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Friday, January 20, 2012

Coffee time - mocha "the knock off"

Ok, let's face it most people like the fresh ground coffee beans brewed in an early cup of morning coffee and I'm not much different then most.  I think I mostly enjoy the aroma, that wakes me up and carries me downstairs.

But!  Wait..... did I just say that?

Hell ya, I enjoy my fresh brew but - I am sometimes 'different' then the most, even though I sure enjoy my variety of coffee beans.

This is my mocha knock off.  It takes less time and it's frothy and rich in taste.  I for one don't care for the instant coffee but this sure makes it yummy.  It is also a great base for rich, creamy, nutty - freshly baked coffee cakes.

Meet my European delicious quickie whipped coffee.

"It's so good it will melt your soul"  

1 teaspoon of instant coffee
1-2 table spoons of brown sugar (depends on how sweet you like your coffee)
Boiling water

Take the teaspoon of coffee and whip it with the sugar with few drops of room temp water until rich creamy froth forms.  The more you whip it, the more lighter and vibrant the colour becomes.  Once done, probably until your water boils, simply pour your boiling water over top of the mixture.  Add cream or milk.  Enjoy!

If you do get a little adventurous to make this, please do let me know what you think of it.  I've had this since I was 15 (mind you only on the occasion) and I love it.

Happy Friday.



Anonymous said...

This looks interesting, I haven't tried it yet but I will. I just wanted you to know I enjoy reading your stories on here.

Janette Dengo said...

Thx. Please let me know what you think of it when you do try it... and thanks so much for stopping by to read my blogs. xo