The pages are still blank, but there is a miraculous feeling of the words being there, written in invisible ink and clamoring to become visible. ~Vladimir Nabakov

Friday, April 23, 2010

The K-I-S-S

Of cosmic dust we appear in stars
Two soul dimensions, woman and man
Consciousness of lights eternal spark
I sense as if you held my hand
We yearn and search for our light
The other half of us that which is home
Spiralling into the alchemy of time
For the ONE not to live alone
Enchanted are these moistened lips
Within midnight hours by flickering fire
Twin flames of Oneness seek union
Limited by this our mortal desire
Beating hearts longing for the lost
We sense this heat of our undying bliss
Yet journeys apart must we be living
Merging in afterlife with the kiss
Each tranquil spirit their aura of hue
Connected in flashes with dreams of you
By vast roaring flames of helix rods
We spiral out in the colour blue
Into the sea of love we return home
Of matter we exist yet higher dimension
Polar magnetism of self in electricity
In sub-levels of comprehension

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Hours of my death

Upon my thinly tarnished soul
Gaping within is this gigantic hole
Where my whole life once bloomed
Yet suddenly away it quickly loomed

Now heavy is the weight of these dead
Just like virus above me do they spread
While my pierced heart bleeds solo red
As I lay slumbered upon my death bed

Behind my worldly clandestine tears
Do these evident vivid emerging fears
Surface into the stained external light
Materializing moral fibre into fright

Drenched in terror of my lucid mind
Are these views and illusions unkind
While tossing in the midnight hours
Feared essential sleep quickly sours

Battered to tatty, pieces and shreds
Reluctantly succumbing and drying
Disbelieving my yes, are they lying?
No I whisper, I could not be dying

Refusing to trade my DNA fusion
No longer laying in any confusion
Yet with persuasion of becoming
Are these lying life forms cunning

Soon another and countless more
Offering riches of their shiny adore
Though I decline this bribe so shady
Devotedly zealous to live non faddy

I will not surrender to black
Even if my lucid vision I lack
Refuse to obey these taunting
Thousand foul beings haunting

Rotten odour of their breath so smelly
Repulsively they inject into my belly
This substance I cannot even describe
Bound I lay helpless unable to derive

I will not accept this alluring stealth
While dreaming hours of my death
Yielding rather to entirely another
Summoning memoirs of my gather

Weeping is my mortal pleading soul
Yearns again to feel absolutely whole

To flavour again yet another fine dish
Savour this life and to swim like fish

Calling out to you in roaring blast
Begging you to amend the past
Do come to rescue me at last
For another breath I gasp

I am not ready to leave
As I remedy with heave
Begging for you to give
Me, another chance to live

Though the bow has broken
The anchor has been tested
Life vessel is not ready to sink
As my weak body lays un-rested

Lend me a hand and mend my heart
Survival is minimal with essence apart
Though able to distinguish my choices
Finally I see a beam and hear its voices

This aura at last to me revealed
The utmost brilliance of white

Brightest have I never seen
With my stained human sight

I breathe you
Need you
Love you now

Relishing in your blissful glory
In absolution and without worry

Wholly without pause I submerge
Into the light of wonder at verge
Feeling the utmost desire to stay
Suddenly my body recalls a sway

Abruptly again surrounded by dark
Terrifying and uncertain is the stark
While I feel within me a new spark
Igniting my fire and desire to embark

On board this life ship
Swiftly akin to a whip
And navigate again all over
In the emerald fields of clover

Though, where have you gone?
I can inhale again yet not see thee
Only feeling this human skin, it's me
Yet with you for eternity I want to be

As these distant virtuous voices get loud
Advising me of having many holes to stitch
I awake suddenly puzzled though very glad
Living another singing day of morning finch