The pages are still blank, but there is a miraculous feeling of the words being there, written in invisible ink and clamoring to become visible. ~Vladimir Nabakov

Monday, October 4, 2010


Undying love blooms within my soul
Energized by heartbeats pounding whole
A gash has been departed into this beating
Heart loosing its stability with heat depleting

Wound from a warrior this hero for mankind
Love within him is larger then humans find
Leaving me decaying in devoid of his love
Into blindness flying is my lonely dove

To infinite pieces my gentle heart shattered
Under garments skin torn, burning is tattered
Release and fly he whispered do live to be free
Do soar high living like an angel yet without me

Good-bye so sudden I would not have expected
Within the stream of love we silently projected
Although I am quite skilled this clarity sense
My broken wings frozen with final glance

Unable to speak garrotting throat swollen
The music once heard lays silent and solemn
Soulful friend is missing as you clearly became
Residual ash in dust lingers from departed flame

My glorious soul cries, so exhausted from giving
How will I continue with trusting and go on living
Remembering your echoes of sweetest realm
Still transmitting eternal love, serene calm

Broken in the tears that now freely flow
Dying my soul breaks into a disbursing glow
In mankind living one ring, repetitive teaching
Reborn into lifetimes with our endless reaching

Showing, unfolding and many others healing
One love brightly shines it is so appealing
Do take it over and over I freely endow
My spirit radiant as my head in a bow

Moment of silence within divine power
As we remember to embrace in quiet hour
Fear is your illusion my hand was extended
Hoping this love was anything but pretended

May angels watch over you in the highest glory
For thy essence to flourish without any worry
I hope you discover in light what you seek
Finding healing inside yourself so meek

Thank you for the time we have shared
Genuine my heart with absolution I cared
Please don't visit or speak, do not ever ask
Empty is this life vessel along with dried flask

Drunken by wine of chalice, your core fulfilled
Tree of life dried, thirsty for love you spilled
Famished with hunger I lay down my head
In bed of thorns bleeding blood of red