The pages are still blank, but there is a miraculous feeling of the words being there, written in invisible ink and clamoring to become visible. ~Vladimir Nabakov

Friday, April 25, 2008


Specks of dust
Existing eternal
Sparks in lust
Glint of desire holding key to a fire
Constructed of energy
Brilliant core
Power of heat
Peace or war
Destiny approaching
Utmost highest hour
Scorching embers of intense heat
Blazing flame soaring tall
Mingling in enchanted dance
Resembling inevitably nucleus power
Parallel element seizes the flames
Impact implodes
Agonizing hisses
Sears of excruciating pain
Recoils hot cinders
Ruptures a striking smoke
Smell of death and ashes
Echo of ember residual life
Bursts back into flame
Dying greyness repeats the game
Flickers once more
Gloriously revelling
In the everlasting fame

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


A vast space of mazes and tunnels,
Breathing and living as love it funnels,
I crave to feel the rhythm it gives,
Even though in me it lives.

Heart not distant from yours to reach,
In sync we beat I proclaim and teach,
You are the one, who holds the key,
The door beholds your family.

Discovering the universe on one way trip,
Interlaced lifeline with constant grip,
Journey of freedom, etched road to past,
Heart dancing to the melody at last.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Lights are dim and night is still,
Tranquil room with sound to fill,
I lay there listening just awake,
Heart thumping fast I hear it quake.

Placing my hand over the heart,
Fingers together and not apart,
I believe it is dancing to a tone,
Sensing however it is not alone.

There are others amid beating fast,
Racing to win yet none are last,
They are skipping jolly full of joy,
Faster and faster like a windup toy.

It makes no sense for many more,
One heartbeat enough within my core,
Keeping the secret from the world,
Never I shared nor another told.

My love for life and the human face,
One heartbeat for me the rest for race,
I emerge at last healing cosmic mother,
Forever mending heartbeats of another.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Newborn Embrace

Scent from a newborn so freshly lingers,
Memory of counting your toes and fingers,
Delivering a life was the fist time I felt,
Reason for living as you made me melt.

Caressing your hair in the morning sun,
While you sweetly dreamed of angels upon.
Your body so perfect and your cute little nose,
Cheeks ever so chubby, you are a flawless rose.

Little hand grips my fingers and thumb,
Legs barely awake my shoulder is numb.

I cuddled to feed you by breast,
And do not remember the rest,
Only tears of pure joy weeping,
As your face I gently caressed.

Journey ahead, full of joy and laughter,
The anticipation of years forever after,
Tenderly etched in memories of grace,
Lives my daughter's newborn embrace.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Sweet Stranger

He lurked quietly with an innocent look
I was merely a child as my hand he took

Tugging at my hand while smiling a lot
I lusted for the sweets and feared him not

Truth veiled while he bribed me with candy
His conduct and purpose were not very handy

My tender age of four so innocent and free
Angel face, heart of joy, laughter and glee
Unaware that a stranger had just taken me

Little did I know about his meaning and action
Smiling and oblivious to his unkind reaction

I pursued and followed while trusted a stranger
Caused fear to loved ones, anguish and anger

My mother was barefoot, running and calling
Her feet bloody from stones as she was falling

The dread in her face and look of surprise
At last through distance we connected our eyes

She spotted me trembling in a sudden quick flash
I was worth everything to her more then any cash

There is no greater amount, nor a value on life
Fearing mother is but a tigress without a knife

Sweet stranger he was while my hand he took
Confronted at last he had a bewildered look

His actions disguised with lies of good deed
Had a hidden purpose behind a forbidden need

Friday, April 4, 2008

Heavenly Doves

Glance at the heaven for what do you see,
The sky of radiance, peace and serenity.
Look again closer not using your eyes,
Countless white doves they blanket the skies.

It was not that long ago you pledged a vow,
Kneeled silently before me your head a bow.
Promising to find me through oceans and fire,
Faithfully searching with your heart of desire.

We swore each other a sacred sign to give,
Finding ourselves through lifetimes we live.
You came and embraced me, together at last,
Recollecting everything even forbidden past.

In the end seeing on your shoulder, the crow,
Swarmed by thousands of white doves aglow.
The doves were our signal for I see it now,
Mourning your sorrow, now my head a bow.

I understand you now and sense you at last,
Though am with another with a fruitful past.
Heavenly doves I plead do not cry,
Fly and ascend into the radiant sky.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Sugar cubes

I leave sugar cubes on our windowsill,
Stork is coming soon to bring her, he will.

Dreaming of a sister to hold and love,
Best friends forever my companion and dove.

She arrives in a blanket of the purest white,
I cannot believe it, never leave her side.

Holding her tiny fingers and kissing the nose,
Cheeks chubby and pink, she is a perfect rose.

Loving her immensely on the very first day,
Sugar cube sweetness, I want her to stay.

Thank you to the stork my special friend,
For delivering a sister until eternal end.