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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A friend is....

This year for Christmas as my friend and I were walking & goofing off in our famous hick town & market of "Walmartians" the place was full of people and pre-holiday crazy havoc, I picked up a wire star that looked like an interesting item to fill with goodies.  I've done this once before but it didn't last many seasons. 

An idea to create a gift that keeps on giving each Christmas, filling the object with goodies we both love, while keeping still an item that is beautiful on it's own.  A keepsake, but with many memories.

I suggested we each buy this star for $5.00 bucks and take the cheesy lotion/body soap out of it and fill it with unique goodies in the $20.00 range.  She loved it. 

And so it began.  A new tradition.  This year was the first year for our exchange and when we opened  up the star, the goodies left us with smiles and a wonderful memory.  I loved mine and her smiles were evident she loved hers.  The simplicity of a beautiful friendship can never be forsaken.  It is one of a kind with each individual and such a blessing.  For me, the star represents the uniqueness of this one friend, with many others in my life - all who have a special meaning.  Perhaps what the true meaning of this entire exchange is that I was able to do this with a friend, who indeed is one of my most beautiful gifts for Christmas.

A friend is a person you can trust. 
A friend will be there when you really need someone,
and will come to you when they need help.
A friend will listen to you and never try to change you. 
A friend is someone you can share dreams, hopes and feelings with. 
A friend is one of life's most beautiful gifts. 

Thank you for the "friendship" book-mark, ornament, earrings, etc. my friend. I also love all the other goodies gently wrapped in tissue as I opened up each one so tightly placed within the star.  There are so many simple things people can do to give each other joy.

A tiny glimpse of just a couple of goodies & the empty/full star parcel.

I am so looking forward to the next Christmas, can't wait to get creative again and also at the same time see what goodies will be unwrapped.  It isn't so much the material things as much as it is for the concept & the visual excitement to see another person get giddy with joy to see what they receive as I give. 

Life is full of so many ideas & adventures.  Make it count.  For me, the star represents my friendship that is truly the only gift that keeps on giving.  A friend is one of life's most beautiful gifts.

Love & peace,

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