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Monday, January 23, 2012

The "F" word while turning 93

There is something magical about birthdays.  Everyone wants their special day to be filled with fun & laughter, amazement and significance celebrating their day of birth.  This year I got just that.  AMAZING beyond words!

First of all, my birthday has always been about wanting to celebrate it with my mom.  I've held the highest respect for her my whole life & the fact she gave me life and brought me into this world.  Becoming a mother myself only reconfirmed the love she feels for me as my love for my own children is colossal.

It began yesterday with the incredible surprise of a fabulous camera cake my mom baked for me.  The story of it is here but I'll still have to give credits with photos below.

Birthdays just like Christmas have never been about gifts for me.  I've so enjoyed the little things my kids have made me over the last few years and each birthday is special and unique.  Even prior to that...  I'd lie if I didn't get excited receiving a thoughtful gift because I would love it, however it has never been about anything materialistic.  This one however somehow tops the charts on my "b-day-meter" and if another like this ever happens again, only time will tell.

My son who is 6 was barely awake on Sunday morning with his eyes still sleepy as I sipped on my cup of brew asked me in confusion, "momma you turned 93"? and then his eyes got even bigger as he looked over at me.  It put a smile on my face and I nearly choked on my coffee.  He picked up the two candles on the counter from the cake my mom baked for me the night prior & he was puzzled for a minute.  It was so priceless, and yet the "F" word was never mentioned at all.

I got deliveries of flowers, birthday cards, special and delicious dinner cooked by my amazing husband, earrings from my baby girl she got "with daddy's money" as she said, a lovely cross & so many surprises throughout the day.  I loved all of it!

First of all, I've been holding back a little if I haven't let on that the fact I'm approaching the turn of another decade is literally around the corner.  The "F" word somehow ever so slightly bothers me but not because of age.  I don't believe age has anything to do with how we feel on the inside.  I embrace my years & hopefully age gracefully.  I think it's just the concept of the "age" itself as people seem to be going through some midlife crisis and I totally don't feel remotely to my age.

Good friend has told me that I'm actually 39 plus 9 months and that makes sense.  Closer to the "F" word then I thought.  haha!

Turning forty doesn't scare me.  There I said it.  It's been a joke in my family for probably 5 years since I've reached the "over the hill" mark after 35.  I think mostly women are the ones affected by these number sequence of keeping track of years lived.  For me, I've always told my kiddies, when the years get closer the "F" word is not to be said.   "Mommy is and always will be 29" I told my kids, no matter who asks you.  Keeping a light heart about it of course as only I know the depth of it's meaning & the reason behind the "F" word.

Ok, the fact we call it the "F" word is because of many reasons. 
 We do not call anyone fat, rather plump or well build.  
We do not say any "F" bombs especially the ones mommy and day may slip.  
We do our best not to say fart but toot.
We do not say find rather reach to "find" something.
And we do not under any circumstance say forty when it comes to mom.

Beautiful card and a cross from the kiddies and my husband    PHOTOGRAPHY

Earrings from my baby girl bought with "daddy's money" 

On the RIGHT is my amazing cake my mom baked for me.    PHOTOGRAPHY

Card image from my little 3 month old nephew "boogie time" written inside.
Stuffed duckie from my nephew

received my 1st flowers by delivery
more flowers
And all of this and so much more that cannot be expressed in words and photos happened on my amazing day.  Thank you Lord and friends for making me feel so loved and appreciated.  



Anonymous said...

Your birthday sounds fabulous, not many of us have such great ones, you're lucky! Great cake too and lovely flowers. Fun read.

Janette Dengo said...

dear anonymous, thanks for stopping by - I do feel very blessed & that cake was totally unexpected and just out of this world. I loved it!!!! xo

Anonymous said...

The cake looks amazing great photos too!!!!