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Friday, September 18, 2009

How to make your own slipcovers for folding chairs

Well much of what is needed can be found directly under another similar article on Helium written by me of course, and that is How to Make Slipcovers for your sofa & sofa cusions. 

The article focuses mostly on making a slipcover for a sofa though the steps are very similar if not identical right down from measuring, choosing your fabric and finally sewing the covers. It's a great read, though I will list a few key things needed in the article below.

Slipcovers are not hard to make at all and give any space weather it be a sofa, pillows, your favourite lounge chair or even a quick folding chair a lift and a boost of colour. The very first thing to take into mind is the type of fabric you want to use. The choice depends of how often this chair is used and the durability of the fabric according to the weight and texture of it. Begin by measuring each side of the chair such as the entire length of back, the seat and front length from the edge of the seat, and also the side panels from the seat all the way to the ground.

The next step is to take the measurements with you to your local textile store to search for your fabric. Please note that many awesome and great quality fabrics can be purchased at your local thrift stores. Just ensure there is enough fabric you choose and buy keeping the durability and quality in mind. Look for little heavier fabrics as they will not only be easier to work with but are more durable especially for a chair. Stay away from light silks and satins as they slip and are super hard to work with for this type of pinning and sewing, not to mention not that durable for a seat and easily wears and tears.

One of the important thing to remember is to use a colour matched thread that also goes according to the weight of the fabric of your choice. Nylon and polyester threads are strong and better due to the fact they do not shrink. This leads me to another very important suggestion. It is necessary to wash and dry your fabric prior to any cutting and pinning. It is to avoid shrinkage, as it would be a huge waste of time to sew a slipcover only to have it shrink in your first wash. I am speaking from personal experience here so do take my word.

Now with all these few important things out of the way, we may begin. Unfold the chair you are working with. Drape over the fabric with the raw face upwards and the finished side downwards non visible to you. Ensure the back is touching the ground and front also has plenty of fabric on the floor. Now depends on the type of chair you are working with, I will assume just for simplicity of writing this it's a simple folding chair without any ornate designs.

With smooth stroke ensure the fabric is covering the seating area entirely, keeping an eye on the back making sure it's still touching the ground with at least an inch of fabric to spear for finishing edges. Begin pinning with pins the edges of the fabric close to the chair, sort of outlining it with your pins around the length of the chair up to the seat crease on both sides. (Do not pin the fabric too tight together as it still needs to be reversed when completed and will not fit when flipped.) Then as you have done so, from the additional fabric you have cut the size of the side panel of the chair below the seat from the back to the front leg, leaving few extra inches on each side of the entire square for pinning. Pin the section along with the edges of the seat side, back leg side and front leg side to the square.

Now if you made a template or took measurements, cut another identical piece for the other side of the chair. The reason not to cut two at a time is in case of inexperience to avoid a mistake and wasting two pieces of fabric rather then just one.

So, your entire chair is now pinned, with all the raw fabric sides outward and do double check that the side panels are raw side out. It is a mistake easily made. Slowly removing the entire piece, begins sewing along the pins and pulling them out one by one as nearing to them. Sew all over the areas that were pinned, and do not worry about excess fabric as this will be cut off. Once you have sewn your entire cover, cut the excess fabric leaving about 4 inches on each side for now. Flip the entire slipcover the right side out and do a fitting over your chair. If you are satisfied with the fit and look, this is the time you can cut off little more of the excess fabric on the inside.

Once your cover is nearly completed, drape it over your chair and tuck in the length also pinning it evenly all around the chair. This will create a nice clean edge. Sew over the pinned area to finalize your cover. You are now done. Now was that hard? Enjoy your new look and get creative with tying a tassel around the back of the seat or stencil something personal on the backrest of your chair cover.


Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Numbing is the choking feeling
Echoing amongst the grey walls
Of the animal doctors foul mouth
While hearing nothing but his lies
As tainted and bitter is the stench
Of this fetid one putrid word cancer
Fearfully and boldly it stares at me
From way behind my doggies eyes
This simply cannot be and I refuse
Overheating is my sweltering fuse
Sorrowful my emotions still quiet
As my garrotting throat is swelling
His skinny bony back I gently pat
As his lifeless tail still barely wags
And exhausted body behind me lags
Disgusted of this news, I am falling
Ugly seconds never cease to exist
Numb, lost and repel are on my list
Without safety net and frightened
Shattering onto the ground, balling
Hours I have left to say my goodbyes
Though grateful I am, still irresolute
For cold death second I have to face
As his lifeless body I firmly embrace
So we give love, hugs even kissing
Joyous and happy days reminiscing
His treats, walks, camping and fun
As he takes his final walk in the sun
And though choking is my gullet
I cannot help but to let him run free
Into the light to suffer no more pain
Of his aches I sense so sickly insane
Unwanted reaper nears behind the door
While I sit with my doggie on the floor
And the fatal needle is slowly injected
I give him my life though it is rejected
Shutting finally his brown yellowish eyes
Within ten seconds his head down he lies
Beside me upon the cold cement ground
Where his soul is freed as his body dies
Though cancer may have stolen his body
I refuse to allow it take of him any more
And hang on to my dearest memories left
With goodbye, final peek I closed the door

I was left totally heartbroken..... seeing him look at me before his eyes became glazed as the needle was injected & I saw him fade into the light & his paw became limp.  In that moment, my soul cried like a child.  Weeping, uncontrollably, feeling all those moments that should have been more cherrished.  It is a pain I never wish to feel again & yet I know, this circle of life repeats forever everywhere.  Life & death..... ♥

Monday, September 14, 2009

Cherry cheeks

Bright smile was evident trouble she concealed
Eyes sparkling of mischief in her grin revealed

The knees were scraped while her skirt was torn
Both shoe laces untied and two palms were worn

Mud all over the face and her hair full of leaves
Single ponytail left while the other one heaves

Thus I asked her again, "Did you climb the tree?"
Alarmed nodding YES daring not lying to me

Beautiful cherry cheeks her brains quirky with wits
Attitude for dirty dozen while her mouth full of pits

"I just love those red cherries dear mommy," she said
While I washed and stitched then prepared her for bed

"Climbing trees will get you hurt," I thought on my part
As she gave me a huge hug that could just melt your heart

Eating cherries within the treetops was her total favourite place
And as for these juicy cherries mothers' love could not replace

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Staring frozen at the above hovering
While questioning faith and my belief
Hiding behind two hands my face covering
In disbelief and sheer horror with grief

Incredulous are my eyes to the unknown
Why is this object interrupting my light?
Who send it here and is anyone on board
Inside this gyrating supremely quiet flight

Sceptical is this time with my eyes seeing
Fantastic it is I am quite willing to admit
And doubting unfeelingly in saintly being
Uneven judgment emerges of the shape lit

No longer have the privilege to disbelieve
In the denied events too often talked about
As my conviction of this cosmic like disc
Will be taken to my grave without a doubt

Who am I and where have I come from?
Amongst many questions surface inside
So unidentified I have suddenly become
Motionlessly pretending my fear to hide

Shaded by its obesity and the still droning
I feel faintly sickened by this heavy smell
Fading into some sort of trance like state
Woken up though by a distant church bell

Four hours have passed the sun was setting
When I looked surprised to check the hour
Raided and mystified I felt in this moment
Yet recalled a chat with a being quite dour

Exchanging telepathically became this game
Where I felt like computer is best described
Though location gained of their life planet
On galactic voyage in their astonishing ride

As this was in the time I have lost in passage
Suddenly on ground both my feet stood still
Observing this unknown in shock so oblivious
Feeling eeriness, goose bumps and a huge chill

And together we stood still for few moments
Identically like two peas in pod unidentified
Resembling thoughts rushed in my warm blood
Reminiscing a yearn for the returned unified

So I called to the object, can anyone hear me?
While repulsion lingered within my nasal whiff
As it slowly and silently elevated higher to fly
Disappearing like a bullet above distant cliff