The pages are still blank, but there is a miraculous feeling of the words being there, written in invisible ink and clamoring to become visible. ~Vladimir Nabakov

Friday, March 21, 2008


It stood there still without a sound
A chilling figure so profound
I feared it first
Then began to see
Winds of time
Had delivered me
It called me out to go astray
Had a gate to guard and rules obey
I glimpsed a stream of pure adore
Countless flickering flames
Beyond ancient door
Room was warm
Flames were dim
Face hidden yet seen within
It was not joyous nor it was grim
Recognized at last
It was him
I am at peace and want to stay
Give up my soul and rules obey
I feel an urge to look for one
My light of life
Forbidden one
It stood there still without a sound
A chilling figure so profound
I saw within it rifts of time
Existence constant
Life in prime

Thursday, March 20, 2008


Walking in the shadows as a ghost
Sensing frequently the lives of most

Their voices unseen yet incredibly loud
Light and dark both equally profound.

Hearing them now as I did back then
They call and beckon me to come
But when?

Awake they are shadows from many angles
In dreams they appear an army of angels

Then a figure arrives a prime message to say
Unable to hear it and therefore cannot convey

Yet the meaning somehow is clear to obey
Sleeping energy surged in my blood of red

As he repeated a name at the edge of my bed
While I became at one with the one who said
Paralyzed and motionless my body there laid

He said, I ask you now to hear me strong
Will not judge you nor guide you wrong

Embrace your life and deliver the gift
Then sending light visions through a rift

Wake with peace and a vital task
There is no need to wear a mask

Do not question nor ever ask,
Carry water of life in thy flask

Sensing perhaps it was not a dream
Restful calm spread my wings so free

Message to deliver with joy and glee
I woke once more a messenger to be

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


For the face of a sibling labeled as sister,
I feel love beyond words in my core,
Wishing to grasp the hidden pain,
I crave and yearn for your face to adore.

Bond is deeper then words could say,
Love is stronger then I can ever convey.
Which face was it that told me to stay away?

The eyes lost sparkle and soul went pale,
Keen to strive always, yet expecting to fail.
Voices within you lay beyond reach.
You are but a stranger I cannot teach.

Laugh from a face I no longer know,
Stabs and apologies that freely blow.
What was it all for I ask?
Who is wearing the mask?

The pain runs deep inside your heart,
No matter how close we are still apart.
I would mend your soul and fuel your power,
To blossom and flourish like a new spring flower.

There is love within you I know that much,
I can smell it and taste it yet cannot touch.
There is always chance I am wrong dead,
Yet I would bet my life including head.

My sister had died many years ago,
I will forever miss her smile though.
One face for the world and one left for sister,
Wishing she would wake, for I really miss her.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Garden Rose

The love of a child so pure and joyful,
Skin supple as petals on a garden rose.

Kisses on cheeks are sweet and tender,
Sparkle in eyes and a cute little nose.

Run child, laugh, stay free and embrace,
Life is for relishing and the world to face.

Grow strong and brilliant never far from sight,
Remember your gifts from beyond the light.

I will always be there, to guide and hold you,
Do not make me say it I already told you.

Respect the nature and be kind to life,
It will unfold itself with reward and strife.

Take what you must and learn from all,
Dance to the melody like a star at a ball.

Reach beyond limits and run with fire,
Believe and achieve your dreams of desire.

One day you will see you are same as me,
I will hear you whisper at my stone of eternity.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Iron Glass

I stand there waiting for my love
Heaven has ruptured from above

He said he was coming home to me
Look for me again, he said tenderly

A rosy glass shimmers in the light
I hear cry of doves coo in the flight

I wait there standing with delight
Why my lover is nowhere in sight

Rose scent lingers in my memories
Faith carries me high of no worries

My lost lover will come this I trust
Live again over and over if I must

The wind of sadness whips up fast
Must have lost him again or at last

Tree of life dries, succumbs and falls
For my love is not made of iron glass

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Chosen One

Do not close the doors to heaven,
I have not yet even counted seven.
Do not hide your pride
and trust in me to guide,
you told me once to count eleven.
Listen darling I am not done,
you have not lost yet
what has not begun.
I will find you again
do not run,
one day I will tell you
where I have gone.
Let out your sorrow
and smile tomorrow.
Hold your head up high
and observe the sky,
the eagle flies near by
carrying a message
for you to borrow.
Learn from actions,
trust your voice,
filter out the darkest noise.
I know a soul in you, which lives,
it loves deeply and freely gives.
I need you love
to be my friend,
yes I need you more
and will not pretend.
Now all I have
is my purest love,
it fits your heart
like a fitted glove
for I know now
you are my dove.
You reached and asked
so I came unmasked,
told you truth once more
as you tapped on the door.
Many eons ago
I was not your foe.
Message hides within me
as you hold the key,
do not deny our destiny.
You light up my world love
as you already know,
you are the brightest star
with the most radiant glow.

I will never hurt you nor betray you,
a loyal soul who feels and hears you.
You have told me once that I am the one,
it was your choice, my chosen one.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Echo

The echo of the love you speak of
was never truly mine to hold,
Yet the whisper of your gentle venom
refreshes daily and never gets old.

Never again will I settle
for less then what my spirit is worth,
Or to be beaten by words of poison
and stoop to the levels I'm told.

A genuine soul is unveiled
when the healing has taken place,
For thy soul has been brutally battered
by the world envisioned and conveyed.

Living in peace and thriving passions
showing kindness as it unfolds,
For all mankind who choose to love me
are my brothers and sisters tenfold.