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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Under the Chemical Spell

It has been few months since I rediscovered another alternative to keeping healthy.  It is something I knew deep down however never honestly considered how serious it was.  What am I talking about?
Chemicals of course.

They are in everything, everywhere and we are in a vicious cycle.  Not only are we deceived by the vague product labeling, it is hidden in a language most don't understand unless you are a physicist.

My Arbonne journey began in mid February of this year and I took the bull by the horns from day one and haven't let go.  A born European I've always admired the high standards set across the little ocean and although I'm now a Canadian, it does not mean I have to lower my standards.  I have to obey the laws, but I do have human rights to choose what I put onto my body.

Two months ago, I read every label on the bottles of my products, chucked them and began "Arbonnizing" my home with the new found alternative.  Arbonne.  A Swiss formulated botanical and vegan line that is like no other.  It is wonderfully developed with health and wellness in mind, for the mind, body and the savvy business gal (like me) and it couldn't have entered my life at a better time.  Arbonne tapping into 1% of the Canadian market, only means that this is the best time to begin your Arbonne journey while we are on the ground floor.  This business can rock your world and ultimately change your life.

Being in the business for only a short while I've just entered the qualification for District Manager and I'm so thrilled. Every step I take is a healthier one and that is what matters to me the most.  Telling the world there is an alternative to become healthier, wiser and educating folks about safer products to use feels amazing.  I feel like I make a difference.

What I didn't realize 2 months ago, was how awful all those delicious smelling, silky feeling body washes, shampoos, shaving gel, soaps and so much more actually were.  My bathroom cabinets were jammed packed and my showers contained all kinds of colourful bottles that looked pretty and smelled pretty.  They were in fact harming me and my family.

It dawned on my today while singing my little heart away in the shower, that after nearly two and half months I did not have to remove soap scum, mildew, blackish little creepers from the tiles and that is simply because there was none.  My tiles are still squeaky clean as if I scrubbed them yesterday.  There isn't even lime and calcium deposit on my tiles.  Hmmmm!!

I use to spent oodles of time, energy, money and my poor lungs breathing in all those chemicals trying to remove all of the above yuckies and now I have none.  Wait a minute?

What is going on here?  I don't have to buy the scum removing chemical if I don't have any scum.

My previous soaps that I was using were leaving a residue on my shower tiles and more then likely left a scummy residue on me too and I never took any "cleaning" chemicals to removed them from my body.  Well, why would I if the chemicals were already inside the products I was already using to wash myself with.  That thought alone is scary.

Why are shower and tile cleaning products calling it soap scum removal, if it wasn't scum to begin with. Scum?  What is the government not telling us?

It is animal by-product that's why folks.  That's what the labels call natural.  All that slippery slimy feeling that society has programmed us to think is good for your skin, in fact isn't.  It's everything else that shouldn't be in those great smelling, "uhh-lala "TONS of different shelf products that overfill the shelves in the stores.

When I joined Arbonne, I had no clue what Parabens were.  I knew that SLS Sodium Laureth Sulfate was not good for you and it's a cancer causing foaming agent, but I had no idea there are so many chemicals in products such as Benzene, Petrolatum, Phthalates, Paba, Toluene and even Mineral Oil.  Among these there are many more as there are tons of different names for each and have been known to cause infertility, breast cancers, premature puberty, testicular cancers, ADD, ADHD and so much more.

Your skin is the largest organ and it needs to breathe and detoxify.  Wrapping your skin in mineral oil based products is harming it.  It is like wrapping your skin in plastic wrap and all those toxins bounce around in your organs causing your body harm.  Mineral oil is a larger molecule then your actual pore and therefore your skin cannot absorb it.  It sits on top of it and your skin actually becomes dryer because it is not hydrated, while your skin is suffocated and your body bombarded with harmful toxins.

And to think - my poor babies that I massaged in baby oil when they were little.  Only if I knew then, what I know now!

Phthalates were removed from plastic bottles, but are still in the tons of products used.

We are under the Media Spell.  Those commercials that are so happy feeling, with funky songs attached to them, a cute chick or a hot man that will spark that product to literally fall out of shelf and right into your lap as you reach for it, it's the messages that we don't see or hear that are hidden in our subconscious mind that rule our lives.  Those subliminal messages are everywhere, from the products we use and the food we choose to eat.

I became conscious to eat specific diet and pay very close attention to what goes into my mouth ages ago.  I have recently awaken from the Media Spell of using harmful every day products and I urge everyone to turn around your products, read those labels and pay attention.  It's all there.  Read it.  If it sounds like a chemical it probably is.  If it sounds like it's natural, it probably is however, have you every wonder what natural really means?

Do you know what a RED BIN is?  If you don't, they you need to know.

Taking charge of your life and using safe products on your bodies and children has to make sense.

Here is a video that makes sense.  It's called The Story of Cosmetics It only takes 8 minutes for you to understand what I am talking about if I lost you somewhere in my script.

Wake up People!!

If you'd like to become healthier while you use all those wonderful things to beautify and maintain yourself, please contact me and I will be happy to assist you.   I absolutely LOVE Arbonne.  The products are amazing and I get to use everything I consume in my tax shelter for my business at the end of the year.

Wouldn't you love to write off your shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste, lotions, make up, perfumes, etc?  Nothing in my life that I have done made more sense then Arbonne.  Cheers!