The pages are still blank, but there is a miraculous feeling of the words being there, written in invisible ink and clamoring to become visible. ~Vladimir Nabakov

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I love Mondays....

Thank you for the "thank yous"  I'm feeling so blessed to have the opportunity to share my talents with the world.  It makes my heart full of joy to receive such beautiful thank you card with the work I do on it.  Arriving on a Monday it totally made my day -- maybe even the week. 

Meet Tyler.  One of the cutest little boys I know. 

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Humans get scared when you are nice to them...

I will never alter who I am & what I do for others.  Nobody knows nor do I need the world to know what I do in my private time, but sharing this story chokes me up even today.

** I was Toronto bound about 10 years ago and just bought a muffin & a coffee leaving the hospital after visiting my sister. It was winter. I saw a homeless man on the corner of the street & he looked very cold trying to cover himself with a ratty old blanket & my heart just dropped, as it always does when I see people less fortunate.  I went over to him, kneeled and handed him my coffee & muffin and said "here sir, please take this I'd like you to have it" and he looked at me, cautiously only to ask "why are you being so nice to me."  I will never forget that & how that made me feel. His gentle yet tired & worn face stared at me for a minute as our eyes connected at which point I felt this person's life & his hardships. It changed me at the core & the way I saw society through this man's eyes. I had no instant answer for him as my throat swelled & I was pushing back tears. Then, I told him my sister almost died & that I understand people a lot more then people understand me.  Really, I just wanted to give him a big hug because he sees & has thousands of people walk by each day.  He smiled, took my coffee & muffin and said "God bless"**  This is just a single one of my many stories & experiences.  Each one is unique and special & most importantly a message for me and me alone to decipher and understand, to ultimately shape my core.

Every time I think of that precise moment & how it made me feel I cannot help but to push back tears.  There are so many homeless people on this planet & I wish I could do more to help them.  As my friends and family know for many years I've been wanting so badly to open up a shelter & a soup kitchen to care for & feed the hungry.  World Vision has contributed my share of donations over the course of 7 years while I helped 3 separate families & urged others to donate as Albert my late father-in-law did too.  I cannot help to think about the life these people live, hungry, cold & lonely.  Judged by society, ignored like trash...... it just breaks my heart.  This year I'm going down the streets and handing out blankets & will take anyone who wants to come with me.

I just feel that somehow, my work is not done & my purpose is higher then I know it.  Do we really need to win millions to make our dreams come true?  I don't dream for fancy things, I dream & wish to make our world a better place especially through the eyes of the homeless.  But - that is only my wish.

Photo not taken by me.