The pages are still blank, but there is a miraculous feeling of the words being there, written in invisible ink and clamoring to become visible. ~Vladimir Nabakov

Sunday, May 4, 2014


♡ ♡ 

I was talking to my friend Robyn yesterday about so many emotional things and at one point I said I was just so tired of always being a messenger... while I wish that sometimes I would get my questions answered by messengers.  Well I was truly shown again as I always am in certain key moments in life, that this is indeed my destiny and what a beautiful unveiling for me to comprehend to continue my journey with head up.

Shortly after we were finished talking I went into my cabinet and grabbed the angel wings my daughter Kendra gave me for Christmas.  I have taken my wings off for few weeks wearing other costume jewelry for work.  It felt so good to put them back on.  I admired them for a while, how special they are.  A gift.  The wings.  Entire concept from birth to death and how amazing life is.  How fragile yet powerful our impacts are on people and their presence in our life matters.  My beautiful daughter is my amazing Earth angel and transforming presence in my life & so is my son Jake.  It all feels so surreal some days.

Tara always admired my work and she knew how attached I am to my camera and how I love taking shots of absolutely everything, including water droplets.  She not only believed I would quickly capture the short lived rainbow, she knew I would share with everyone her beautiful message & I wouldn't shy from it. The rainbow only lasted about 30 seconds and I wished for all of her family and friends to be seeing it at that moment.  Then I thought, but heck I just captured it and I am meant to share this with them.  This is one of those profound moments when you realize it's a message yet you have to be a messenger to deliver.  It felt pretty amazing actually.

I think this how certain special souls can really do magic and help us see beyond our own vision.  I have been seeking a sign for me to continue on a path I find withdrawing from where I just don't have the time to pursue lately.  I have been wishing and praying for a miracle for my friend Tara while she was laying in the hospital, not knowing what the outcome would be.  I prayed and cried so much over the past weeks.

Oh, I saw so much more in one simple beautiful rainbow today through my tears flowing down my cheeks.... then I have seen in years.  A beautiful little miracle.

The presence of angels and their power is so real.  Rainbows are angelic messages from heaven above. It is so true and so very real.  We are Earth angels to some and many continue this special gift in the afterlife.  Tara was an angel to so many of her amazing friends and not to mention her children who she adores above and beyond.  She wants her kids to know she will always watch over them and protect them, shelter them with her rainbows and her angel wings.

If Tara could speak she would be beyond herself amazed and so happy to know she has so many friends loving her so deeply and care for her so much.

I love you so much my friend T.  You are truly an angel. ♡

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