The pages are still blank, but there is a miraculous feeling of the words being there, written in invisible ink and clamoring to become visible. ~Vladimir Nabakov

Monday, June 30, 2008


Just use me society
Kick me while I am down
Steeling again my thorny crown
Killing my variety and array
Abuse me
Blindly throw me away
A discarded candy wrapper
Core of the sweetest apple
Now useless garbage
Only a memory
Becoming astray
Take my pride
Entire energy and luminosity
Gasping humility and integrity
Wholeness of sanity
You blood sucking scavengers
Lost hope on giving and forgiving
Out of wishes and silver coins
Bleeding freely from my loins
Living in this facade of life
My well has dried
For years
The eyes have cried
Blood stained vitality and vigor
As brilliant soul darkened
Time will come for the seeds
Yearning the truth to know
Questioning and restless needs
As weeks
Become seasons
Then years passing
Discovering again many reasons
Blooming and flourishing
Loving, giving and forgiving
The echoes of my footsteps
Forbidden path
Once chosen
Alone you go
Only yesterday my laugh boomed
Living fully and abundantly
My loving bloomed
Slowly becoming veiled
Strikingly marked, unwell
Outgrowing you
The merciful yell
Sacrificing myself to hell
Needing quiet
Now shamefully begging forgiveness
As time will not make it better
Just you I tell my love
With this tarnished letter
Weeping again
Bleeding once more
Never have I another told
Of my tainted world
I wish you well

Friday, June 20, 2008

The spirit of the crow

Keeper of the sacred law
And warden guarding time
Sounding the perpetual caw
Of the absolute beginning
And past
Ultimately uniting
Everything at last
Merger of the truth it seems
Creating balance in life
Light and dark
Both equally profound
Inner and outer glow
Beliefs of self
In the spirit found
As opening doors of magic
This watchdog of memories
Living in the void
Of existence
All uncertainties
Ever lightening the load
Of pointless worries
Prophet of constant changes
Cawing persistently
Crying perpetually
Signaling year round
And blindly contributing
To life all around
Caw of the magnificent crow
Its shimmering feathers
Of the darkest coal
In the purest snow
Endlessly mourning
Fading of brilliance
Predictions and sorrow
Blind symbol of spiritual growth
Our black messenger
Of transformation
Strength, creation and identity
And a great spirit as such
This herald of self worth
Above all
Unity and humanity

Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Secret

Old walnut tree gracefully stands
Branches of elegance
Successful life
Her gracefulness
At a glance
Wise soul held in her poise
Gentle spirit
Dancing of leaves
Enchanting noise
A mature voice
Forced silence of my knife
My primary cut
Carving carefully
Blade sharp
Deepening my cuts
Slicing gently
Yet forcefully
Body of dark stem
Her lingering scents
While etching
Her bark of elegance
Ever so natural
I carved a heart in the old tree
Within it a secret
Letters of lovers
One of you
For me
Weeping as carving I felt her pain
Wound of my knife
Deep in her vein
Connecting our blood
A blemish
Of my stain
Shamefully boasting as my work was done
Admiring again in sun and rain
Favouring my fame
The secret
Although having nothing
Ever to gain
Mission of life etched with my yearn
While hearing
Gentle whispers
Of surrounding fern
Upon your return
Laugh and weep never restrain
Engrave child
Depart again
Embrace life fully
Never forget
Your stain will remain

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Wild Orchid

An intricate,
Far from
And metals.
Priceless beauty,
in nature so free.
Climbing always,
the highest tree.
A wild orchid,
I am one
of three.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I remember

Time long ago
in human years,
I recall always
with river of tears.
Peaceful and vibrant
not planet Earth,
Embracing memories
within my girth.
Through cosmic journey
a galaxy away,
leaving was a choice
though I wanted to stay.
Arriving at last
amongst this race,
of matter and energy
each a labeled face.
Remembering skills
of higher power,
carrying water of life
every second and hour.
Everyone perfect to a flaw
within them radiance aglow,
abiding unwritten law,
existing fluidly a flow.
Loving, laughing
Not dying from blow.
I remember a time
Not too long ago,
It is a place afar,
I am destined to go.

Monday, June 9, 2008


Element composed
in numbers of math,
delivering an enemy
of the highest wrath.
In a world of micro,
existing from start,
united with others,
cells never apart.
Brothers and sisters,
mutating fast,
saying farewell
or together at last.
Unseen by the eye
yet always in sight,
causing pain, chaos
death and fright.
Living in a lab dish,
frozen to core,
reaching to expand
always some more.
Observing company,
through glass door,
awaiting my days,
to crash on the floor.
One day I emerge,
of error or chance,
A deadly virus,
I am at a glance.

Friday, June 6, 2008


Initial spark of cells,
fueled DNA gels
as primary life form
begins building mass.
Ultimately igniting
evolution of matter,
an energy force,
humans scatter.
Aware yet missing
directions of maps,
constant journey
of skills,
and performance,
brilliant ever,
without any naps.
Hallways of fame,
bursting visions,
channels in grips
of endless fusions.
Memories, smells,
behavior and act,
connected by bridges
of ladders and tact.
Though many
are blocked,
abilities it lacks,
insists on seeking
the truth and facts.
Longing for kin,
or son,
constantly in overtime
perpetually as one.
Messages decoded
in pursuit of the best,
functions and abilities
always put to test.
Requiring quiet
to relax as guest,
vital organ I am
one of few
without rest.
Runaway train
of knowledge and fact.
Via one-way ticket,
overload on a track.
Brain under stress,
virtually ready to crack.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Dripping sweat
of rapturous delight.
Euphoric bliss,
exaltation in flight.
Eyes interlocked.
Reaching the other side
in galactic journey,
we collide.
Point of sudden
heated passion.
Trance-like state,
I succumb and let.
Gentle touches,
lips on skin,
responsive elation
entirely within,
bodies quivering,
they beckon,
come in.
Emotion so intense
heat ever blazing,
my body never felt.
Raping my thoughts,
iron it would melt.
The scent of sweat,
shimmering on body,
of every curve
delicately trickles.
Our bodies firm.
Entangled transport
of mental rapture,
eyes wide shut
till early morning.
Riding a wave
of ecstasy blissful.
Yet never full.
Desiring extracted
euphoric contemplation
of the divine.
Bodies of gods
on fertile wine.
Over I surrender
beneath my mate
to become merged.
Ravaging my psyche
more and extra,
to be at last,

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I love you

Dance of two flames in existence
Thriving faith within persistence
I sense your blaze in higher realm
Bringing me peace of serene calm

Our spirits mingle above ground
In this unity of love so profound
Twisting in a dance of lit up fire
With gratitude for life and desire

Born of magic and silent reverie
Place called home in you and me
Beautiful lace beyond and above
A pureness seen in whitest dove

Asleep together we relish in joy
Awake existing as a world's toy
Fleshy matter of a living mortal
Together through a secret portal

Alluring force of simple polarity
Split into halves of equal clarity
In universe quirky for eccentric
Our DNA excited of the electric

Alive we are in this time of space
Visions emerge to each other face
I feel you part of me this instance
Yet your spirit resides at distance

Believing I know you are the one
Our love is perpetual, never gone
I attain to hold my head up high
Anticipating the day we both fly

Breathing, walking and surviving
In dreamland is our heat reviving
Dimension invisible to naked eye
You touch to embrace me as I cry

Unreachable are both our entities
Yet we have astounding abilities
Within flesh of our body resides
Magnetic force that which abides

I feel your solitude in my sorrow
Reaching your spark I do borrow
To continue burning with desires
Keeping ablaze our eternal fires

Fantastic is our enchanting light
Illuminating dark roads so bright
Believing blindly in the unknown
In this one glorious apex renown

Adore beyond this human fashion
Fulfilled amity inside compassion
Blooming petals of beautiful rose
Embellished is my stem of poise

Thorns of days are oh so incredible
In this life I've chosen applaudable
Craving, tasting beauty flourished
My heartbeats for you so famished

Emotions of adore remotely touch
My quiver felt beyond oh so much
Each soul with twin flame is living
Higher purpose into world giving

Mirroring our abilities we do see
Reflecting images of you and me
Tingles within us truly insatiable
Thirsty desire oh so unstoppable

Merging into Oneness of undying
Deeper are these emotions crying
Spent lifetimes with another soul
Yet craving always to feel whole

United together in the final hour
Blue flame lives in utmost power
Spirals upwards into a vast space
Embraced lovers each other face

For eternity united together at last
Recalling lessons of lives passed
Ying and yang the balance of life
Relishing mortality, blissful strife

A mother, daughter father and son
Life of a human who's just begun
Soul mate for each connected ties
Adoring love for each deeply lies

Oh my darling how I do love you
Nostalgic to feel our flame of blue
Awaiting to merge into you again
To go home at last, to heal my pain

Monday, June 2, 2008

Top 10 things I want to do in my life

1. To perfect creating calmness, quiet and peace within my body, mind and soul so I am able to rejuvenate and create healthy balance in my life. This would lead me to be the best human, a mother, wife and a friend.

2. I would love to build my own environmentally friendly home one day, on a piece of land near a small stream where I can hear the water and birds chipper. A totally self-sufficient home, powered by solar, wind or hydro and surrounded by trees and nature. Attached to the home a garden where I can grow my own vegetation and live mostly of the land.

3. To ensure my children have learned a great knowledge on how important it is to respect mankind, nature and the elements. In my final hour I want to rest in peace knowing I did my best and that they are proud of me as a parent.

4. From my passion for creating art whether it is my paintings, writings or other creations, I want to create a legacy. This is to ensure my children's abundant future should it remain monetary and also hopefully reap enough to spread across research and development labs seeking cures for illnesses. All of this would also be to help others including 3rd world countries.

5. Own a quaint beach house, where I can go and visit as little or many times as I want. I love the sound of waves, the feel of the sand on my feet and smelling the sea air, hearing the sea life and connect to the elements and nature. I would love that.

6. Travel to as many places as I can and be able to experience and appreciate other cultures. To see in real life their homes or cardboard boxes, while getting the grasp of how they live. This includes the 3rd world countries.

7. Number 6 will allow me to taste and savour as many possible flavours of meals, deserts, fruits and vegetables nation wide from all the different nationalities and cultures. I absolutely love my taste buds and savouring tastes.

8. To see our planet Earth from space and be able to feel anti-gravity in it's true form, while being in the space of all existence our atmosphere.

9. To fully love and be loved, make peace with everyone who has done me wrong and vice versa, and be able to forgive and learn from all experiences.

10. And last but not least I want to look back on my life and say I lived my every day life to the fullest. I lived with no regrets accepting absolutely everything it offered me, and say while truly knowing the meaning behind it, that I'm proud of who I am.