The pages are still blank, but there is a miraculous feeling of the words being there, written in invisible ink and clamoring to become visible. ~Vladimir Nabakov

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Do not ask me

Do not ask me how my day was today
Unless you are set to hear believing my lies
I cannot bear to spill the silver beans
Yet knowing you will see them within my eyes

Do not ask me my darling to sleep
While I lay there awake feeling your lust
Your desire for another so unlike me
As animating and portraying in my daily trust

Do not ask me how I feel about the hungry
Dying on the streets while I indulge in the dine
Of the fanciest and overpriced restaurants
With my finest steak and rich ten year old wine

Do not dare ask how all of this makes me feel
Unless you are ready for an eruption
Of my emotions imprisoned within this body
Unable to free the beast due to human corruption

Do not ask me about what I think of you
As I will spew only the truth to your naked face
Weather composed of my love or dislike
I assure you that your heart will speedily race

Do not ask me what I think of God
As I do not believe this being has a name
While I do believe in something simple
We all live and die only in shame of our fame

Do not ask me where I went today
As you may not like what you hear me say
While I stood at the edge of the cliff
My body rocked back and forth in gentle sway

Do not ask me why I came back to stay
As I do not know the answer to this question yet
Leap of faith slightly overwhelmed me
Just knowing that I must before the sun had set

Do not ask me how I see this world rising
As we become nauseated with odium and creed
And decay in doctrine of living basic lives
Like hungry ravage vampires on blood we feed

Do not ask me what I think of my children
These poor souls born to the mercy of sculpture
Learning to be awake, kind and honest
In this utterly sleeping, resentfully lying culture

Do not ask me what I wish every single night
Before closing my eyes and laying my body to rest
As you are unwilling to grasp my light
And to alter this existence to be anything but best

Do not dare ask me what I am composed off
What radiant being is below this surface of skin?
As you are blind to accept the only truth
We exist since vast dust calling each other our kin

Monday, November 23, 2009

My Pick-up Hockey Ladies Nights

"It's never too late to teach an old dog a new trick", is what I found myself saying after about a month of doing what I've wanted to do pretty much my whole life just never had the chance to do before. Mental blocks, working, too busy, lack of belief or money; who knows why we postpone our dreams and desires? All I know is I'm thrilled doing what I want in life and this is just one of those things so here is my story.

Age really has nothing to do with this or anything else for that matter. It's the mere desire to simply play a sport that's loved and appreciated to the full extent of wanting to participate in it. It's a rush like no other!
The reason I use the term "old" is because to be a great professional hockey player, one must start this game at a fairly young age and we're talking four, five and six year old tots starting out on ice with their jerseys hanging below their knees. I know this because it's a riot watching the little ones while my kids also participate on Monday nights.

It takes oodles of hours, practice, patience and determination to perfect each and every move to master the game, as many would say. However, you don't have to be a professional to enjoy it fully, as the love for anything freely flows and surfaces if you just want it enough. You can create just about anything with the power of your thought and great intentions.

It started about a week ago before my very first game and it was a simple thought that had surfaced out loud in front of my husband one afternoon. I said, "I wish I would have played hockey" and wondered if there were women out there like me who were wishing the same thing. He didn't laugh nor shrug his shoulders, he actually encouraged me to research more about it. Well, the computer nerd that I am and my friends would agree he didn't have to tell me twice. Before I knew what was happening after a simple research on the net, I shot off an email to the president of a Women's Hockey League in Brantford and I had a reply within an hour to show up for a game within a couple of days.

This all happened so fast yet it was exactly what I wanted though didn't know how much I actually wanted it, until I was right in the middle of the rink passing the puck to a bunch of geared women on ice that looked pretty darn intimidating. Whoa! What a feeling, "I'm actually doing it" I thought to myself, just a second before I fell right on my fanny and hit my tailbone. It was a hard landing that took the wind right out of me for few seconds, though getting up a little shaky, I continued pepping myself like nothing happened.

I play in the women's pick-up hockey and the ladies on the ice are very good. Many of them have awesome skating and stick handling skills I can only hope to attain after my share of practice. I was very surprised to find out a handful of them started at my age in the last year or two and this game of hockey for women must be a new craze. It may very well be all the baby boomers of my era surfacing, whose passion for the game was always there and just never had the chance to play just like me.

Players are super protected by all the padding of the hockey pants, shoulder, shin and elbow pads, along with a helmet to protect the head. A fall such as mine would have normally hurt pretty badly if I wasn't wearing all the gear, not to mention a bump on the head with a solid fall without a helmet could cause a concussion.

There is also a lot of weight to consider when all the gear is on the players' body. It is an average of 35 to 45 extra lbs according to the weight of the bag that carries it all, and of course this depends on the choice of product and brand name, as some more pricey items are much lighter with today's technology.

One part that took me by surprise was getting out into the stores and putting on the special hockey equipment while getting a feeling of what this may be like before I set my foot on ice. In comparison, it's nothing like it. At first I thought I might back off this crazy idea, however my determination and a child like desire was unstoppable. Trying on the gear in the store to the actual feeling being on ice in the middle of a game where your heart is thumping and nerves are overwhelming your every thought of, "OMG, what am I doing here" is surreal, amazing and a must. I'd do it again in a heartbeat!

If someone would have asked me few months ago if I saw myself going after the puck on the ice like a mad woman, I think I would have laughed yet secretly pondered the thought. Well, it's not a secret anymore. It did happen for me and I'd like my story to be an encouraging one for other women out there who have been wanting to do something yet are unsure if they are too old or not, or care too much if their friends will think they are nuts.

See, I don't consciously think about my age when making decisions of what I want and don't want in life. It comes naturally and it is a good thing yet it can be very spontaneous and surprising even to me. After all, age should have no bearing in regards to our desires and actions. It is how young we feel at heart or otherwise. Something else crossed my mind when I made this decision and it was my health and lifestyle. I'm naturally a busy-bodied individual full of high energy with excess to burn and fairly fit in terms of physicality. I am in average shape and I think if I wasn't it may have hindered or influenced my decision.

I was always fairly thin all through high school and college years though motherhood has added many excess pounds to my body over the course of 6 years. Loosing over 85lbs in the last 4 years after the birth of my 2nd child has been a huge eye opener in terms of excess weight, lifestyle and feeling healthy. I cannot imagine feeling this weight on me again and carry it every day, and I better understand how difficult, challenging and overwhelming weight loss and obesity actually is. It absolutely affects your life and how active you are or choose to be and I may not have made this choice if I was still 85lbs heavier. Not because of anything else other then the lack of energy and sluggishness I felt when I was heavier.

Now last but not least, I was also unsure what my friends would think of my newfound sport. Even though I really don't care what people think, yet found myself thinking they will most certainly know I'm just simply nuts and have totally gone over the bend. Then I realized they already know I'm a nut bar so why not show them just how nutty I really am. Here I am, bearing my naked soul in front of the world exposing my desires with personal achievements to a handful of fans that actually read my published work.

Women play hockey because they can. It's a different age and defined by the freedom of choice and not the sex of the individual. I love that. I know I'll never make it into the NHL however if I could rewind my life just a little, I think, "NO" I know I would have played this sport at a younger age only to perfect each and every manoeuvre, step, hop, stop and backward, forward glides. It's never too late to give my daughter the chance to do so and I may just be reliving my life through her eyes.

About a half dozen games later, I love playing ice hockey more then ever. Along with my exhilarating Sunday nights I found myself on skates twice per week at the local adult skating rink. It fits perfectly into my schedule as I have both kids at school and giving myself something invaluable. That's 3 extra hours per week on my skates and my legs are feeling stronger then ever. I feel not only more confident in my skates just after few weeks, I also get a chance to relearn the crossovers for left and right, as well as skating backwards which needs more improvement of course. My stops is where I need all the work as I believe this will tremendously recover my games with the ability to stop where the puck does and agility to follow it with confidence. For now, I take the crashes into the boards and the bruises that go along with them as after all I am a newbie though pleased to say not a hockey virgin anymore.

Another fantastic perk my hockey nights have developed is craving more of the cardio vascular exercise. I find myself yearning the rush and sweat I get on my Sunday nights as a player gets and doing something about it. I jog every other day in between my skating to fill in the void and find it very satisfying. Just 10 to 15 minute run fills my body with wonderful endorphins I normally had to endure in a 30 minute TAE-BO work out with Billy Blanks. I love doing that one in the summers. Mind you I love the workout, my jogs with my new four-legged loyal friend are bonding and I find the exercise equally satisfying with less time dedicated.

I wouldn't have believed how much sweat pours out of the body when the hockey hour is over and the women are ready to take off their gear. We are soaked from head to toe and simply exhausted yet feel absolutely awesome and it's seen in every smiling face. Now, I can't speak for everyone, though I can honestly say I feel fantastic about it. My skin feels tight from the icy cold air, my legs and abs feel firm from all of the funky moves and stretches, the extensions of muscles I didn't even know I had and the intense workout is surely felt. My heart is racing a mile a minute with the pulse overexerted and of course there is also the soulful satisfaction without a price tag. It is rewarded and smiles with content and pleasure with the very last finest drop of sweat.

I can only hope women out there take the chance at something they've always wanted to do like playing ice hockey even if it is in their 40's and I wholeheartedly encourage them to do so. It's not only an amazing feeling, it leaves you feeling empowered and embodied full of great emotional satisfaction that can only be felt individually. Believe in yourself and don't let anything stop you, as it's never too late to start something new.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Innocent days of the fields picking red poppies
Not knowing the connotation of the stunning bloom
Braiding the florets into my pigtails for fancy
While spinning in an oversized dress of our room

I remember vividly the time of my pure naive age
When everyone was taller and ice cream was divine
Sugar cubes at my pretend tea parties with dollies
And even sneaking a tiny sip of my father's wine

Why do we become lost in pollution and jaded?
While the essential times is what all of us greed

Why do the dearest memories still become faded?
And we hang on to hate and revenge until we bleed

Remembering the life of once living ever so freely
Without the worry, the purest love and heart of joy
While awaking finally in my years of grey age
I comprehend the beauty of this world as my toy

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Shall I die today?

Let out the dog for pee and put new water in his dish
Feed him, the cat and the rat and do not forget the fish

Dress the kids for school while making a yummy lunch
Clean the leaves in the pool and know I love you much

Oh and there are three bills on top of the fridge to be paid
Do not forget it is urgent; deadline is now to have it made

Then there are also birthdays for our kids I have planned
Invited twenty-three guests are coming with joy to attend

I am very sorry for these duties and this list left behind
Of these little things you always told me, oh never-mind

There is always tomorrow we have time to get them done
These daily responsible duties though I cannot if I am gone

The house will sure be sombre, shall I die today and depart
Our kids will keep crying with a gaping hole in their heart

Please be patient and kind in this dreadful hour of their need
You are the only one left to heal their wounds as they bleed
Become their best friend, their teacher, doctor and mother
You will rely on each other even if you will find another

If you reading this darling then I am not with you today
Yet I will always stand loyal by your side as you pray

Glance at those albums treasuring all our memories built
Keep my name alive and please never ever live with guilt

Remember me with joy, laughter and only those happy tears
Building new memories with children to last for many years

Whisper to our daughter one day, as she walks down her isle
It has been long since mother died though for her only while

Watching her in royal gown, as she is simply a stunning bride
Kissing her cheek with a blessing and back to her heart I hide

Please praise and tell our son as he plays in any sporting game
I just know he will live forever on some majestic wall of fame

Praise both of them often and tell them to reach for the stars
It is yet another way they will heal, longing for mother scars

Growing so graceful and kind I am so proud to be their mother
You have rose so high to the plate, making one hell of a father

Thank you from beyond my grave with this short published poem
Shall I die today my dear all these things I pledge so solemn

I will always watch over you, this I do promise you now
Like on our beautiful wedding day as we both took a vow

I love you all so much, though shall I die today
My name, deeds and genes will live everyday
In the memories, hopes and dreams
And in the smiles of my children!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Swamp Gas

Green akin to envy is the horrible stench
Of this pungent poisonous odour wrench

Released in the air like mushroom spore
Onto the unsullied breathing forest floor

Inhaling this deep breath ultimately taken
While suffocating is this feeling unshaken
Choking busy it heaves foliage with slate
Filling living with silent dead lead weight

Like emerald envy is this malicious greedy

Crawling into every crevice angrily needy
This ripening wealth to have it never seizes
Famished wrath spiteful gasping in wheezes

By deteriorating rises this fizzy substance
Twirling within a shadowy greenish dance
Nothing but tainting of the red blood lies
Beyond existence outside this swamp gas

Powerful is its prevailing juvenile clinch
Sinking fast yet trivially into inch by inch
Disillusioned is this peace it cannot sense
Brimming treetops sway in drowsy glance

Swamp resonates this lethal contamination
While escaping yields with contemplation
Indisposing the toxicity of gaseous rising
Collapsing ultimately in the end subsiding

Mourning bigger then excessive very fast
Eliminating survival and perishing at last
In horror does the forests embarks its cries
As life surrounded by gas decays and dies

Although green was this shade in the fields
One prevails the end while the other yields
Pending gestation of seeds sparks reviving
Colour associated in creation for surviving

Friday, September 18, 2009

How to make your own slipcovers for folding chairs

Well much of what is needed can be found directly under another similar article on Helium written by me of course, and that is How to Make Slipcovers for your sofa & sofa cusions. 

The article focuses mostly on making a slipcover for a sofa though the steps are very similar if not identical right down from measuring, choosing your fabric and finally sewing the covers. It's a great read, though I will list a few key things needed in the article below.

Slipcovers are not hard to make at all and give any space weather it be a sofa, pillows, your favourite lounge chair or even a quick folding chair a lift and a boost of colour. The very first thing to take into mind is the type of fabric you want to use. The choice depends of how often this chair is used and the durability of the fabric according to the weight and texture of it. Begin by measuring each side of the chair such as the entire length of back, the seat and front length from the edge of the seat, and also the side panels from the seat all the way to the ground.

The next step is to take the measurements with you to your local textile store to search for your fabric. Please note that many awesome and great quality fabrics can be purchased at your local thrift stores. Just ensure there is enough fabric you choose and buy keeping the durability and quality in mind. Look for little heavier fabrics as they will not only be easier to work with but are more durable especially for a chair. Stay away from light silks and satins as they slip and are super hard to work with for this type of pinning and sewing, not to mention not that durable for a seat and easily wears and tears.

One of the important thing to remember is to use a colour matched thread that also goes according to the weight of the fabric of your choice. Nylon and polyester threads are strong and better due to the fact they do not shrink. This leads me to another very important suggestion. It is necessary to wash and dry your fabric prior to any cutting and pinning. It is to avoid shrinkage, as it would be a huge waste of time to sew a slipcover only to have it shrink in your first wash. I am speaking from personal experience here so do take my word.

Now with all these few important things out of the way, we may begin. Unfold the chair you are working with. Drape over the fabric with the raw face upwards and the finished side downwards non visible to you. Ensure the back is touching the ground and front also has plenty of fabric on the floor. Now depends on the type of chair you are working with, I will assume just for simplicity of writing this it's a simple folding chair without any ornate designs.

With smooth stroke ensure the fabric is covering the seating area entirely, keeping an eye on the back making sure it's still touching the ground with at least an inch of fabric to spear for finishing edges. Begin pinning with pins the edges of the fabric close to the chair, sort of outlining it with your pins around the length of the chair up to the seat crease on both sides. (Do not pin the fabric too tight together as it still needs to be reversed when completed and will not fit when flipped.) Then as you have done so, from the additional fabric you have cut the size of the side panel of the chair below the seat from the back to the front leg, leaving few extra inches on each side of the entire square for pinning. Pin the section along with the edges of the seat side, back leg side and front leg side to the square.

Now if you made a template or took measurements, cut another identical piece for the other side of the chair. The reason not to cut two at a time is in case of inexperience to avoid a mistake and wasting two pieces of fabric rather then just one.

So, your entire chair is now pinned, with all the raw fabric sides outward and do double check that the side panels are raw side out. It is a mistake easily made. Slowly removing the entire piece, begins sewing along the pins and pulling them out one by one as nearing to them. Sew all over the areas that were pinned, and do not worry about excess fabric as this will be cut off. Once you have sewn your entire cover, cut the excess fabric leaving about 4 inches on each side for now. Flip the entire slipcover the right side out and do a fitting over your chair. If you are satisfied with the fit and look, this is the time you can cut off little more of the excess fabric on the inside.

Once your cover is nearly completed, drape it over your chair and tuck in the length also pinning it evenly all around the chair. This will create a nice clean edge. Sew over the pinned area to finalize your cover. You are now done. Now was that hard? Enjoy your new look and get creative with tying a tassel around the back of the seat or stencil something personal on the backrest of your chair cover.


Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Numbing is the choking feeling
Echoing amongst the grey walls
Of the animal doctors foul mouth
While hearing nothing but his lies
As tainted and bitter is the stench
Of this fetid one putrid word cancer
Fearfully and boldly it stares at me
From way behind my doggies eyes
This simply cannot be and I refuse
Overheating is my sweltering fuse
Sorrowful my emotions still quiet
As my garrotting throat is swelling
His skinny bony back I gently pat
As his lifeless tail still barely wags
And exhausted body behind me lags
Disgusted of this news, I am falling
Ugly seconds never cease to exist
Numb, lost and repel are on my list
Without safety net and frightened
Shattering onto the ground, balling
Hours I have left to say my goodbyes
Though grateful I am, still irresolute
For cold death second I have to face
As his lifeless body I firmly embrace
So we give love, hugs even kissing
Joyous and happy days reminiscing
His treats, walks, camping and fun
As he takes his final walk in the sun
And though choking is my gullet
I cannot help but to let him run free
Into the light to suffer no more pain
Of his aches I sense so sickly insane
Unwanted reaper nears behind the door
While I sit with my doggie on the floor
And the fatal needle is slowly injected
I give him my life though it is rejected
Shutting finally his brown yellowish eyes
Within ten seconds his head down he lies
Beside me upon the cold cement ground
Where his soul is freed as his body dies
Though cancer may have stolen his body
I refuse to allow it take of him any more
And hang on to my dearest memories left
With goodbye, final peek I closed the door

I was left totally heartbroken..... seeing him look at me before his eyes became glazed as the needle was injected & I saw him fade into the light & his paw became limp.  In that moment, my soul cried like a child.  Weeping, uncontrollably, feeling all those moments that should have been more cherrished.  It is a pain I never wish to feel again & yet I know, this circle of life repeats forever everywhere.  Life & death..... ♥

Monday, September 14, 2009

Cherry cheeks

Bright smile was evident trouble she concealed
Eyes sparkling of mischief in her grin revealed

The knees were scraped while her skirt was torn
Both shoe laces untied and two palms were worn

Mud all over the face and her hair full of leaves
Single ponytail left while the other one heaves

Thus I asked her again, "Did you climb the tree?"
Alarmed nodding YES daring not lying to me

Beautiful cherry cheeks her brains quirky with wits
Attitude for dirty dozen while her mouth full of pits

"I just love those red cherries dear mommy," she said
While I washed and stitched then prepared her for bed

"Climbing trees will get you hurt," I thought on my part
As she gave me a huge hug that could just melt your heart

Eating cherries within the treetops was her total favourite place
And as for these juicy cherries mothers' love could not replace

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Staring frozen at the above hovering
While questioning faith and my belief
Hiding behind two hands my face covering
In disbelief and sheer horror with grief

Incredulous are my eyes to the unknown
Why is this object interrupting my light?
Who send it here and is anyone on board
Inside this gyrating supremely quiet flight

Sceptical is this time with my eyes seeing
Fantastic it is I am quite willing to admit
And doubting unfeelingly in saintly being
Uneven judgment emerges of the shape lit

No longer have the privilege to disbelieve
In the denied events too often talked about
As my conviction of this cosmic like disc
Will be taken to my grave without a doubt

Who am I and where have I come from?
Amongst many questions surface inside
So unidentified I have suddenly become
Motionlessly pretending my fear to hide

Shaded by its obesity and the still droning
I feel faintly sickened by this heavy smell
Fading into some sort of trance like state
Woken up though by a distant church bell

Four hours have passed the sun was setting
When I looked surprised to check the hour
Raided and mystified I felt in this moment
Yet recalled a chat with a being quite dour

Exchanging telepathically became this game
Where I felt like computer is best described
Though location gained of their life planet
On galactic voyage in their astonishing ride

As this was in the time I have lost in passage
Suddenly on ground both my feet stood still
Observing this unknown in shock so oblivious
Feeling eeriness, goose bumps and a huge chill

And together we stood still for few moments
Identically like two peas in pod unidentified
Resembling thoughts rushed in my warm blood
Reminiscing a yearn for the returned unified

So I called to the object, can anyone hear me?
While repulsion lingered within my nasal whiff
As it slowly and silently elevated higher to fly
Disappearing like a bullet above distant cliff

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Video of my Art

I got very excited when my dear friend A. Jill Gaebel created this awesome video for me. I love her wonderful talent making these for her fellow artist friends, and the cost is oh so reasonable. I think every artist should have one of these on YouTube. Thank you Jill & thanks to the viewers for your wonderful comments and continuous support. Namaste~

Friday, August 28, 2009

I am an Empath

I celebrated this to be my 36th year on Earth. For the first two thirds, I found it very hard to be here.

Through healing meditations and allowing creativity to flow through me, I've grounded myself with knowledge of learning what I am suppose to learn, in search for my purpose and making footprints to last for eternity. I've learned there are like-minded individuals who resonate with me and I'm fortunate to have these special people in my life who contribute to my constant learning, growth and development.

Aside from my family who is priceless to me, there are people who enter my life with messages to deliver, fun projects to achieve, business partners who have come and gone and whether they stay in my life for short or long time, all have impacted me and my life with a deep meaning and for that I'm very grateful.

I've always been on a highly sensitive side, though later in my years came to a realization that I am in fact special. I'm a passionate human not only physically and emotionally but also spiritually and what I mean by spiritual is not necessarily religious. I feel connected to Mother Nature and mankind on a level beyond the obvious. I love being in nature and listening to the birds sing, smelling Earth's fragrances and even watching and listening to the rain with lightening all around. I actually do stop often and do smell the roses. I also love watching people and talking to people, yet find it very therapeutic and refreshing to be alone and listen to my inner thoughts.

One of the most important aspects of realizing I am in fact what I am is by having the ability to sense people and their inner feelings and thoughts, which are often evident by my own mood alterations without explanation as I absorb this sensation. Let me clarify this, I am not moody but sensitive in terms of receptive and aware not fragile and thin-skinned. I've learned that I resonate on a wavelength that allows me to tap into other energy sources I'm surrounded by and sense the vibrations that are undetectable by the naked eye. This can sometimes be challenging to filter and control as people are so different and the space is filled with countless dimensions, wavelengths and vibrations. This explains my broad-minded perspective and interest in various cultures, arts, and people in general. It also explains why people, children and animals are drawn to me like a magnet as my personality is filled with light and genuine care.

I find it very intriguing to study this phenomenon, since I've learned that people's faces and their facades does not often match their inner thoughts and feelings. Does this mean they are fake? No, I think it simply means they do a great job of hiding their feelings, stress, worries, sadness, secrets, illness or whatever they don't want to reveal or are not ready yet to reveal to the rest of the world. I often find myself ask my friends, Are you OK? if I find the feeling I get does not match the face they give me when we are speaking. Many times they are surprised at my accurate definition of asking this and I don't offer what I know though allow them to tell me what is the matter, as it is often more healing to the individual to let things out willingly then to pull it out of them. I've had people tell me that I would have made a great psychiatrist since I acknowledge my ability of listening well to others. I don't like to offer opinions often but rather help the individual brainstorm and let them come to their own conclusions. It is after all their choices that unfold their life.

Throughout the course of my youth and teens, I've known things that are unexplainable to me even to this day. They come to me in deep meditations and my dreams. Events which become reality, predictions that happened to the exact day of event and many other things that I am unable to mention in this limited human language though feel it at my core and centre of my being, are so very real to me. I can say that I am more aware then ever before of what love, life and living are about and what living in the moment means, to me anyways. What does it all mean when time stops for a moment and everything becomes still or in slow motion? I believe it means we are on the course we were set or chosen for ourselves and everything is, as it should be. Many experience this feeling in a short but defined sensation as deja vu and that is my daily living.

I have many through the course of a week, from which few are very profound.
I am connected at the source with life, plants, animals, rocks, insect, humans and the vast universe sensing beyond dimensions all that is within. I simply find pleasures in life's bountiful beauty and show respect to both people and nature. Being a loving and compassionate person can be overbearing on others as my genuine love and carrying may appear to feel overwhelming sometimes. Again, it is what I am 100%.

The one person I can thank for my Empathy is my grandmother. She is one of a kind soul that is connected to me at a level I cannot even begin to describe and I get my gifts by DNA. It is an inharrited trait genetically and that is just fine with me. I've always had a knowledge that I was different in terms of sensing people and my grandma reasured me it was alright to be kind and loving, despite what other do or say to me and how they treat me or make me feel. My ability to sense beyond my 5 senses has never steared me wrong and I rely on it like I do on listening, seeing, smelling, etc. I rely on this energetic vibration with my life and I believe it has actually saved my life on few occasions.

Life took a complete awakening turn for me the day I became a mother. The day I held my first born in my hands, became a solid foundation and a bookmarked chapter to my human transformation as my tears of purest joy bathed my child's precious newborn face. I felt myself slowly transforming over the course of the 9 months, expecting though never knowing how profound this moment would become on the day my baby arrived. The purest and unconditional love that is born at that moment is above and beyond words. A mother's connection to her child is one of a kind bond filled with all emotions.

Everything multiplied by hundred for me over the next few weeks after my daughter's birth. My dreams became more visual, colourful and vivid, more clairvoyant conversations with my guides have more then multiplied and my healing abilities surfaced at last. Healing abilities? Never in a million years I would think to be capable of such things those which I only know am capable of now, though had to accept them as my gifts and abilities only to embrace them. At first I was afraid, thinking this unknown and unexplored thing I was dealing with was not only taboo in terms of blending in with the rest of the society, but also what am I to do with it.

The first time I healed my daughter, she was only a small babe at about 6 months or so. She had sniffles, a minor cough and slightly elevated temperature, nothing major. I held her in my arms and rocked her to sleep in the oversized rocker in her nursery. I gently caressed her precious body from head to toes along her back and I felt a surge of energy connect us at the source of existence. It was a surreal feeling and a very remarkable one. Moments after I placed her down into her crib as she slept so peacefully, I felt nauseated and very tired to the point of having to lay down with unexplainable fatigue. I woke up with a slight fever, sniffles and basically a cold she had the night before. To my surprise she woke up refreshed with no sign of the cold, not even sniffles.

At the moment I didn't think anything of this, until the events happened again, again and again with multiple times repeating over the course of nearly 3 years before I had to come to terms of what was happening. I was in fact healing my child and absorbing all of the illness into my body, while cleansing her free of the nasty bug. As a human, I fought my mind into believing it was true though after so many times and the fact she never even had a cold nor was ever on any antibiotics like all the other children & infants I known, I had no choice but to accept what was happening. My healing touch as I call it is something I share with only my children, and they not very often have a cold for more then 24 hours. Now me on the other hand, I have to perfect my method of not absorbing the illness but to channel it through me and out. This is one of the reasons I was ill so many times this year and my body took a butt kick.

Healer, heal thyself! It is something I heard in my thoughts and cannot pinpoint where or how, perhaps in a dream though it is true. I've been learning techniques to connect into the pillar of light for cleansing and protection from Earthly invaders. Yeah, I know to you it probably sounds more like DO-DO-DO-DO!
There are no explanations for what we as humans are capable of achieving, though I know as we evolve, this new generation of children on Earth are more special then the generation before. We are becoming more aware, alert and awaking to the possibilities that there is more to us then what is obvious by our physicality.

We are in-fact beings of light and energy and that energy is what drives the vessel we each occupy. Our human body is designed only to sustain and survive on this Earth, as the others are on other planets and in other galaxies. Yes I do believe there are other worlds and civilizations just like ours. The universe would be a huge waste of space. Or fate is in the power of our thoughts and mind and is in every human organism, our mere visions and mind set makes life happen, whether predicted or manifested in what appears to feel like trial and error. Life unfolds and is so perfect yet unpredictable, it is precious and one of a kind.

I've had to entertain the thought that my visions are in fact my future manifestations as the numbers only increase with my daily living. Are they one of a kind and both the same? Perhaps! I've learned this in the last couple of years through The Law of Attraction and The Secret that my mere way of thinking weather positive or negative actually makes things happen and ultimately influences and alters the outcome. Our destiny lies within the power of our thoughts and that I know is true.

In the last 12 years, I've learned to love my life, my mind, body and my soul just as I love mankind. I've learned tremendously to appreciate life and I am no longer afraid to live and don't find it difficult to be on Earth. I embrace life and find humour in the challenges and surprises the universe unfolds each day, no matter how hard or difficult they seem to be they are what they are. There is usually a great lesson to be learned with all those emotions that don't make us feel very good. I do my best to laugh daily and find pleasures in the simple things I see and do.

I am highly adaptable in everything I do and pursue and the fact I am highly artistic, poetic and have a high degree of imagination does not surprise me one bit. In fact it only confirms the fact that I am who I am and I am an Empath.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Saving the Rainforest

Everything we do matters. Today I joined by signing the petition to stop the destruction of our rainforest. I know many people think, what can I do to help and who am I to make a difference. The truth is though we all make a difference, TOGETHER. Alone we stand as one but together we are strong and do make a change. Please take a moment and sign the petition to stop the destruction of the rainforest and help save the magic and thousands of special species that live in it. Thank you.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Gentle spawns of winged illusions
Are these fluttering delusions I feel
In my beautiful emotions perfectly written
I write proud yet nonetheless smitten
Making yet another deal
In cocoon I seal
Asking for guidance I obey his say
As closing my eyes during pray I sense
Only messages of words written in precisions
Assembling poems with decisions
To publish this sanity
Of my livid vanity

Who cares what I write as it is read
My conduct is said to be heavy of lead as I write
Even though airy light are these small butterflies
Truth to my knowledge without lies
Yet nobody believes any
Only seeking shiny penny

Butterflies in my thoughts are so pure
As I cure these words to endure yet convey
Who am I to discover, and not share with anyone
My sugar poison killing me alone it's done
And laughs inside implode
As my words explode

As caterpillars we are born into this cloaked world
Waiting for rebirth as we sleep to be magically altered
In stages of pupa and cocoons, then emerging to fly
Children altered into beauty if indigo butterfly
Learning to soar and again feed
With absolute need

Funny and silly are paths of these fluttering
Observing them in distance, their scattering of joy
Working uniformly, collectively yet alone for themselves
Feeding only our own and ourselves
With satisfaction and pride
And do not dare hide

I am saddened by the world's hunger and pain
Slowly getting faded also and ending the sane decay
Lost in my writing so uninviting to many others
Calling themselves sisters and brothers
To my very own face
Lying with disgrace

Only pureness of butterflies shines in light
Not causing fright and disgust of these beings
Colourfully existing are these feelings we all feel
Though in darkness we exist and deal
With the unknown and follow
To become hollow

Why do we sometimes see beauty and butterflies?
Even as hearing the humanity and mankind's spun lies
Saying words unkind hurtfully casing nothing but pain
Of this visibly mortal world so insane
Catching with butterfly nets
Voiding all bets

Destruction, pollution, famine, lust, greed and hate
Is this who we are, is this our final fate we have set
For ourselves we call our neighbours to help us and aid
Stealing their brightness and light to fade
And hungry on pollen to feed
With lust and greed

Butterflies along with other stinging creatures feed
With drive to exist and survive to drink the savouring
The pollen of another flowering beauty amid this humanity
Yet again I fell to focus on the dark fatality
Of this world so astonishing
As we are vanishing

Beautiful are these fluttering creatures with features
Distinctive and so loyal in collecting the pollen needed
Co-existing beauty two peas in a pod we are no word of lies
We are beautifully equal with these butterflies
Dedicated to alter, seek and feed
Though with human need
We are butterflies

Monday, June 15, 2009

Fading to Inhale

In one breath we shared
Upon cross we both stared
Taking care to assist and aid
Did not know light would fade
Endless are these days ahead
Unable eating sacred bread
Reliving a pain I once felt
As by crucifixion knelt

So far away you do exist
Scratching desires of my list
Your soul seeks to apprehend
Cannot reach your others hand
Yet fly with brand new wings
Free soaring bird angel sings
In tunnel of light for love
My one newborn dove

Oh why have you forsaken
Our born divinity undertaken
Within sparks of glorious adore
Forever reaching endlessly more
Still you live breathing so brave
Here I alone lay in mortal grave
In still black darkness found
Of sadness so profound

Only toxic fumes now rule
In this my circle stands a fool
Jester dressed for all to delight
Painted smile from tearful sight
Pleasing the soul always teasing
Awaiting a breath in wheezing
Terrified living another day
Without my half astray

History lives once more
In horror rewound for adore
Breaking tired of the shaking
High on love heart is quaking
Of wound departed by a spear
Yet it was forced out of fear
Forgiveness flows in tears
As my fallen angel nears

Gasping air in loving reach
Have failed a lesson to teach
With lust quenching lethal burn
Only one I was suppose to learn
Remotely is my brilliance fading
As crystals freeze by cascading
Once I was light oh so bright
Now am far out of sight

Inhale this my last breath
Unaware you fed my stealth
There's nothing left of essence
A knifed fading incandescence
Betrayal has been my violence
Along this one graven silence
Through vast space in time
In this breathing rhyme

Friday, May 1, 2009

Little red rose

Special was this sunny day
While he was getting wed
Still missing someone dear
Only echoed in his head

Even years later, it is heavy
On his longing aching heart
Yet time healed the yearning
Mainly after many years apart

Mother dear it is my day
While I sit upon your tomb
I call to you one of your sons
Thee who has left thy womb

Hoping you are there with me
As I become a married lad
On this day for my bride and I
Please stand beside my dad

Quietly with some importance
He recalled always-happy days
Never telling mother of his love
Yet showed it many other ways

He felt a warm soothing feeling
Sitting there awaiting a blessing
It swept up fast in a gentle breeze
Mainly his aching heart caressing

Distant church bells woke him
At this of hers final resting place
Then he laid down a little red rose
It was time for his bride to face

Shaking off his fairly cold feet
And gaining a little bit of power
In his ear she whispered gently
I will be with you on this hour

Be very blessed my son forever
And especially on this, your day
Thank you for this little red rose
I send tenfold every first of May

He stood up wiping but the dust
Along with few overdue tears
Feeling numb yet mothers touch
A blessing for many joyous years

At last he stood there by a creek
Taking vows in rosy arch they wed
Looked upon his gorgeous bride
During peacefully setting sun of red

For my babe - knowing he took a rose onto his mother's grave. ♥

Monday, April 20, 2009

2009 Children’s Aid Society - Fundraiser & Silent Auction

It was my very first ART SHOW held on April 18, 2009 at the Hungarian Hall in Brantford, and I was happy to participate for such a great cause. Months of waiting the moment couldn’t have prepared me for the awesome evening I was about to experience.  The hall was packed with fabulous works of art and the event simply sold out. Walls were graced by water, acrylic and oil paintings of so many wonderful artists of abstracts, realism and impression art, while many folks brought their unique treasures and many antique pieces.   It was going to be a night to remember.

The day began with preparing easels, cards, labels, prices, stickers and of course my art for display. I entered the hall at noon, hoping to find a cozy little corner to set up at. Well, to my surprise the entire hall was already set up as the doors opened at 9:00 a.m. with no room inside except a cozy little corner as I anticipated, though right in the foyer. See, the universe is quirky like that and it always has a sense of humour. It was all right with me as the area was right near the double door entranceway to the grand hall, so beautifully decorated and lit with a brilliant huge chandelier in the centre over the table settings.
When I saw this being the only spot to set up in, and as Fran Welsh the event’s co-ordinator has also suggested, I began setting up right away as it was possibly the last spot available. Who ever said the first is the best? This spot was perfect for me, as far as I was concerned. I was up and set up within 10 minutes, though ended up making two trips while bringing my own table as the one promised to me wasn’t available anymore. I brought two more pieces, which ended up being greatly admired by so many potential buyers and browsers. I entered a total of 7 of my works into the show and I was pretty proud of my humble creations.
Me at the 2009 CAS Fundraiser

As the evening approached I got myself all decked out for the Latino festival, comfy yet sassy with a bit of bling-bling, my evening pumps and headed to the hall. I got there early enough to make final touches to my display. My mom who is my best friend was there to support me all the way. As soon as I saw her smile as she sat there in the parking lot in her vehicle, I knew that everything would be just fine since I had the best supporter I could with me. 

The place was still fairly empty with only a handful of people. I started speaking with another wonderful artist, who also had set up in the hallway. What a gem that soul is, so personable and wonderful. Her name is ARLENE LASKEY and she is a fantastic visual artist. Her works can be found at THE BRANTFORD ARTS BLOCK where I am also a member.

We had many intriguing conversations through out the evening, while we both admired each other’s artworks. I was also happy to see my friend and fellow artist VANESSA FRASER’S fabulous piece set up on the left of my display. Vanessa is more then an extraordinary artist, she has become a very dear friend and confidant, while she inspires me in more ways then I can say. She is truly an angel and is the reason behind this event being my very first show.

I met Vanessa using Google while I searched upcoming shows and exhibits to participate in. Long story short, I will be in an exhibit put on by Vanessa who was the co-ordinator for the Charlotte Villa Retirement Residence 2008 ART SHOW and I plan to attend the 2009 November show. Now back to the evening. Another fabulous artist I chatted with through out the night was NICOLE C. ALEXANDER. Her works are incredible, rich tones Caribbean inspired art, oil on canvas. I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it.

She was one lucky girl to have her art display set up nearly 10 feet away from the famous ROBERT CROSBY who’s works are just simply incredible. I could stand for hours admiring his fantastic photo-life/realism paintings. With so many fabulous art to see, there were few more spectacular pieces that which caught my eye and they were works by NALINI ALMAS. Nalini’s art is abstract by oil and acrylics, very “funky” as you will see when you visit the website and it’s right up my alley for both visual taste and painting preference.

There was so much to see and admire in such a glorious evening. My only hope was to absorb all of it and remember the moment. As more guests began to show up, I realized that the three of us artists in the hallway had the best spots in the entire place. It was not only the best lit-up location to make our art vibrant and brilliant, it was also the best conversation area due to the loud Latino band that played excellent happy-feet music most of the evening.

Now although myself and many other artists did not join the guests in their glam dinner, we did have complimentary seating with hors d'oeuvre and coffee or tea. This was very nice for those who wish not to participate in the dinner, which was quite pricey, however for a great cause to raise cash for the CHILDREN’S AID SOCIETY ENDOWMENT FUND. The CAS Fund sends over 350 children to camp each year and also provides post-secondary education to those in need. I was so happy to be part of this, as I believe our children are priceless. The evening progressed and while the guests ate their fancy dinner, my mom and I went out for a coffee and some fresh air. The evening was so beautiful and the warm breeze almost felt like kisses of summer on my cheeks. I was savouring every moment. Can you tell?

Spirit of Eden by Janette Dengo

At some point of the evening I noticed a man with oddly large video equipment near my art display. I got all tingly and butterflies were racing through my belly as I realized he’s some sort of camera crew and this event may very well end up on TV somewhere. “How cool” I thought! Sure enough as I approach to speak to him, who’s name was Eric, was in fact from BRANTFORD.COM and was going to be doing an interview in just a few minutes right in front of my huge and latest piece “SPIRIT OF EDEN” (seen on the left). Well, I was merely ecstatic!! Nothing else wouldn’t have made my evening any better, other then selling a piece so I could donate the 30% as agreed upon to such a great cause of course. The interview of Fran Welsh was about 10 to 15 minutes as I stood there hoping I would be brought into it. Nevertheless, I’m glad I wasn’t since I think I would have stuttered by my mere shock & excitement, through the entire interview process.

When we returned after about an hour and half, the awesome Latino band from Toronto already began playing their soulful and upbeat music and the party was alive. The lights were slightly dimmed and the show went on at the dance floor. I was so glad to see many folks leave the actual hall into the foyer area, where they wanted to chat and browse the few displays, while I observed near by as they smiled, stared and pointed to few of my pieces in delight. It still makes me smile, even now.

The feelings were of a little schoolgirl who is just so happy over the silliest thing, that at the moment means the world to her. What a great feeling to recollect and experience. As the evening wrapped up near 11:00 p.m. there were many people gathering into the line up right beside my display where they brought out their checkbooks to purchase their treasures they bid on and were taking home. I had slight hopes which were soon fading that I did not sell a piece. Needless to say I stood there proud by my work as they continued to peek over at my work and gave me smiles. Now this is probably one of my favourite parts of the evening.

Shortly after the auction was over, about 11:05 p.m. I began packing up my work only to load up my van as the night came to an end. As I picked up my 5 smaller pieces of canvas, I had an immense familiar sensation called Déjà vu, as if I’ve lived this very moment before. I mean it was so intense I recalled seeing the 2 larger easels falling over before they did, and they sure did only 5 seconds after I saw them fall in my vision. Then, everything turned into slow motion as the sounds and conversations of the people in the line-up became muffled for a brief moment that seem to last forever. It almost felt like I was watching myself from a 3rd party, yet it was me within my body. I knew my mom would be picking up my display cards and business cards off the table and I saw exactly how she stacked them as they too flopped into every direction before she got a hold of them, few seconds before she actually did it. It was a surreal moment, one I will never forget. It left me in an awe state and simply tickled pink and fascinated.

I said my goodbyes to the few art chums and contacts I made over the course of the evening and gave my mom a great big hug and a kiss, thanking her for her immense support and help. Today was the day my dream came true. I have been dreaming since I was a little girl to become a known painter and be part of shows and galleries. The feelings don’t lie and my gutt tells me this is only the beginning to a wonderful journey and I’ve only entered the gateway.

My drive home was quiet, while I had only greateful thoughts for all the people in my life, who believe in me and helped me to make this dream come true. I gave thanks for the fantastic day I had lived to experience and for the mysterious exciting future that lights up my world in visions dreams.


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

November Stars

You gave me this gift
Oh so many moons ago
It was ever so beautiful
Before this life, another
And swallowed by battle
A life you freely gave
You did not have to go

Demons to face yourself
Thinking you are alone
Almighty sword bloody
For the shedding of love
Seeking your lonely dove
Defending this family
All vessels of humanity
With all your vast ability

Here spoken one truth
Take it, you'll understand
Read it over and yet over
Yes, you will apprehend
Somehow it still reaches
Core of love it teaches
My undying name living
By mortal hand so giving

I gaze upon these your stars
Behind my foggy windows
For hazy life I do remember
Life of love so unforgotten
Gazing moonlit November
Stroking my kind thoughts
Healing your constant scars

Radiance lays high above
In this our midnight hour
Twinkling of but your love
I always highly empower
Illuminating humanity
Still awaiting an embrace
Yet never seeing your face

These are after all your stars
Enchanted by wonder yellow
Shining so gloriously bright
As I quietly sit to watch
With love always mellow
Only wishing one to catch
It falls into your oceans lust

Bleed again if you must
Yet do come and save me
Never will I let go of trust
I found once within thee
You, HIM the one I seek
Beating constant, life meek
Only for you is my heart
In all creation of existence
We are never truly apart

Who am I to go living?
A shadow of an entity
This vast world to face
Forever-longing embrace
And feeling beyond ability
With uncontrollable love
Unbind my wings of dove
In universal power light

Brilliant sky of sunshine
Never feeling any fright
She too wants to fly high
Soaring above in the heat
United by this living beat
Goddess conception am I
And within light for you
That is forever mine

So, here we go on giving
In joy and sorrow of life
Beautiful exactly as it is
In all this elemental strife
Magnificence in essence
This one circle eternally
Living to die perpetually
And never truly alone

It is time to fly again
Eyes weary yet open
Wide-awake you see
Feeling forever me
It has always been you
Unreachable yet there
My love is undeniable
I hear a gentle melody

A choir famously sings
Perhaps I am this fool
I no longer need wings
My heart is unlocked
Beating to your hymn
Sung by only one tomb
Oh, can't you hear it?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Alone Together

As poppies we grow
In these endless fields
Love blooming in each
Forbidden fruit it yields

Some edible with joy
As others poison raise
Of such delicate poise
Seen in crimson haze

Standing tall to winds
Of this timeless space
By red petals adorned
Live to each other face

Always alone together
Avoiding thorny frown
Observing one another
Though natures gown

Fall amidst mankind
For each new season
Yielding to lifelines
With defiant reason

Once entirely thriving
Now dry shafts hollow
Spewing these seeds
So afraid to swallow

Dying like everything
Of natures Opium free
Seeding sacred ground
With delight they flee

Alone are in the cold
Tiny seeds from pod
Freezing in a ground
Awaiting their God

Revival of dormancy
Assures many crops
Circle of life springs
Rebirth never stops

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Icy February

Once again February approaches and is near
As I celebrate you in silence of my rolling tear

Melting is my heart on the day you were born
Savoured moment is legendary on this day adorn

Happy Birthday I wish to you my dearest sis
Wishing you love and calmness, as you I miss
Not seeing you for that much the entire year
Feeling saddened a bit we are far and not near
Icy February is the birthing month of your life
You have been living in melancholy and strife

Endeavouring to reach for a peaceful journey
Reducing the flames that uphold your burning

It is not the distance that keeps us far apart
But our tenacity and uniqueness of the heart

Though it ticks the same and loves even more
I know in secret we love and each other adore

I thank you for treasuring my children living
The gifts you bear, your wishes of heart giving

They love and adore you in my words of choice
Great aunt you are to them, loving in my voice

I firmly believe that all is fair in love and war
And life always opens for us again another door

Just when we least expect it though still invite
Desiring for this moment for our souls to unite

Hoping truly one day we find a way to recover
Our relationship stalled we see and rediscover

All the blame and stubbornness can be put aside
And we hug to appreciate each other with pride

With these final words I wish you a Happy day
Another February had come by and sailed away

Secretly I am waiting for this icy month to be
Time to celebrate sisters, a day for you and me

Happy Birthday sis, I love you forever

Friday, February 6, 2009

Reflection on SOCIETY

The Beast.

Beyond each our walls resides this beast
Hungry awaiting his next feast
Fiery mouth with deeds unkind
Seeking the weak souls of his next find

His many red eyes are so evil and stark
Silently he sits in the pitch dark
Lurking to snatch another head
Leaving only corpses decaying for dead

Merely bones remain within his domain
Devouring human souls with pain
As crawling back to his small hole
Greedy and gluttonous to eat them whole

He has several heads with special features
All obeying the rules of their teachers
Emotions do reside within each head
Though character is obvious by his dread

One head, which too often indeed appears
This arrogant one without any ears
Deaf to hear the cries of pollution
Incredulous in thy self to provide solution

Second head lying sly devious confusions
Causing chaos imagined by illusions
Peace and truth lies on opposite sides
With precision and accuracy he rarely hides

Another one breathing only words of fire
Hate, envy and virus in his desire
Seeking the weak for a quick bite
Gloating sorrow, shame, anger and spite

Along this mad beast still resides yet another
One opposite of his repulsive gather
A conscious being along his sad side
This one mindful and living modestly in pride

Brilliance and warmth are ignited daily inside
Of this amity and loyalty which oxide
In this head existing along with others
Closely they protect their sisters and brothers

Although each has emotions, feelings and views
Providing conscious thoughts in spews
One body they share connected among
Often unattainable is the winning to then get along

Society has polluted the brilliance of this being
Secretly hidden and material is his living
Confused of the steps he must daily take
Masked actions are safer whether loyal or fake

Who is this beast you perhaps have asked?
Who does he represent unmasked?
He is of course dogma of bloody
Beast qualified to exist in each human body

Who wins in final stages of our decaying flesh?
Which core is remaining in the mesh?
Depends on unique DNA of every soul
Integrity, strength and mostly vivid mask of this fool

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Happy Birthday to ME ♥

An email sent to me to day by © TUT ®
Happy Birrrrthday to Youuuu,  Happy Birrrrthday to Youuuu,  Happy Birrrrthday Dear Janette,  Happy Birrrrthday to Youuuu!

A few years back… not so long ago, heaven and earth erupted into a major celebration with the news of your impending adventure into this very time and space. You see, someone like Janette Dengo doesn’t come along all that often… in fact, there’s never been a single one like you, nor is there ever ANY possibility that another will come again. You’re an Angel among us. Someone, whose eyes see what no others will EVER see, whose ears hear what no others will EVER hear, and whose perspective and feelings will NEVER, ever be duplicated. Without YOU, the Universe, and ALL THAT IS, would be sadly less than it is.

Quite simply:

You’re the kind of person
Who’s hard to forget,
A one-in-a-million
To the people you’ve met.
Your friends are as varied
As the places you go,
And they all want to tell you
In case you don’t know:
That you make a big difference
In the lives that you touch,
By taking so little
And giving so much!

Janette, you are so AWESOME! For your birthday, friends and angels from every corner of the Universe, including buddies you didn’t know you had, will be with you to wish you the HAPPIEST of Birthdays and an exciting new year in time and space. You won’t be alone!

Orlando, Florida, USA
PS - Janette, this is going to be YOUR year!!