The pages are still blank, but there is a miraculous feeling of the words being there, written in invisible ink and clamoring to become visible. ~Vladimir Nabakov

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


In the darkest nights
Of shady BLACK Awaking is my soul with lack
To inhale, breathe deeply and live
It yearns and burns with desire on fire
Only simply love to give
Dreaming am I inside your heart
Upon your candle lit bed
Petals of most glorious roses
Connect our blood the color RED
Only you on my mind running unveiled
So free spirited and naked
Of fantasies in my head
I lay there whispering your name
One divinity we are of undying flame
Wanting your heat anything but tame
In secret thoughts of deepest desires
In blazing heat of fires
Wild and absolutely free
Oh release into me
My hot breath in your ear gently whispers
Come to me, come to me my love inside
Deeper and deeper to taste my core
Savour and nibble forever more
Eating your way through
To a place called home
A place where served are the finest dishes
Simmered with care and to perfection
With the most sacred craving and yearning wishes
Deep below the surface of a wishing well
Is a place only you know so well
My last wishing coin I cast
With my might for light
To unite us at last
And as two coins
Are blending to become one
In divinity of celestial mould
We are at last merging
Perhaps not even aware how deep
Our spirits together are surging
Into unity of electric BLUE
Magnetic is the force
This colourful enchanted hue
Never again forlorn
Never again to feel alone
Of sweetest harmony our spirit dances
In both our eyes and in deepest glances
As our hearts are swiftly in hope beating
While enchanted melody romances
And these our bodies are heating
In degrees beyond human touch
How I do adore you
Oh so much
Perhaps lusting we are, yet oh so trusting
In a misty valley of our emerald GREEN fields
Lives a place where we connected
It is where our love forever yields
Onto each other, in this union
Of mother and father
Ying and yang
Female and male
In the beautiful balance
Under elemental veil
Lives a fairytale
We lay on shores of our desert beach
Famished are we both as we reach
Gazing upon the stars so mellow
You did paint them for me YELLOW
I thank you love for your loving gift
And I run to you so swift
Floating above this holy ground
In a higher dimension so profound
Tranquil seconds are exchanged
In this our world so deranged
And still are the grains
Of light BEIGE sands
Our hourglass
In silence stands
Inviting you into my chalice PINK 
This core and womb you speak and seek
I give you freely do drink my love
Taste it and fulfill your crave
Quench your thirsty rave
After all here lays only I
Bare naked and free
I am yours only to save thee
In the ecstasy and rapture
Our bodies reach to capture
As they flow in beat to the heat
Yet untouched and still is our delicate sweat
Dripping of moans in a mild peaceful chill
Of these dreamy delicious world so wet
I caress you with my angelic quill
After a serene PURPLE rain
This drenching pouring fantastic day
Soaked not only our bodies together sway
But invigorating is our spirit
So refreshed and revived
As we both survived
Touch my face with both your hands
Kiss my CRIMSON lips and RUBY mind
Feel my fruits so ripen
Taste the ORANGE below my rind
For the cross I bear to leave behind
Underneath is a soul waiting to dance
In a bit of flair and in secret romance
For eternity ready is my rainbow of colors
To be flavoured and savoured
By the one and only
Just as me
So lonely
Frozen I was
In a state of GREY
Surrounded by icy shards
My perfect aces trumped long ago
By these living mortal cards
You found me through the murky clouds
Unveiled my darkest heavy shrouds
Discovered so muddy
In the earthen BROWN Our elemental womb
Of mother ground
I was lost once
Now am found
In this one spectacle of colors
This fantastic rainbow arch of hue
Unveiled is my purest love
The one, which belongs to you
Oh, my darling at last I am living
Even if only in this state giving
In this one poetic affair
Yet faithful in a delicate flair
Melting is my flower in heat
Beating to your beat
Only you understand and speak
What can only be envisioned
And what I truly seek
To live in this world as a toy
Love you do bring me
Truest joy
It feels so right
My one and only
Dove of purest WHITE

Monday, October 4, 2010


Undying love blooms within my soul
Energized by heartbeats pounding whole
A gash has been departed into this beating
Heart loosing its stability with heat depleting

Wound from a warrior this hero for mankind
Love within him is larger then humans find
Leaving me decaying in devoid of his love
Into blindness flying is my lonely dove

To infinite pieces my gentle heart shattered
Under garments skin torn, burning is tattered
Release and fly he whispered do live to be free
Do soar high living like an angel yet without me

Good-bye so sudden I would not have expected
Within the stream of love we silently projected
Although I am quite skilled this clarity sense
My broken wings frozen with final glance

Unable to speak garrotting throat swollen
The music once heard lays silent and solemn
Soulful friend is missing as you clearly became
Residual ash in dust lingers from departed flame

My glorious soul cries, so exhausted from giving
How will I continue with trusting and go on living
Remembering your echoes of sweetest realm
Still transmitting eternal love, serene calm

Broken in the tears that now freely flow
Dying my soul breaks into a disbursing glow
In mankind living one ring, repetitive teaching
Reborn into lifetimes with our endless reaching

Showing, unfolding and many others healing
One love brightly shines it is so appealing
Do take it over and over I freely endow
My spirit radiant as my head in a bow

Moment of silence within divine power
As we remember to embrace in quiet hour
Fear is your illusion my hand was extended
Hoping this love was anything but pretended

May angels watch over you in the highest glory
For thy essence to flourish without any worry
I hope you discover in light what you seek
Finding healing inside yourself so meek

Thank you for the time we have shared
Genuine my heart with absolution I cared
Please don't visit or speak, do not ever ask
Empty is this life vessel along with dried flask

Drunken by wine of chalice, your core fulfilled
Tree of life dried, thirsty for love you spilled
Famished with hunger I lay down my head
In bed of thorns bleeding blood of red

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Red Dragon

Deep in depths of souls
Below the darkest veils
Behind lost secret gates
In chambers of our veins
Dim flicker can be seen
Candles ends celebration
Fading within a shadow
As awaiting illumination
Home of fire red dragon
In darkness of catacombs
He who holds our captive
Most our bloody wounds
Seldom are they released
To surface for true mend
As others reach to stroke
Extended a loving hand
Fearful have we become
In trusting another so free
Blindly walking the halls
So jaded the truth to see
Yet noble warriors we are
Each with private wound
Seeking place of serenity
Within a mothers' womb
Silent are these prisoners
Pining glorious resolution
Yet cries are heard within
For day of new absolution
Love will heal all lesions
If you only believe it will
Trusting this one divinity
There is not a healing pill
Red dragon breathes fire
Still do not fear his roar
He is merely a protector
Of the souls radiant core

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Once upon a dream

My heart is swiftly beating
In the magical seconds
Encapsulated glory
In warmth of fires heating
I feel no worry
Yet hear a sound
Chanting and drumming
Of ancient warriors
Humming so profound
Yet a soulful tone
And I no longer feel alone
Dancing in midnight hours
Under naked heaves
Around vast blazing fire
Flickering with reach
Towards the cosmic stars
With passion
In heated moment
From within depth of desire
For only you
My sweet dream
The hot coals and embers
Glow brilliantly bright
Like gemstones
Illuminating my heart
And its thousands of chambers
We gaze into the flame
Dancing our dance
Of mesmerized
Serene trance
Oneness of fame
In this dreamy state
With needs to be transferred
We are hypnotized
Beyond dimensions
By our undying loyal fate
Into a single most exquisite
Moment in time
Of zero
I reveal to myself
In this ballad of rhyme
I am standing
In front
Of the burning blaze
My hand to you
Am handing
In this dreamy haze
Do take it my love
It fits your heart
As it always has
Perfect lovers glove
Never to be apart
Once lost
Yet found
In this dream
So profound
Only coverlet of fur
Is touching the ground
Draped over my body
With bare shoulders
Exposed fully is my soul
Welcoming you
Into me
To again feel whole
My golden hair long
Moves ever so gently
In the sweet breeze
Of lavender
And jasmine scents
You approach me
From behind you show
Firmly wrapping
Your strong hands
Around my waist
As I am fully aglow
You are so tender
Drawing me close
Closer to your body
And your soul
Blankets mine
I entirely surrender
In this dream alchemy
Of soulful time
In this liberty
Of delicate goose bumps
We feel no fear
Peace and serenity
Lays in the warmth
Wiping loves tear
While the only thing
Moving within
Are the waves of bliss
Energy surging from one
And back to the other
Without a miss
Celebrating life
And your firm body
Feels hot
Yet your soul even hotter
As if on fire
We burst to scatter
With a needful crave
To dive into our oasis
You begin kissing my neck
With a gentle peck
I shiver
In rapture
Keeping the dream safe
With silky ribbons
Holding to it in capture
I turn around
You to face
We gaze into Oneness
In a blaze so intense
Of lovers embrace
And my sparkly
Earth coloured eyes
Connect with yours
As the reflection
Of flames
Dances within them
Until break of day
Shines in sunrise
I reach the other side
Of your safe haven
We gaze
Upon each other
For millennia
Savouring the gift
We are given
Through this rift
This moment in time
Once upon a dream
Feeling the hot breath
Of the other
In silent ecstasy scream
As it floats up
Into darkness of the night
Sizzling in searing
Our bodies firm
Against each other
As if one entity
So closely connected
It is beyond magnitude
Of existence
And ability
Our two hearts
Beat in harmony
As they should in heat
And as they once did
Again at last
To a unison beat
We gently moisten our lips
Awaiting with anticipation
A lover's tender kiss
With passion
Craving and yearning
Of thousand lifetimes
All in one burning
We, we
Suddenly awake!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Unattained was my goal
Healing that slithery vision
Delusional mind combined
Love and hate into fusion
Do believe what you must
My care was given so frank
I have myself only to blame
Deserving of a solid spank
Sorrow, spite and the envy
Driven within soulful core
Shameful hidden your face
Unsatisfied wanting more
Sleep my precious darling
Do close those green eyes
Yes, still unforgiven rests
Foul dirt in your little lies

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Hushed is my tear
As it dries within fear
Of these, your spilling lies
Overflowing co-existing lives
Inside each and everyone I see
Although not in an image of me
Yet akin we are in precise ways
Within these elements of praise
And even if never do I stay still
Dormant inside is my free will
Worthless to you if asleep
Oh so often do I weep
Surely so weary
Is my sleet
And solid
Unable to sense
Any longer in chaos
And my spinning dance
Nauseated from the fumes
Buried toxic waste is unseen
Of poisoned illusions so keen
Numbed to your defiant dare
Absent concern or even care
Gift to me from each of you
I accept this without adore
Silent though scorching
Overheating evermore
Is my brilliant core
Decaying, dying
Though surely
Am I
The Earth
You all love

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Do you believe?

Structured and composed is the DNA
Complexity utmost yet so very simple
With absolution deficient in any sway
And merely solidity resides in its ripple

The conviction code of authority
Nonetheless doubtfully it gives
Believing not in but ourselves
We surrender to it while it lives

Arriving in a blanket of the credence secrets
Each are born devoid of overcastted despair
Begins the life belief in these famed seconds
Of this our life that many are calling unfair

As we smile with our hopeful tears
Face this world we earnestly must
While our faith bends habitually
Suspended is our breathing trust

Belief that is hard to find and superior then us
From a dimension thinly veiled and so concealed
Yet faithfully it resides below each of our skins
Only in time of our perishing age it is revealed

Never giving up although in dread
Not even for split seconds we fold
Believing is but our unknown faith
With anticipation the end we uphold

Light and dark are balanced in this equilibrium
And each soon measures itself one day by deeds
Believing to be anything but this superior entity
High on self-worth resides within us in our needs

Alive we trust since we do breathe
Inhaling our comforts and applauds
To continue somehow not giving up
Without basis we consider to be duds

Meanwhile to believe is to be alive in this space
Thinking, judgement, energetic and active in each
Suitable to be anything but a dead lifeless carcass
Is conveyed in another strange message I teach

Yet buds should be more like it, I will say
Hanging onto final strings of ending belief
Blossom to grow emerging like butterflies
Not shameful behind exposed lies and grief

Now, do you believe in the so-called unified belief?
Blind, unknowing what truth first consider to think
Animated we are walking in self-styled existence
Amid faith are born ideas in each brand new blink

Believing is this one cohesive principle
Not the isolated one of the obvious sight
Yet one living deeper then our knowledge
Of this blinding incandescent inner light

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I believe...

In fairies dancing in the shadows
Of our lives flickering fire dance
And angels guiding over us daily
Each in unique alike human stance

I believe in every child that is born
Has the pureness with future so free
Yet grows up so cynical as a resident
Of this globe reflecting you and me

Programmed we are I believe this
In the glorious seconds we arrive
With labels and libels to defy us
Utterly doing anything to survive

If believing is seeing then I just do
Yet not only with my editorial eyes
My spirit sees this world perishing
Among arrogance, neglect and lies

Since when did believing in Santa
Become this sin, crime and insanity
Believe in your own child's dreams
In the end it confirms human amity

I also believe we each have a choice
Yet refuse to listen to our inner voice
Follow the leader in this life's game
Seeking assets, credit and dusty fame

Who governs this world of equality?
I believe we have given them a right
Results always so scandalously alike
Causing chaos, greed, wars and fight

Politicians and democracy I dislike
Believing they have all lost my trust
While freedom really no longer exists
And to be anything then human I lust

While I believe in oh so much more
My forlorn dim voice is lost among
These our walls, we all build so tall
Since we just simply cannot get along

I believe in nature and this divinity
That unifies our existence and life
Though no matter how much I wail
We collide in wars expiring in strife

Yet I know and believe in one free will
Our spirit liberal within us is residing
It surfaces often and faster evermore
Tired of dormancy and silent hiding

Broken somehow I believe we became
Blinded and rhythmic in a sleepy state
All believing with creed of disbelief
Each assisting the outcome of our fate

I must believe there will come a day
For our love will bloom like flowers
Healing of absolution will restore us
And we all awake amid equal powers

Friday, April 23, 2010

The K-I-S-S

Of cosmic dust we appear in stars
Two soul dimensions, woman and man
Consciousness of lights eternal spark
I sense as if you held my hand
We yearn and search for our light
The other half of us that which is home
Spiralling into the alchemy of time
For the ONE not to live alone
Enchanted are these moistened lips
Within midnight hours by flickering fire
Twin flames of Oneness seek union
Limited by this our mortal desire
Beating hearts longing for the lost
We sense this heat of our undying bliss
Yet journeys apart must we be living
Merging in afterlife with the kiss
Each tranquil spirit their aura of hue
Connected in flashes with dreams of you
By vast roaring flames of helix rods
We spiral out in the colour blue
Into the sea of love we return home
Of matter we exist yet higher dimension
Polar magnetism of self in electricity
In sub-levels of comprehension

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Hours of my death

Upon my thinly tarnished soul
Gaping within is this gigantic hole
Where my whole life once bloomed
Yet suddenly away it quickly loomed

Now heavy is the weight of these dead
Just like virus above me do they spread
While my pierced heart bleeds solo red
As I lay slumbered upon my death bed

Behind my worldly clandestine tears
Do these evident vivid emerging fears
Surface into the stained external light
Materializing moral fibre into fright

Drenched in terror of my lucid mind
Are these views and illusions unkind
While tossing in the midnight hours
Feared essential sleep quickly sours

Battered to tatty, pieces and shreds
Reluctantly succumbing and drying
Disbelieving my yes, are they lying?
No I whisper, I could not be dying

Refusing to trade my DNA fusion
No longer laying in any confusion
Yet with persuasion of becoming
Are these lying life forms cunning

Soon another and countless more
Offering riches of their shiny adore
Though I decline this bribe so shady
Devotedly zealous to live non faddy

I will not surrender to black
Even if my lucid vision I lack
Refuse to obey these taunting
Thousand foul beings haunting

Rotten odour of their breath so smelly
Repulsively they inject into my belly
This substance I cannot even describe
Bound I lay helpless unable to derive

I will not accept this alluring stealth
While dreaming hours of my death
Yielding rather to entirely another
Summoning memoirs of my gather

Weeping is my mortal pleading soul
Yearns again to feel absolutely whole

To flavour again yet another fine dish
Savour this life and to swim like fish

Calling out to you in roaring blast
Begging you to amend the past
Do come to rescue me at last
For another breath I gasp

I am not ready to leave
As I remedy with heave
Begging for you to give
Me, another chance to live

Though the bow has broken
The anchor has been tested
Life vessel is not ready to sink
As my weak body lays un-rested

Lend me a hand and mend my heart
Survival is minimal with essence apart
Though able to distinguish my choices
Finally I see a beam and hear its voices

This aura at last to me revealed
The utmost brilliance of white

Brightest have I never seen
With my stained human sight

I breathe you
Need you
Love you now

Relishing in your blissful glory
In absolution and without worry

Wholly without pause I submerge
Into the light of wonder at verge
Feeling the utmost desire to stay
Suddenly my body recalls a sway

Abruptly again surrounded by dark
Terrifying and uncertain is the stark
While I feel within me a new spark
Igniting my fire and desire to embark

On board this life ship
Swiftly akin to a whip
And navigate again all over
In the emerald fields of clover

Though, where have you gone?
I can inhale again yet not see thee
Only feeling this human skin, it's me
Yet with you for eternity I want to be

As these distant virtuous voices get loud
Advising me of having many holes to stitch
I awake suddenly puzzled though very glad
Living another singing day of morning finch

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Within rejuvenation
Concealed in the particle
Discretely lays a revelation
Simple power of illumination
We cannot amend
Though smell it
Hear and
Yet never does it hide
Reviving this dry humanity
Kindly falls in element pride
Without set of laws to abide
Creating only unity
Intact harmony
In our life
And beautiful as it is
This constant gratis unit
While other people still miss
Take moments to cheer its bliss
And do dance in this rain
Laughing of joy
In bare lies
Drink with wholeness
And invigorate your soul
This my constructed boldness
Put together to use in fullness
In regards to raindrops
Molecule is parallel
Alive within
In each
Grant it but your face
Greeting all these raindrops
Welcome its devoted embrace
Appreciate this judicious grace
As it willingly plunges
Love in each drop
Of pouring

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Darkness upon

Though light is the radiance
Of this life's brilliance and magic
I cannot help to embark upon the ark
And disappear into the dark ever so tragic
While faithfully untamed is my unending shame
For this desired unqualified speck of fame
Reaching with absolution of lust
Yet resolution in dust
Of the promise
In resentful sudden part
Heavy is the mortal living heart
In the decays of this dying soldiers wife
Whereas only ashes dawdle in the lead of her life
And this darkness upon comes undone once more
In the mentality of the brave soldiers war
Only bones remaining in silent hours
While my belief sours
In this dark world

Monday, January 18, 2010

Fire within

Though significantly important to alter the synergy
We are merely nothing but specks in the dust
Living within these small sparks of lust
We are composed of this energy
Each and every a radiant ball
And our slightest desire
Holds key to a fire
Driven by core
Law of heat
Or loving
Peace or war
Everyone walks
Through their door
And as destiny nears
Our utmost hour of higher
Then our flame seizes and yields
To a this parallel element of power
With scorching is this blistering hissing
Yes surrenders inevitably never really missing
While the suffocating and smell of death with ashes
Echoes in hot ambers and cinders of residual life
Yet the flame is eternal for its glory of fame
And the dying greyness repeats the game
For one day again our soaring flame
Relives a life in another name
In famous rebirth
Dances again
Flickers once more
Bursting back into blaze
Walking through another door
With mesmerizing disbelief and daze
And opportunity and mortality of existence
Our ability to learn and discover in persistence
While this bright flame feeds the fire within us all

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Profound are the whispers
Of this one haunted house
Hearing dead walk in halls
Scaring the smallest mouse

Paranormal as they may be
Are neither evil nor nice
Stuck between realms
They continue existing

I discovered their names
From the houses listing
With huge deviant demands
They keep on persisting

My absolute silence overheated
In sheer horror born of fear
They call and beckon for me
To come yet closer and near

As the only thing frozen cold
Are my feet and my icy tear
Screeches and loud groans
Of these departed unwilling

The intensity of their moans
Run wild and bone chilling
Yet only shadows can be seen
Dispersing along my ceiling

Along with the entire history
Their secrets of life are buried
Scattered along these hall walls
Many fly fast though as hurried

As I lay in my bed so paralyzed
While pretending I am not worried
Playing tricks and hiding stuff
Opening the cabinets and doors

When nothing is in sight though
Hearing eerie footsteps on floors
With no evidence of the culprit
Just sickening smell of repulse

Firmly believing they are dead
Only knowing by steady watch
Supernatural are these beings
Accepting totally that much

Glimpsing just their shadows
Oh so near yet cannot touch
Afloat they spread not in colour
Only shades of black and grey

Coexisting life they have lived
Dreadfully repeating every day
Our vivid presence, this instant
Surrender to the light, I pray

Presenting to them an open window
So they will take this final flight
Lost as they are looking eternally
For this radiant one tunnel of light

Channelled by me they sure can leave
Though only if I believe, they might
Let go these mortal needless worries
Duties, obligations of souls dread

Do not be bothered worrying anymore
About tiding up your house or bed
And simply go into the light my dear
As you are now not living but dead