At some point of the evening I noticed a man with oddly large video equipment near my art display. I got all tingly and butterflies were racing through my belly as I realized he’s some sort of camera crew and this event may very well end up on TV somewhere. “How cool” I thought! Sure enough as I approach to speak to him, who’s name was Eric, was in fact from BRANTFORD.COM and was going to be doing an interview in just a few minutes right in front of my huge and latest piece “SPIRIT OF EDEN” (seen on the left). Well, I was merely ecstatic!! Nothing else wouldn’t have made my evening any better, other then selling a piece so I could donate the 30% as agreed upon to such a great cause of course. The interview of Fran Welsh was about 10 to 15 minutes as I stood there hoping I would be brought into it. Nevertheless, I’m glad I wasn’t since I think I would have stuttered by my mere shock & excitement, through the entire interview process.

When we returned after about an hour and half, the awesome Latino band from Toronto already began playing their soulful and upbeat music and the party was alive. The lights were slightly dimmed and the show went on at the dance floor. I was so glad to see many folks leave the actual hall into the foyer area, where they wanted to chat and browse the few displays, while I observed near by as they smiled, stared and pointed to few of my pieces in delight. It still makes me smile, even now.

The feelings were of a little schoolgirl who is just so happy over the silliest thing, that at the moment means the world to her. What a great feeling to recollect and experience. As the evening wrapped up near 11:00 p.m. there were many people gathering into the line up right beside my display where they brought out their checkbooks to purchase their treasures they bid on and were taking home. I had slight hopes which were soon fading that I did not sell a piece. Needless to say I stood there proud by my work as they continued to peek over at my work and gave me smiles. Now this is probably one of my favourite parts of the evening.

Shortly after the auction was over, about 11:05 p.m. I began packing up my work only to load up my van as the night came to an end. As I picked up my 5 smaller pieces of canvas, I had an immense familiar sensation called Déjà vu, as if I’ve lived this very moment before. I mean it was so intense I recalled seeing the 2 larger easels falling over before they did, and they sure did only 5 seconds after I saw them fall in my vision. Then, everything turned into slow motion as the sounds and conversations of the people in the line-up became muffled for a brief moment that seem to last forever. It almost felt like I was watching myself from a 3rd party, yet it was me within my body. I knew my mom would be picking up my display cards and business cards off the table and I saw exactly how she stacked them as they too flopped into every direction before she got a hold of them, few seconds before she actually did it. It was a surreal moment, one I will never forget. It left me in an awe state and simply tickled pink and fascinated.

I said my goodbyes to the few art chums and contacts I made over the course of the evening and gave my mom a great big hug and a kiss, thanking her for her immense support and help. Today was the day my dream came true. I have been dreaming since I was a little girl to become a known painter and be part of shows and galleries. The feelings don’t lie and my gutt tells me this is only the beginning to a wonderful journey and I’ve only entered the gateway.

My drive home was quiet, while I had only greateful thoughts for all the people in my life, who believe in me and helped me to make this dream come true. I gave thanks for the fantastic day I had lived to experience and for the mysterious exciting future that lights up my world in visions dreams.


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

November Stars

You gave me this gift
Oh so many moons ago
It was ever so beautiful
Before this life, another
And swallowed by battle
A life you freely gave
You did not have to go

Demons to face yourself
Thinking you are alone
Almighty sword bloody
For the shedding of love
Seeking your lonely dove
Defending this family
All vessels of humanity
With all your vast ability

Here spoken one truth
Take it, you'll understand
Read it over and yet over
Yes, you will apprehend
Somehow it still reaches
Core of love it teaches
My undying name living
By mortal hand so giving

I gaze upon these your stars
Behind my foggy windows
For hazy life I do remember
Life of love so unforgotten
Gazing moonlit November
Stroking my kind thoughts
Healing your constant scars

Radiance lays high above
In this our midnight hour
Twinkling of but your love
I always highly empower
Illuminating humanity
Still awaiting an embrace
Yet never seeing your face

These are after all your stars
Enchanted by wonder yellow
Shining so gloriously bright
As I quietly sit to watch
With love always mellow
Only wishing one to catch
It falls into your oceans lust

Bleed again if you must
Yet do come and save me
Never will I let go of trust
I found once within thee
You, HIM the one I seek
Beating constant, life meek
Only for you is my heart
In all creation of existence
We are never truly apart

Who am I to go living?
A shadow of an entity
This vast world to face
Forever-longing embrace
And feeling beyond ability
With uncontrollable love
Unbind my wings of dove
In universal power light

Brilliant sky of sunshine
Never feeling any fright
She too wants to fly high
Soaring above in the heat
United by this living beat
Goddess conception am I
And within light for you
That is forever mine

So, here we go on giving
In joy and sorrow of life
Beautiful exactly as it is
In all this elemental strife
Magnificence in essence
This one circle eternally
Living to die perpetually
And never truly alone

It is time to fly again
Eyes weary yet open
Wide-awake you see
Feeling forever me
It has always been you
Unreachable yet there
My love is undeniable
I hear a gentle melody

A choir famously sings
Perhaps I am this fool
I no longer need wings
My heart is unlocked
Beating to your hymn
Sung by only one tomb
Oh, can't you hear it?