The pages are still blank, but there is a miraculous feeling of the words being there, written in invisible ink and clamoring to become visible. ~Vladimir Nabakov

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Be still and trust that I AM....

Heartache and sorrow are the most soulfully painful experiences a human can feel.  Although death is not our final destination, our physicality relies so much on the tangible of holding & touch flesh, hug and kiss or a silent connection made with eyes... there is such pleasure to be in the presence of a genuine loving person. We require human contact to laugh, dance, experience joy & sorrow equally, in order to fully Live.

I will never forget certain key moments I have had in life that shaped me into the human that I am.  Special key people who made an impact on my life with their friendships.  Even if it was just one thing that stands out that helps you get through a day by remembering. I will never forget the moment I realized that there is more to me then just my body, the day I realized I have a soul and the day I realized I could sometimes even see Auras.  There are no words to describe how magical we are, superior beings of such magnificence and poise.  Our purpose is to Live and touch lives by our existence.

I will never forget the day I felt the presence of God and Jesus enter my life... and at a later date enter my body to heal my sorrow.  The angelic glorious realm of goodness, our Lord & holy spirit is so very real.  I find comfort in prayer all the time.  Just when I feel nothing can lift me, when all hope seems to be gone and when the pain feels like thousand knives at your heart, I turn to HIM.  He heals me each time, embraces me in his glorious incandescent light and I feel comforted.

There are days I wish so much I could be with God, and not on Earth anymore but I have responsibilities as a mom to my kids to remain present in their lives as they need my love, nurturing and to be a positive role-model in their life & teach them what I am here to do.  I don't know why life is so unfair sometimes and why it hurts so much to simply live.  All I can pray to is that when life feels so heavy at times, I try to be still in my thoughts and trust that HE IS GOD.  ♡  Psalm 46:10

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