The pages are still blank, but there is a miraculous feeling of the words being there, written in invisible ink and clamoring to become visible. ~Vladimir Nabakov

Monday, December 8, 2008

Book of Life

Pursued bliss
Freedom released
Within the book of life
Envy non-existing
Lust hankered
In anchored
Seeking respect
Admiration for self
In the walls of freedom
Loving absolutely
Totally open
The truth
That lays deep
In the mountain rocks
And every stream
Of minutes tick
This journey
Called life
We are
To feel it
Taste and smell
The beauty of elements
Focusing on opposite
Not the important
The dying and
Not living
Hungry always
Yet full of hatred
Though one day awaking
Realizing and comprehending
Then again reliving
With brand new
Dreams and
Vision in
Life passing by
Why so quickly we die
Then hurrying to grab a hold
Of the book of life
And this time
Reading it
For it
Holds on
To the pages
That make you feel
Alive with hot fire and desire
Re-read if you must
Though do trust
Your inner
For you
And I are
For a purpose
Long or short matters
Not the destinations at all
But the journey taken
Lessons learned
Is this vast

Friday, December 5, 2008

Grandmother My HERO

Her beautiful face imprinted is forever onto my heart
And no matter where I will journey this will never part

The gentleness in her voice and many humorous sides
She was quirky, silly and fun playing seeks and hides

In her gigantic closets so hard of solid wood
I did my best obeying though rarely was good

Hiding and roaming through her various clothes
Somehow loving the pungent smell of mothballs

Dressing up in her scarves and jumping in feather bed
I loved everything about her from her toes to her head

She is my very dearest now unwell grandmother
Her soul is so very different, not like any other

The love I feel for her is beyond human view
Now only memories held of the times that flew

Her illness in memory lacks and my recognition failed
Though her body still lingers, her soul has long sailed

She was my protector from my father so violent
My escape into childhood I do reminisce silent
Hiding and running from his unsteady blowing fuses
She was my hero rescuing me from these many abuses

Missing her immensely, her voice and warm touch
I know somehow inside she remembers that much

She was a mother to nature, the dying and living
Her soul and life mission always pure and giving

Never wanting and lusting anything for her
Nor desiring or ever wearing any animal fur

Her birthdays come by as I celebrate in silence
Thanking for her help from my fearing violence

She will remain immortal within my heart and mind
Her brilliance and kindness is so hard to find

Alzheimer illness is unkind and fast
And stole a Hero from me at last

I adore you grandmother without end
As angels in my prayers to you I send

And when death hour visits for your pass
I hope you let go this life closing your eyes

There is nothing left for you here
Your great life is long done my dear

So let go with ease
And rest in peace


Monday, December 1, 2008

Finding GOD

Waking with peace that empowers me doesn't last
As the energy of the world hastily creeps in
To every fibre of my mortal soul and skin
And alters this resolute feeling I love
While dreaming of his dove
Seeking to find it again daily, struggling though I do
Before closing my eyes on the darkest nights
Reducing nightmares and immoral frights
While thoughts of God linger amid
As my other eye rests its lid
Finding God is not easy though all of us see his light
Even the blind man whose eyes cannot see
As he is no different then you or me
Can tell you of the one brilliant light
His incandescent love so bright
Collecting rocks along a shore one day I found a rock
So very remarkable one neither so pretty nor shiny
As I shoved this rock in my pocket so tiny
At a magical sunset that refilled my core
And began to look for more
Never thinking twice about what has just happened there
My days of journey just continued along this life
Equally repeated days in bliss and strife
Rhythmic usually are these days ahead
Observing the living as dead
When darkness and despair creeps up to God we all do turn
Even those disbelieving who call him by different name
Jehovah, Allah, Father or Lord it's all the same
We call this name that carries us across
As we all bear this heavy cross
We are such arrogant fools all fighting over the same God
Like vultures and scavengers we continuously peck
And attack with devour, famine and wreck
Looking to find this being we adore
Lessening the chances even more
So again, this rock I found along the shore one day, resurfaced
As I reached in my broke pocket emptiness to show
Then hearing a call in the breeze's gentle blow
Standing along the edge of a rock face
Ready squeezing it with embrace
I looked yet again once more to observe it closely with my eyes
And noticing it was this fantastic fossil I was holding
While my faith and believes were folding
Recognizing life for very long existed
And my birth for a reason was listed
This was the hour I found God and felt his vast absolute power
It was an awaking moment where I had the bravery
To let go of hate, shame, grief and slavery
Of this world I disliked yet coexisted in
Sealed was his love inside me within
As God is everywhere, in the sun, trees, birds, ashes and YES, me
I felt something within inside awake and believe it's him
At this moment when all the lights went dim
Loosing all faith, knowledge and belief
Feeling nothing but soul grief
I once found God on the shore as he unlocked opened another door
For me, just plain old me for why am I so valuable?
There must be a reason for my life applaud able
Just when I was ready to take a leap
He upheld this love ready to seep
You see God resides within all of us this much I now forever know
And appreciate it in the elements, birds, fire and snow
So while living eternally trusting and believing
Somehow persisting and continue living
With faith, integrity and above all giving
I found God

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Messengers

I stumbled on this amazing site of Spirit Guardians about the time I was meant to few years ago and found the fact it existed quite fascinating. It took me of course by surprise as I have been seeing and living with the numbers 444 for the last 10 years or so, though never knew how common this phenomenon was. Are these angelic signs or a secret code from beyond the tangible by the unseen? Absolutely!
People notice the streetlights coming on or going out when they pass by or they may hear the doorbell ring, yet there is no one in sight. They open and close doors, walk across your floors in your presence and even though you can hear them, you cannot see anyone. However, they are always there. They will use any electronically controlled device to get our attention as they can and have changed traffic lights in my personal case and saved me from a horrible car crash a few times. I wish more people would just talk to them and create their own personal experience. When the occurrence happens about a dozen of times out of a dozen of times asked, the chances of it being a coincidence is remote not to mention I don't believe in coincidences. Confirmation for me is my own experience and a valid elaboration, while they vary with each individual.

This special number sequence of 444 appears in my dreams, as a wake up call with the numbers on the clock, on the street signs, in the movies I watch, articles I publish, airline tickets, grocery receipts, bar codes on purchased products, during paintings I paint and of course in the work I do and on nearly daily basis. I know these are messages from beyond and here is my story.

My dreams and visions as far as I can remember go back to my childhood of being a one year old. One of my unfortunate predictions was my grandfather's death at my tender the age of 8 years old as well as other significant life events. Nearly 12 years later he passed away from the exact cause as I predicted and his fatal illness was exactly in the area as foreseen. Psychics and many important folks such as my mother told me that this is very impressive, although this is something of a challenge to share with my daily friends. I don't hide my gifts and abilities though I don't flaunt them either. There are many disbelievers out there however I think a lot of those still find all phenomena fascinating.

In my adult life, I have gone to psychics, read various books on visions, dreams, numerology and of course doing some major soul searching as to what this all means. I don't have all the answers although I feel closer to the truth and the meaning of all this has a clearer welcomed impact on my life. There are angels among us and I accept this as I accept my life.

Few years ago one afternoon I felt an urge to seek guidance and grabbed the phone book. I opened the yellow pages and the page revealed a psychic in Woodstock Ontario with the address of 444 "Street" although this place no longer exists it did at the time. Short after I visited a fantastic lady who was very gifted. While her message to me was to read a book called The Messengers I took a lot more with me just by sharing in her presence. She was amused I made an effort to see her and asked me why I was there. She told me I needed not to be there as I know my steady course and am on the path with my abilities. Now this is a psychic who is making a living on the side telling people mostly what they need to hear, and for her not needing me there to make a buck spoke highly of her in my opinion. Needless to say, we chatted for a full hour after which I insisted to pay her for her service and off I went.
Of course I found the only and last copy of The Messengers available at Chapters books where I was guided to look for it. The information I gained from this book was not only fascinating but most certainly invaluable and again confirmed what I already had an inkling was happening with me. I don't always take everything I read in a book, word for word. There were few things in the book that did not resonate with me and that's fine. We gain and learn what we need to and simply leave the rest.

Living with the voices and visions that come to me unexpected through the nights, flashes of future events and even moments of unaccounted time loss has led me to firmly believe there is a higher source at work with me, and a great purpose we all have on Earth. We are here to learn something we ourselves have set to, just as we selected our parents and this life we live. Aside from learning something very significant on our Earthly journey, I know for a fact there are messengers guiding us and speaking to us at this very moment. It is up to the people to acknowledge them, hear them and accept them as their guiding force and light and learn what we are mean to.

Now, many call this force God or other named superior being, however the two are often mixed up and misunderstood. Our superior being we call God is a mere reflection of us, as it resides in every living cell and organism in the Universe. Angels are different and special beings, which exist in the higher consciousness and dimensions we all can tap into. They are here to help us live the life we chosen and keep us on the path, while providing us with the knowledge and better understanding of ourselves. The numbers, whatever sequence it may individually be is only a message from them such as acknowledgement a great task has been accomplished, something new was learned or a new adventure beginning or otherwise. There are many reasons for them and are a way of communication and signalling their presence.
Through the course of my journey thus far, I've learned that I also am a messenger. Full recollection of the messages given to me and of course my deliverance of them hasn't always been the most compliant thing in my life. I've kept to myself most of my teens as I know my path is unique and during this time I've also tapped into an awareness of my Empath abilities though that's another story. It is up to the individuals who receive my messages to do with it as they wish, should they even accept to receive them. It's either that or I am in need of immediate medical attention and some major drug therapy and I question the latter. LOL

I see things from so many perspectives, angles and dimensions and feel the nature and people on so many levels it is sometimes quite overwhelming. There are days that I think I can hardly handle the stress and emotional roller coaster of my family, and my amazing life and of course my two kids can and do drive me bonkers. That's the real world. However, there is a world that is sacred and unseen by the naked eye, one that lies deep in our sublevel of knowledge and gut feelings. It is our sixth sense, a special portal in the soul through which and where spirit guardians, angels or messengers reside and communicate through. Angels are important beings. It is said we are born with two guardian angels as we take on our human form and these two are by our side until we depart this early vortex. I believe that.

The angelic site has reassured me and confirmed a lot of my personal choices made in life and the people who have come and gone out of it, that I am not insane like I have been thinking for most of my youth. After all the society tells you that when you hear voices you need to see a shrink and need medication. Not in this case. I know the messages I get are clear with visions and a warm and comforting feeling as if someone gave you a great warm blanket over your shoulders. It isn't any different when in time of grief and sorrow, to feel all of the sudden uplifted when seeking comfort in prayer.

A really great friend has once told me that it's all right to talk to yourself out loud even if there is nobody visually present, as long as you don't answer yourself. I think that's also true. Angels love it when we acknowledge them and verbally grant their presence and accept their guidance, however we can and are very capable to communicate through a telepathic wavelength. They are very flexible and we don't always have to think two or even three dimensionally.
This firm belief I have a greater purpose has led me to write amazing channelled poetry and paint pieces one can either appreciate or not. I always had the thoughts of what I wanted to say and convey on paper, just never could put it into words just the right way until one special day. A messenger named Edgar visited me and he stayed with me for the course of two weeks. I recall the day perfectly as I sat down and started to write a short story book on my life experiences growing up. The memory is a blurred two weeks of my life in which I have written 7 short story books and amazing faith and confidence has been revealed within me.

I know that I am capable of anything I set my mind into and never question how, why and when. I was guided by a special being that took me into the unknown and guided me in exploring my identity, abilities and spirit. I believe today my life would be different if Edgar hasn't appeared and changed me. I never actually seen his face, nor felt him in the physical world however he's as real to me as my dog is.

We all have guides whether we believe in them or not. Some call them Angels and some just call them friends. Life is a surprise every day and I live it with that in mind. I firmly believe in higher forces among us, which whisper gently to me, lead me out of danger and drive me to be loving and compassionate to mankind and nature.

Are there Angels among us? You know the answer within you so don't let anyone tell you any different then what you believe.

Monday, November 3, 2008

My Healing Journey ♥

Thank you, Genie!

I tell my Genie, "YOU ARE FREE TO GO"! I thank you kindly, however I will no longer need your magic lamp to rub and you no longer have to be a prisoner bound in these shackles and restricted to a small and uncomfortable space.

And the Genie thanks the master, and says, "Your wish is my command".

Allowing myself to feel absolute joy and absorb the pure energy from this wonderful LIFE has been accomplished by simply opening my eyes and mind to astounding possibilities and lifetime opportunities. I do not really need a genie when I am the master of my own creations. Do I?

New opportunities and even challenges have always had their way of manifesting themselves in the course of my life. I just simply would not allow them to flourish and expand into brilliant developments. With my eyes half open and yes also half closed to constant possibilities, they just coexisted along side of me and gave me a poke every once in a while. Hey remember me? I'd eagerly opened my eyes and got a little excited about a project or a venture that sat on the back burner for a while, yet pretty soon it too would fade when I did not see any obvious results with my efforts. So what did happen to me?

I have come to realize an important building block, which would contribute tremendously in my overall learning and personal growth. Throughout the course of my persistence and tremendously solid efforts, I never actually allowed anything enough time out of my "BELIEF RESERVOIR" to even surface to existence, in order for projects and ideas to flourish and blossom. The belief reservoir is that little bit EXTRA we all have within us, after it feels like all our hope and belief within us is used up and sucked up dry. It is the point at which all of us have felt like we've failed ourselves by listening to others, who did not support us nor believe in us that we could simply achieve anything that seemed remotely impossible. I believe that there is nothing in life, which is impossible.

Doesn't anyone break at one point or another when the rest of the world keeps telling you "NO" or "IT WILL BE HARD" and my favourite one of all has to be YOU'LL BE SORRY". The belief comes from within all of us and the universe replenishes it on a continuous basis. We have all at one time reached the point when there were no satisfactory results even though we worked so very devotedly to produce some. For me, just as an idea or a project should have sprouted with that great fertilizer and nutritious food I gave it hypothetically speaking, I just simply gave up and lost any hope. I'd ask myself, "Is the soil bad"? Little did I know that the soil, which I though was non-fertile, was my very own approach? I simply tried way too hard, but the bottom line is I did not dig into my belief reservoir! How could anything ever work out for me if I never truly believed that it would?

I live today as one of the most optimistic and aspiring individual I know. We all have visions, beliefs and hopes. We are also the only ones who can stand in our very own way. I understand that now, and life with everything in it really does make a lot of sense. People actually consciously stand in their own way for a specific reason. They are simply not ready yet to face whatever they are afraid of. It is individual for all of us and yes FEAR hinders our very own beliefs and in result all of our goals and achievements.

Holy life is so very awake and beautifully singing to me now. I am not afraid of anything and I don't think I ever truly was except big hairy spiders perhaps. Still working on that one. I am also not a perfectionist anymore looking for the right avenue or for the perfect opportunity to come along so I could grab it and run with it. I find all opportunities equally perfect and balanced.

The truth is that we are all born bare butted with only the skin on our back. All the doors to astounding possibilities and fantastic endeavours are wide open with parallel opportunities for all of us. Throughout the course of our individual lives it is ultimately our very own choices that keep some doors open and close the others.

Life is beautiful just as it is. We have the ability to see, hear, feel, taste and smell. How wonderful those gifts are. What we are taught at birth is to simply associate senses with individual labels. I have in the past asked myself. Are bad smells really bad, or are we taught they are bad? And what is a good smell? Is that really how a crisp green apple tastes, and is that how the sun really feels on our bodies as it heats us up with its luminous rays and light? Is it "warmth" we feel, because somebody said so? Such as life experiences are introduced and experienced right from birth, such as HOT or COLD and RIGHT from WRONG they are all labelled with the same label for all of us. GOOD ones from BAD ones, and then there is POSITIVE and NEGATIVE ones, gosh who labelled those? Generation after generation after generation after Well, you get the picture.

What if life as it is for everyone was just life? In its purest, simplest and barest form ENERGY? Just as it is! A blank slate and primed ready canvas ready for everyone to paint his or her own life on it! I certainly do, since I am the master of my creation.

As children our imagination can take us many places. Our elders constantly ground us as we float up, get creative and just simply want to soar and live free. "I bet I could fly if I flap my arms and hands fast enough." How many of you have actually thought of that growing up? Who said that it couldn't be done? Just because it may be scientifically impossible, who gave that person the right to spoil the belief of possibility for everyone else? Go ahead and smile if you must, it's all right.

When I close my eyes I can travel to many places and many memories of childhood. I can play a colourful movie in my mind and feel the pure joy of being a kid again. I recall learning the new tastes and smelling the breeze of a fresh bouquet of flowers, and hearing unique sounds, which I now understand that they were all specifically labelled because someone said so. I trusted that you know. Wouldn't you just love to re-learn all of that again with no labels this time? I would.

My earliest recollections of childhood are being strapped into a baby carriage with a soft padded shoulder belt. I was supposedly a "wild one" according to my mom. WOW! I was young, probably just over one year old. My toys have a name and imaginary friends can talk to me. We are all friends and I love everyone. Getting dirty in a mud puddle is fun, and eating sand is simply an experiment. Catching juicy June bugs and slippery snails without the influence of an adult simply being crept out by the act, and my pure and joyful heart so innocent and untainted by society is what I remember the most.

The feeling of living and enjoying life from a child's perspective is a constant reminder that I am choosing to live my life now in the present TO THE ABSOLUTE FULLEST and loving it! Every day I take the time to laugh and play, and see the beauty all around me in everything. I cherish dearly the essence of simply being able to exist in this superior human form and appreciating every day I get to live, learn and play another day.
Who ever wonders what goes on in a young girls mind? My only one wish was to leave my birth country and go far beyond the seas, away from my father so he could not depart his negative energy and his unkind behaviour on any members of my family anymore. Well, I did get my wish. My entire life changed after this. This was the birth of FORGIVENESS for me, way beyond the skies and seas and away from my father. It was the ultimate beginning of my HEALING JOURNEY.

Going on thirteen and turning thirty, as I like to call it, we escaped Slovakia my birth country. Our destination was a neutral country beautiful Austria. Over the course of two weeks hopping across many borders from Hungary, Romania, Yugoslavia and finally on the way to Austria, I can recall many fun and joyful times.

We camped in various campsites and lodges along our escape journey adventure. Two solid weeks of that and we found ourselves smack in the middle of a refugee camp in Austria. When I tell people that story their ears perk up like a Sheppard dog sensing danger in a bush while guarding its herd. They're mouths slightly agape, eyebrows raised and eyes wide opened waiting for the continuation of my story.
Our refugee camp experience was everything it should have been. Nothing less and nothing more since I've accepted what it has taught me. I focus on everything astounding it has provided me with, including an abundant life all the way in Canada. Every day for two weeks, I remember the camp caretakers' generosity and the fact that we all had our own bed and food to eat daily. It did not matter how much food, what quality of food just as it did not matter what shape our bedding was in and whether we showered daily or not.

I have a constant reminder with the saliva gathering just as I write the story now, of dried salty piece of salami shrink-wrapped and preserved to absolute perfection! Utterly delicious! It was my favourite daily treat. The point here is simple. We were kept well and healthy and provided essentials for survival. We were kept comfortable and warm and there was nothing missing, but FREEDOM. Yes, freedom with the bars on the windows and guards standing at each corridor we did feel like prisoners at one point during our stay, which in fact we actually were.

However, everyone can take a look at my story and could ask me a tone of questions. There are many things I could say that some would take on as sad or uncomfortable, yet I choose not to. Our goal and focus was to get out of our home country governed by rules and regulations which we did not believe in anymore and which prevented us to thrive and succeed on many levels. This foreign and neutral country Austria that is magnificent by the way and I plan to visit one day again, has given my family and I the life changing opportunity we requested. An opportunity which I actually manifested, little did I know at the time.

We lived in Austria for six months after we were release from our short two-week stay at the refugee camp. A sour/sweet beautiful experience which I hold dear in my heart. Placing us in a small community home with others like us was actually very tasteful and the individual room housing was small but inviting. We didn't feel alone, since everyone there was in a similar situation. Food, shelter and even the clothes on our backs were provided by the government, which I will forever be grateful.

It was January, twenty-one years ago that I arrived to Canada and kissed my new home ground. Our long and striving goal had finally come to life. Going through teenage puberty years and learning a new language at the same time was no doubt challenging in this foreign country. I survived daily and overcame many obstacles and with that I constantly reached for the stars. Believing in the fact that one day I will make a difference in bettering my life and the life of others was a deep gut feeling that nobody could ever take away from me. IN ANY LANGUAGE!

Here I am. Just like you I have goals and accomplishments that are achieved daily through trials and even errors, learning, living and most of all appreciating. Appreciating life for what it truly is at its core is a fantastic feeling. I feel enormous gratitude towards everyone who helps me and contributes to my constant physical and spiritual growth.

I've learned along my journey that hopes and dreams, which I have for others, are only that! I can point them and steer them in a direction should they ask for help, however it's their own steps they have to take to get there. My own dreams and hopes are the only ones that I have total control over.
Every single being on this planet has the power within to create the life they desire. We are the creators of our own destiny. By allowing ourselves to simply believe in ourselves, and let our thoughts and creations flow through us holding on to the feeling of passion for something wonderful, we are creating the exact feeling in physical form. Whatever it may be.


That is the inspirational adage I live by.

Believing in yourself and taking doubts as "STOP SIGNS" is one way of looking at it. Look both ways to make sure there is no traffic coming and keep going with ideas and burning desires. It's what makes us so very magnificent. Our free will is within all of us and it's what we are all equally born with. Nobody can truly stop us when we set our goals.

In my early twenties I've experienced many different opportunities and overcame many challenging obstacles. I too one day doubted myself whether or not I will achieve everything I was hoping to! Everyone has days that send us for a loop. I like to call them OFF days. They are days that I am not in tuned with the frequency of LIFE and I do recognize that I am not aligned with what is true to me.

Those days or even hours do pass like any other, and picking myself up and shaking off the dust has to come from within me. Nobody literally does that for me. Whether it is inspirational words buried somewhere in a book or an uplifting song on the radio, a stunning sunset or a song sparrow sitting perched on our fence singing his heart away the motivational signs and gifts are all around us. They come from the universe! Again, you must allow yourself to see, smell, hear and most importantly feel.

We have so many senses for a reason and that is to ensure the sole survival of our memories, visions, beliefs, personal growth and accomplishments. Each physical sense can easily trigger an emotion, memory or a passion for something. Taking a look at that literally can help you produce the "fuel" you need to get where you want to be in life, AND GET THERE!
It wasn't until my mid twenties that I met my soul partner. After years of relationships that were mere learning experiences, I literally manifested my future husband. All my projections right down to the details of his appearance are literally evident. I ensured he had a gentle soul and yet looked strong and protecting on the outside so I could feel safe in his embrace. A wonderful man, smart and intelligent, kind hearted with an absolutely beautiful spirit. The funny part is that he could have walked right pass me if I remained working with him with my eyes closed. The universe really does not hear I WANT or I DON'T WANT; it just hears the important stuff in between. It is a quirky vast space with a delightful sense of humour. It accepts the feelings that are sensed and takes them exactly for what they are and literally creates them into object and/or people.

The feelings associated with HOW and WHEN and also WHY are not really important at all. Not the least bit! I guess you can call it a leap of faith if you must, I just know that great things are on their way. I've always known that somehow, I just pay more attention to it now. Some of us are fortunate enough to "UNDERSTAND IT" earlier on in our lives and some of us not so early. However, we all learn at the speed we are meant to and express ourselves by our individual unique gifts and talents along our journey. All seeds need to mature before they too can sprout and therefore create life again. Learning and accepting everything we do is just that simple.

Life is what we choose it to be and that goes for everyone. It has not always been that clear in black and white for me. I grew up with a dad who was very angry and abusive, yet I managed to look beyond his anger as I grew and matured into a young lady. All of a sudden the focus shifted and it was not about me anymore, but HIM. I actually felt sympathy for him. I always remained hopeful that one day I would reach a peaceful place where I could focus on great things in life that would allow me to grow and thrive, and at the same time quiet my mind and heal my soul.

One day in my later twenties and after many years of healing, I decided to send my father a post card with the simple words "I FORGIVE YOU" on it. I thought about that for a while and it made total sense to me. I actually wrote it with a smile and pure joy. It wasn't really that I needed to forgive my father for the things he has done; it was that I had to let go and forgive myself for hanging onto feelings that did not really matter. Most importantly I realized that they were not aligned with my powerful intentions and therefore were a drag in my spiritual development and personal growth.

By letting go of old baggage, little did I know that I actually made room for the NEW refreshing possibilities, stimulating ideas and budding dreams. They literally started pouring in by the bucket loads! It is at this rebirth time at which I was finally able to express myself through my creativity and various arts. I couldn't believe how patiently "IT" sat there waiting, ready to explode into a trillion pieces of magnificent art.

I started painting with acrylics, water paint, using charcoal to sketch, beadwork, creating fabulous sewing projects and even photography. I wanted to do it all, AND I DID! It became clearly evident in all my new arts that I was a changed being, since they were originally very dark and full of misconstrued passion and fury. I started to use bright and vivid colours all interlinked and blended in an enchanting dance. In a paradoxical way as the universe reopened it's doors to me with astounding possibilities, I named my first masterpiece after the quirky and playful vast space, "The Universe".

Just as I was feeling the pure energy flow through me in a harmonious colour spectrum, it extracted and attached itself again to the objects of my creations. Colourful beads became strung on a silver wire, which was curled and twisted to perfection, and semi precious stones twirled along a knotty twine - where a new type of jewellery was formed. Drawings of flowers and animals, and even the sketch of my daughter came to life from the tranquil lead crystals imprinted on the paper, as I illustrated my little heart away with my harmonious vibes. What a glorious feeling!

My creative writing became emergent as I realized that I did have the talent to write. It was encapsulated in a timeless bubble of self-doubt due to my English language barrier. Guess what? The bubble finally popped and a new refreshing outlook on life is what I was presented with.
I can now finally attach the accurate words to the emotions that I am feeling and express my deep passion into little hypnotic paragraphs, which feels wonderful when I write them. I feel a huge relief, love, joy and even happiness and this time it feels like it truly belongs to me. I can express myself freely like a bird soaring in the sky, without doubts and worries purely living and existing, thriving and enjoying.

My two beautiful children came into my life after I performed my deep soul cleansing, and got rid of the unwanted and HEAVY baggage attached to my chakra. I realized and recognized the words "a new beginning" and the true meaning of life and things just got better and sweeter. Opportunities and dreams of becoming a mom became a reality. My husband and I tried for years conceiving but were unsuccessful even though it was plenty of fun trying!

It wasn't until three years after letting go of the past, that I allowed myself to receive the first gift of life. My daughter was born four years ago and what a special little fireball she is. My body may have been physically ready for childbearing for the last decade, however my mind and my spirit were not. "Interesting", I thought and continued my journey, loving and appreciating my gift from the universe. My undeniably gorgeous, talented and amazingly cerebral child - my daughter!

She has already created her own masterpieces at the age three, which she will understand and cherish one day, as I do. I temporarily named one of her masterpieces. It is framed and hangs in our kitchen where I can proudly see it, enjoy it and show it off daily. It carries a temporary name of "Tranquil Vision", until such a time when she will be more aware to name her own pieces.

Nearly two years after her birth, I was blessed with a son. He is very special to me and is in no doubt radiant and amazing as the rest of us. My husband and I were not really expecting anything less, considering both of us are very talented and brilliant in many ways.

I now have the perfect family just as I thought about having, which was literally created by my natural thoughts and feelings from the time I was a little girl - the innocent and pure visions from a child's perspective. My family feels perfectly balanced. The constant joy and inspiration I feel daily from my children and this vast space we reside in, is something indescribable. I am so very obliged to the universe for its gifts. I do truly welcome everything it offers with open arms. No exceptions.

As I look at the 34 years of my life, I realize that they have become a valuable bookmarked chapter, which allowed me to learn and grow emotionally and spiritually on many different levels. I am grateful for my dad and the experiences I was meant to learn. I knew there was a reason that I chose him for a father and it all makes very much sense. I do not question "WHY" anymore. There were deep and powerful lessons to be learned that would ultimately lead me to my definitive purpose in my journey, and also be the best parent I can possibly be for both of my children. It also essentially fuelled and re-fuelled my creative rebirth in terms of becoming successful at doing what I love to do and do it superbly.

Just a few months ago, I became the Chocolate Goddess and that has reopened the most absolute fun and excitement of being a kid again. What kid doesn't love to eat chocolate? The best part of that is, I actually "Get paid to eat chocolate". I feel so tremendously blessed from all angles. I get to watch my kids eat and indulge themselves in the best and healthiest chocolate, ever so ingeniously designed.

Doing many great and fun projects in desktop publishing and even illustrating a series of children's story/memory books has been accomplished by the mere "just do it" attitude. There is absolutely nothing in life that scares and intimidates me. I have so much fun on this planet Earth. I almost always do what feels best to me, and being creative feels like a little flickering fire burning around my aura. I love it!

Staging and decorating homes is a fun project I take on board when I feel the need to add a little spicy flavour variety into my life. If it feels fun and perfect at the time and most importantly inside within me, I just do it. After all, I am pretty good at it. All my fun projects and Art Goddess creations are all a part of who I am.

Every day I have fun with life and appreciate the beauty it presents to me. I take the inspirations I get every day from nature and my children, and produce what I like to call "humble master pieces" for everyone to take pleasure in, should they choose to own one of them. They are my contributions and gifts back to the universe.

As these manifestations of my deepest desires keep flowing into my life at a faster rate then ever before, I realized another great important thing. It's not really a faster rate, it's just perceived as that since I am finally paying attention to it this time. I can actually point out literally dozens of them throughout each day. It has always been that way, and now I know that it always will be. I am becoming a master of manifestations and very humble about it, if I might add.

I have the privilege to learn from my two gorgeous kids many great things yet to come. Passing down my knowledge will be a fun experiment to see my two little turtledoves flourish and reach for the stars with my constant encouragements, praises and rewards. For they too have chose me as a parent for a reason, just as I have chose my parents. I will thrive and be the best I can be, especially in my children's eyes.

It is all about learning and experiencing whatever we are here to do. Forgiveness plays an enormous part in our journey. We are magnificent luminous beings, and we are all here for a reason. Remembering always that we make the decision to be here will make more sense as our life here on Earth is nearly done! What a radiant feeling it is when life does make sense.

My message to you is enjoy your journey this time around and live each day to the fullest as if it was your first one!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Bluish are the petals of this bloom
Growing beautifully near my grave
I am unable to touch or smell it
Buried below the soil like a slave
Six feet under dirt yet without pain
Unable to hear the droplets of rain
In silence and blind absolute dark
Lost sanity long ago, it went insane
Forget-me-not and come by to visit
Bringing these small flowers of joy
Invite your daughter for me to see
And do not forget to bring her boy
You may or may not understand this
Reading my few lines oddly composed
Probing how this poem was written
Perhaps you are even a bit repulsed
I write with the eyes of the departed
From another world labelled for dead
Below the surface of our subsistence
In dust and ashes of their wood bed
Nor dead or alive yet somehow living
Co-existence of a soul we cannot see
Hoping we catch a glimpse and wave
To the now deceased of you and me
Mothers, fathers children and soldiers
All who lived, loved and even fought
For better, worse or peace of mankind
Forget-me-not in your silent thought


Hidden within resides the beast
Lurking behind rosy tinted glass
A second remains for it to feast
On anything but emerald grass
Devouring the flesh and mind
And each single ounce of sanity
His roaring sounds boom unkind
Pitilessly surfacing in unreality
Shameful of the work he hides
For a while till again one day
The smile of disgrace unwinds
Running wild over without obey
Razor collar around his neck
Does not control the libel acts
Causing scars and pain to wreck
Respect for self it mostly lacks
Punching, shouting heeding pain
Without gentle hand for another
Anger masked without restrain
Deprived of love from his mother
Psychosis surrenders at his feet
Locking him up again for years
Destiny of terror he must meet
As his love cloaks in silent tears
Submitted resolution upon arrest
Cries within the walls of his crate
Striving to be other then best
It settles to feed on his met fate
Decades have passed since I saw
Father's feral beast face to face
His hate and shame in utmost raw
Sadly too resides in my radiant lace

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Red Door,

Breathing life is this being
Loudly dynamic and seeing
And even if now not fearing
Fully terrified is the core

Thoughts of peace do coexist
On the vacant never-ending list
While fading amid in the mist
Since walking through the door

Extending and always so giving
Naively jaded yet kindly forgiving
Is the density of this called living
Desiring happiness endlessly more

Faithfully labelled she is a mother
And although never looking for another
Barbed thoughts do sometimes scatter
Hearing calls of dying in the obscurity

While amiss is the irresolute feeling
Inhaling the stench of rot so chilling
Behind closed doors to open unwilling
Forever seeking some sort of security

Modestly sprucing up the doors red paint
Even though the fumes do cause her faint
As the emerging warrior repels its taint
Unloaded are the riches to a local charity

Authority tactfully invaded of the role
As she wins the resigned votes in the poll
Wanting desperately again to feel whole
Still needing, hungry, craving and lusting

This sentiment is not at all welcomed here
Still it lurks silently uncomfortably near
With absolute awareness of the shadow fear
It demands, defiantly wanting the trusting

Walk of life has no bearing on this feeling
Identified simply as the needless fearing
And with facing-off fear to win the starring
Door opens at last with compulsory existing

At last walking proudly through this red door
Believing one day to be worth much more
Nothing like a hiding and shameful whore
Her power of will keeps on boldly persisting

Monday, October 27, 2008

How debts affect your emotional well-being

Bills, bills and more bills, not to mention the calls from the agencies hassling you day and night about forgetting to pay your bill this month. Before you know it you're fighting with your spouse, the kids are crying and you're packing your bags leaving to stay with your mother.

It is not easy to feel the daily stress of being in a debt. It has been proven that high amounts of stress cause our body, mind and spirit to feel unwell while virtually killing us at a faster rate. The health issues are on the rise each year as the current tough economy and rising costs of living seem to be leading us to increasing debt stress.

According to an index tied to the AP-AOL survey, stress is on the rise by 14 percent this year than in 2004.

The people reporting high debt stress in the poll are:
27 percent of people had ulcers or digestive tract problems compared to those at 8 percent with low levels of debt stress.
44 percent had headaches and migraines, compared with the 15 percent with low stress.
23 - 29 percent suffered severe depression and anxiety, compared with 4 percent with low stress levels.
6 percent reported heart attacks, which is double the rate for those with low stress.
And more then half at 51 percent had muscle tensions including lower back pain, compare to the 31 percent with lower stress levels.

Our lives are virtually turned upside down when it comes to the results stress causes. It is not surprising the levels of foreclosures and financial bankruptcy have gone up, but also family issues with counselling and divorce levels on the rise as well. All these issues are due to stress and lack of ability to maintain our bodies calm and stress free.

Medical research studies suggest that most of these symptoms reported in the poll are in fact typical of chronic stress. Our bodies, magnificently as they are built, react releasing adrenaline called Cortisol from the adrenal gland that is often referred to as the stress hormone. It increases the blood pressure and blood sugar while it reduces the body's immune responses.

Adrenaline helps you react fast in a needed emergency, however if the body stays in this high gear for too long, those chemicals can cause physical havoc on numerous systems in the human body. Everything from blood pressure rising to dangerous levels, unstable heart rates and palpitations, memory loss, mood, digestion and even our immune systems are all affected.

Credit cards, car loans, mortgages and student loans cause such havoc on our lives. So how do we reduce stress while being in a debt? Studies suggest that exercising minimum of 3 times per week can reduce stress levels. There are many forms of exercise such as running, hiking, mountain climbing, taking walks, riding your bicycle and even taking a one hour yoga class to teach you some breathing and relaxation techniques, while listening to music also reduces stress.

Every little bit that we can do to help our bodies reduce stress counts for something. The debts are something we have to live with, so why fight it. Learning how to deal with stress and reducing it, is something we have in our power. In the end, not only we will live a happier more enjoyable life in a healthy body, but also increase our longevity.

Debt stress does not have to be a winner in the end. Three months ago my husband lost his job. I had no clue what was going to happen and how long he was going to be unemployed. Between our mortgage, car loan, huge house tax and credit card bills we barely had much left for food.

One thing I knew for sure was that I wasn't going to let this affect our marriage. We talked about our feelings almost daily and some days were easier then others. Having two small children, we explained to them about going places for a while will have to be put on hold. There were few juicy days of fiery fury I have to say and even though it was very tough and we got behind on so many bills, we made it through.

Within 2 weeks of his job loss, we both started exercising and even purchased bicycles with our credit card. We took more evening walks for fresh air and to clear the mind. And while it may have not been that wise to increase our credit card bill, we even went camping for a total of 4 weeks this summer. It took my husband three months to find employment and while giving us the ability to deal with our debt issues together, we have learned a lot about each other and ourselves. Three months later we are not only fit but also much happier and healthier. And, even though we are still in debt our stress is not as bad as it used to be prior to his job loss.

Friday, October 24, 2008

I must write

Despite judgements I sometimes get
My mind is forever clearly set
To write my thoughts with no worry
Peacefully constructed there is no hurry
As I catch a glimpse of fearless furry
To the last drop of my sweat
Rejuvenating is my bet
I surrender albeit

I win over and over with no set place
This never-ending blissful race
Of words strung gently on razor wires
Like gemstones glowing inside the fires
Priceless diamonds, rubies and sapphires
Of the greatest value are my words
As I whisper new rhymes
In daily chords

The cover of novelist been long time blown
I write for entertainment purely own
Though some think I am a fresh conscript
Living in-between this vast imagination rift
With fire I write, passion ever so swift
Pure and meaningful are my lyrics
With no attention paid
To belittling critics

Messages constructed are daily written
As I sit to write entirely smitten
Relaxed by the fire and chestnuts roasting
With another new poem so proudly boasting
And with delicious red wine for toasting
I celebrate my gift with pride
Amongst this talent so vast
With others by my side

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Craving the taste of the divine
Just a sip of red ruby wine to feel it is mine
This welcomed feeling

And while lusting the whole eternity
For a glimpse of reality in this significant identity
Labelled as human

Forever the mistakes we make
And devour the entire cake with care and fashion we bake
We are such stylish pigs

With vast digs into the mysterious
Unsatisfied yet always curious with libel making us so furious
As we continue to trust our lust

Stepping outside ourselves in the final end
No longer needing to pretend yet still counting the grains of sand
With driven need for greed

Then only then we find the truth behind the lust
The lust we solemnly trust like eating the crunchy mouth-watering crust
On a fresh baked loaf

Food for thought as we continue to yearn
With the absolute drive of incomprehensible desire and burn
We are more then human

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hidden Truth

Truth without stinting flows
In gusting bellows while it snows
Of the chilling season that yearly grows

On the vast oceans where knowledge is gained
Silently every year this vessel is sailed
Where overt reality lays unveiled

And sad are these masked lonely sailors
Like camouflaged ballerinas clad for tailors
Concealing their vast abilities and responsibilities
Under the bare cosmic stars we hide our obvious scars
Clandestinely dancing in blackness wanting light
Where resonance lays unspoken yet white

Albeit borrowed are these simple ripe words
Intensely sung in delicately constructed chords
Of the angelic choir hiding behind only human attire

When performing acts measured by lucid mind
That forever chooses to be noble and kind
Hidden is the truth only to the blind

We do waste our intellect so deeply bright
As we secretly screen our stains in radiant light
Whilst rumbling darkening skies and pollution of lies

Forcing our incandescent lights to become faded
And perish amongst society so easily jaded
With our bodies so hollowly invaded

Always fighting, defeating and running
Hurting and stabbing with words so cunning
Fearing to surface our truth as this is totally banning

Programmed we lust delusion of needless cash
Burying to hide in decays of world trash
Only garbage and waste we stash

Within this, the toxic noise of pollutions
In manifested outcomes within icy conclusions
Each and every one projecting their very own illusions

Lays but us, we reside in reality shamefully ridden
Where omitted peace and facts are forbidden
And concealed truth is so deeply hidden

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The best pop up campers

After a year of intense shopping and finally from personal experience I absolutely love the tent pop up trailers. I find the 10-foot box is great (average size) where the 8-foot box was a little too small for us, but could be awesome for an elderly couple or beginners. There are also 12 and 14-foot box trailer sizes, which I can see us totally moving up to eventually. Our research and search for a great buy didn't come so easily. We not only paid attention to safety, quality and durability but also the trailer size and affordability. Having two small kids we had to pay attention to safety first but also our budget.

There are many hard top pop up campers that remain fairly large with few cubicles to extend. Those however I find create an extra expense to pull behind your vehicle, not to mention you need a larger vehicle like a V8 to pull one of those. They are not only larger and more expensive to pull, they will also cost more to store over winters. With the gas prices always fluctuating and increasing we wanted something foldable and light weight and a unit that once folded could fit into our garage to save on storage fees. I think the pop up tent campers are a way to go. It is however only a personal preference.

While shopping for the tent trailer we have come across a few brands that lacked the safety features, which were very important to us. One of these features is the security of the pull out beds sides remaining in place. Many newer campers have a Velcro type under fold on all three sides and a bungee cord for additional safety, where some other campers use only the bungee cord. In many studied and personal friend cases, children have fallen out of the beds in the middle of the night or while going to bed during some silly kid fun with only the bungee cord trailer styles. The Velcro ensures all 3 sides are firmly in place with no chance of falling out. Many models are now quickly changing these safety features.

Another issue while we were shopping was the smell inside the camper when the unit was close to and over 10 years old or so. The smell of mold and mildew is very strong and noticeable and therefore it was present and evident. Tent trailers are prone to mold due to the canvas tent structure of the camper. It is hard to remove the smell of mold and we have found many folks camouflaging the smell with mothballs, so be on a look out when purchasing an older model. This is the only way to cover up the smell of mold as the mothballs are pungent and strong.

We have purchased a Rockwood 10 foot box camper, slightly used as it was 3 years old and are quite satisfied. Being only 3 years old it was in excellent shape, very clean slightly used. The unit can run on 3 separate things such as propane, battery and electrical when reserving electrical sites. There is ample of space inside for sleeping with one queen and two double beds for our family of four. The camper has plenty of storage and cupboards and lots of counter space. It has a sink with a huge 25-gallon water tank, furnace, 3-way fridge, luxury heated beds and fold down bench seat with a table that turns into a double bed (this one not heated). It has fans for each end of the beds and plenty of electrical outlets. There is an attachment for indoor or outdoor propane stove cook top, which I strongly suggest using only outside. The smell vapours and grease of cooked food can quickly get into the fabrics and will always remain.

We have used out tent trailer all summer and we are absolutely in love with it. Moving up from a tent while always blowing up our mattresses to sleep on, bringing the gear up from the basement and then back again after use was a chore on it's own. Having the tent trailer is like moving from a cheap motel to a first class hotel. We are now packed and ready to go within an hour taking our clothes and food. I love it.

Once the camper is folded down while the small access door still remains open, there is a ton of storage inside it to place all additional items needed. Our pots and dishes, sleeping bags, lawn chairs, additional secondary barbecue, fishing rods and tackle, pillows and extra blankets all remain in the trailer and there is still more storage space. It not only creates for a quicker pack-n'-go weekends, it also created additional space in our basement where all the camping gear used to be stored. This is also a huge bonus.

After feeling and experiencing first hand our tent popup trailer I can with confidence and assurance say I don't think I will ever use our tent again.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Is a name brand product always better than a generic?

What is a name without proof of quality? I do not believe that a name brand is always better than a generic however in many situations it is the case. In whichever case, the quality is what everyone is after. I have found many times the generic brand to be equally adequate if not even better then the name brand. This however does not fit every category of products.
Name brands not only cost a lot more money, they are not always necessarily better. Many times the exact product is used with different labelling as manufacturers use the overflow or excess of the product made and either sell it to or label it under a generic grocery brand. This is to ensure sales of both high and low end of the consumer market. Now in this case I am speaking of canned food. I seldom buy name brand just for the sake of it. In most cases I pay attention to the price and where it was made. Sticking mostly to local and neighbouring manufacturer countries such as Canada and US is a personal preference. Then I ensure I am getting the nutrients I am after and I compare ingredients, fat contents, cholesterol, sodium and other important things to my family and me. The same concept goes for fresh vegetables and fruits. I pay attention to prices, local freshness and not the name brand higher jacked costs.

Needless to say, I find that in many other cases such as clothing for example T-shirts, sweats, dresses and jeans I do prefer certain tag names. The item does not have to have an exposed advertising label for everyone to know what I am wearing, but it is merely for personal preference. Not only I know I am getting the quality I am used to but am also paying for the durability and even lifespan of my clothing. With some generic brands the fabrics easily tears, fades and wears out fast. This also includes jeans. I have in the past purchased generic department store jeans and soon found them fading, fraying and falling apart. It is worthwhile sometimes to spend the extra buck for the higher quality and in this case let it be the tag.

Not everyone can afford name brand prices these days including myself. I find many of my clothing fashion in the local second hand shops where I do inspect for quality, no wears and tears, and of course the tag to see the manufacturer or name. Even though the items are gently worn, I know I will get a lot of wear out of it just from past experiences. The same goes for my kids clothing. They not only grow so fast and within 6 months the item no longer fits, they are also very careless with their garments and I cannot justify spending outrageous cash on clothing. I do however ensure they are high quality, again my trusted brands even if gently worn.

The same goes for foot ware. Our feet are so important to us. I absolutely refuse to wear generic "cheap" foot ware. They not only have poor arch supports, they are often made of lower quality materials and your feet soon sweat and become sore. Flat foot ware and poor arch support shoes are very bad for your back and your entire posture and body can suffer. I have personally gone into both ends of shoe shopping of the high and low quality, and proper shoes is one area where I will most certainly splurge on especially if they are a name I trust.

With that said in conclusion, I do pay attention to name brand prices and products. From personal experience I guess from what I wear to what I eat. Are all name brands better? I think not.

Friday, October 17, 2008

How to make slipcovers for your sofa and fitted sofa cushions

Many people would like to change the look of their living space; however purchasing a new sofa every year to spice up the area is not always affordable. Making slipcovers for sofas and worn down furniture isn't as hard as people think. It is a trendy way to quickly change the look and slip covering your family room sofa, which will extend the life of your piece. Slipcovers are also a great way to hide sofa stains or the worn out look of them and also keep furniture clean for resale value.

The shapes that are easiest to work with are square finished or arched finished armrests and simple, sleek shapes of fronts and backs. More ornate, fluffy and frilly sofas are not impossible to slipcover, they just may take longer then those simple designs.

It is important you get enough fabric material to make your slipcover. You can find great buys at the clearance bins at your local fabric store, just ensure they have plenty of it in case you need to return for more. Best types of fabrics are those made of 50% polyester, since 100% cotton sometimes continues to shrink with few washes. Another important thing to keep in mind when buying slipcover fabric is the weight. Do not purchase a heavy thick fabric. Those are meant to reupholster furniture. A medium weight fabric is great and ensures durability and life of your cover. Also, do not use very thin and lightweight fabrics with silky based thread line. Those easily tear and don't last long. Ensure you purchase a strong thread such as nylon preferably as it does not shrink and is stronger then cotton based threads. Strong thread will just ensure the stitching will not rip with your daily use.

Making slipcovers for your sofa:
Once you have chosen the fabric of your liking, it is important to wash the entire fabric before you begin any sewing and cutting. This is to ensure shrinkage has taken place. There is nothing worse then investing all this time and money to make a slipcover, just to have it shrink after your first wash.

To begin making a cover for your sofa, remove all the cushions and fitted sofa cushions off your furniture. Turn the fabric raw side up, not the finished face side and drape it over your sofa. With smooth gentle strokes fit the corners into place at the back, bottom and sides, while allowing the fabric run all the way to the bottom of your sofa at the back and front. (This is how much fabric you need to cover the entire piece) Tuck into the creases of your sofa just about an inch or two, to ensure a snug fit once finished and reversed.
Using pins, carefully start pinning the outline of your sofa starting at the top along the side all the way down to the floor, pinning two pieces of fabric coming together.

Once you have done so, the back is now in place and should not move on you while you work on the front and sides. The reason for starting with the back is sofas are mostly simple straight backed and it just makes it easier to work with. The next step is to smooth out the seat area ensuing the backrest is smoothed as well with the crease at the bottom of the "L" of your sofa. (Again, ensure a small tuck into the corners) Take the extra fabric you have from the side overhanging and using your pins, pin a straight crease following your armrest all the way to the front of your furniture. Don't worry if you have some looser corners, as the cushions (once slip covered) will tighten down the cover once in place.

Follow to pin the entire outline of your sofa design such as, arm rest front and back, just as if you were shaping the sofa ensuring the fabric stays shaped and smoothed by your hand. Once you have pinned the entire outline, you can trim off the larger pieces not needed. This will just allow you to sew your cover more easily. You can trim them off using zigzag scissors, to ensure the fabric does not fray. If you are an experienced sewer you can also finish with a secondary fray stitch on the edges of your cut fabric. Always leave 1 to 2 inches extra fabric. Do not cut too close to the stitches, as you will use the sofa and by sitting on it and the fabric may stretch. Slowly remove the cover and sew the pieces close to your pins, removing your pins as you move along.

When you're finished turn your entire piece inside out and check on the fit over your sofa. Some adjustments may be required and if you got this far, they you will know exactly what to do. Reverse the piece and make your adjustments with your pins and re-sew the area. Even most experienced sewers sometimes need to do this. This is also the time when you make small cuts into "L" shaped corners of your armrests, and places that are inverted. Make the cuts on the reversed side of course not the outside of the cover and again do not come too close to the stitches. Check the bottom of the sofa for length and make your length adjustments. It is all right to leave a puckered effect if you prefer, which means extra fabric is left to drape over the floor. Whichever the case, ensure the edge is folded under and finished to prevent fraying.

Making slipcovers for the cushions of your sofa:Once the slipcover is complete, you can work on your fitted sofa cushions. Measure against your cushions and cut your fabric. Make a pillow style cover (again with raw face showing, this is where you always stitch) and stitch along 3 sides leaving one side open to insert your cushion. Once finished turn it inside out and slip your cushion inside. If they are zippered type, do not worry about putting a zipper on the new slipcover. You can use Velcro either stitching it in place or using fabric adhesive. Simple ties can also be attached to ensure the cover closes snug over the cushions.

Once everything is complete, put your sofa back together using your slipcover and covered cushions. You may have to gently push down into the corners of your sofa to ensure the fabric fits snug all around. Some people use a stick (smooth, broom style pole measured to the length of your sofa) and place is in the back crevice of your entire sofa length in the 1 to 2 inch tuck. This will ensure the fabric stays in place under your fitter cushions.

Your sofa now has a brand new spanking look and/or is protected. Enjoy!

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Where am I?
Why the darkness?
Who is there?
In my unbroken tear
Silence is near
The undeclared
Of my dying fear
Hush hurry
Do not even breathe
They will hear
My terror frozen to core
Staring at the squeaky door
Hearing the unspoken creak
While my silence is bleak
Eyes wide opened to see
Wishing I could be me
Though nothing
I am aware, always obedient
Yet silence so resident
Observing the unspoken sounds
In the shapes of clouds
Existence anything but boring
Floating above high, soaring
Through birds and stars
Vanishing are my scars
Unspoken is the fear
I cannot see yet feel near
Reaching for my hand
As I solemnly apprehend
Suddenly bright overt flashes
Brilliance in an instance
No longer silent fear
But defiant persistence
The unspoken unveiled
At last clear is the fear I felt
Not at all ever mine
Although conversely human line
Perpetual is the unspoken silence
Uninterrupted and absolute
Where still calmness is in the sphere
And no one ever feels the fear
Where am I now?
Why the light?
Who is in the flight?

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My Star

Do not be fooled by the stone you see
Saddened, whimpering and missing me
As it does not mean I am far from sight
It is a stamped ticket to my galactic flight
Few words would do whom I am about
Loving, creating and sure know my pout
My star engraved for our children to reach
As learning from you what I did not teach
Though facet of time is beyond your bend
I see you standing now as I did back then
Even if bodily I cannot be touched and felt
Live with the aces darling that I was dealt
A poker face I no longer have or need
Amity and love with no chance to bleed
Heat blankets me within a glorious light
Only bones lay beneath this stone cold site

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Frozen eminence as staring
Not a fret or single bearing
As I whisper while moored
Boy oh boy am I bored?

Rainbow colour entices me
Though ideas quickly flee
While again I stand in chill
Amid boredom with a quill

Jabbing at it, for it to pierce
The mood that can be fierce
Dusting boredom at my will
Clearing paths for novel frill

Nah fool, never I am bored
Copious things vastly cord
In my life so full of passion
I dress boredom into fashion

Monday, October 6, 2008


You stand there silent in your poise

Through I hear you softly crying

Not a whisper muttered in your voice

I surely feel you slowly dying

Let out your pain and heed my calls

Do not decay in your despair

Climb if you must or tear down walls

Life still perseveres being fair

Cry if you must and release the beast

Locked up he has been for years

Take a leap of faith and join the feast

Even if eyes are full of tears

Here I am reaching for you once more

Credulous you will take my hand

Wiping your tears from behind the door

And sewing holes for your mend

Friday, October 3, 2008

Letter from GOD

When the wind blows gently on your face
It is my breath you inhale to live
As moments of need emerge for embrace
Both hands to you I always give

Empower your self with faith and trust
Smite the need for hate and greed
Amongst all the bounty restrain your lust
Life is fashioned to flee and bleed

Alongside your journey I guide and stay
Beginning the instance you arrive
Hearing your whispers of your quiet pray
Thanking me for, you are alive

Awake my child and live for right now
As tomorrow is purely a surprise
Your questions of where, why and how
Will unveil at your last sunrise

Your beaming light within will never pale
Even though your strength may seem
And while reminiscing your transience tale
You solely judge of what you deem

Thursday, October 2, 2008


She twirled and turned with the most magical glow,
while I anticipated few falls and for her to go slow.

However, to my amazement and even surprise,
dancing melody bedazzled and sparkled in her eyes.

Those pigtails fancied with silky ribbons in pink,
as giving her a smile with a nudge and a wink.

Her qualities were evident in a playful small crowd,
tiny brave two year old who made mother so proud.

Rehearsing weekly for her vast goals to achieve,
ballerina star to be at this young age so naive.

Stitched were the florets in her embellished dress,
silver threads embroidered on each crinoline press.

Twirling, skipping, being the star of the show,
her face was so lit in an untainted beaming glow.

My quiet tears I wiped as I watched her on stage,
as she danced free as a bird that just left its cage.

Then as a trophy was given to keep for all times,
I memorize and savoured her priceless few lines.

I smiled with joy while my heart was on fire,
my little ballerina was a show star to admire.

Although an hour has passed and is gone from sight,
she continues to soar during her journey of flight.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Life Inevitable

Sitting on my porch while counting tiny glow bugs
As they twinkle in an enchanted illuminated dance
Dazzling as they are, I grasp this unavoidable life
While I inhale my days not so purely out of chance

This quirky and vast universe smiles daily upon me
Throwing me surprises to each new party-day of life
Butterflies, June bugs and even moonlight kisses
Fantastic as they are, inevitably in joy and strife

Scale of existence stabilizes and then tips its weights
Just as the perishing crops for farmers hardest work
From the life of a newborn colt in a rising morning
To the mother receiving quintuplets from the stork

Never-ending is the cycle of this extraordinary life
In the rejuvenating droplet of the dews final drop
So precise yet unpredictable and beautifully perfect
Even if rotten were the fruits of the farmers crop

Certainly untamed are the events of the life ahead
As we hunger, lust, achieve and cultivate as host
Manifesting our providence in this cosmic journey
And with absolute vulnerability, we achieve the most