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Monday, February 6, 2012

This February "Make Death Wait"

I'm always looking to do amazing things with my children.  If that wasn't enough, I wanted to do something society contributing with my daughter for her to learn the concept and principal of being a loving, carrying contributing citizen in our world, when I received a phone call in October from Heart and Stoke Foundation.  It was about canvassing the neighbourhood for donations and raising funds for the great cause - Make Death Wait.

The lady was so nice on the phone and offered me a choice of choosing odd or even numbers of homes on my street to canvas. I suggested I'll do both.  She was so pleasantly surprised, I could swear that I heard her smile on the other end.

When I disclosed this information to Kendra, my 8 year old daughter she was simply tickled pink with excitement while all I (as an adult approaching my forties) could think of was the cold bitter month of February walking door to doors while I myself dislike solicitors.

Nevertheless, I agreed to do this to for many amazing reasons main one being that I love helping others and I wanted my daughter to learn this from her mother.   Giving.

I became a volunteer about a month ago, getting excited as the month approached.  My girl was excited too.  Our package of canvassing material arrived few days ago, it was left hanging on our doorsteps as we missed the person in charge to deliver our start up volunteer package.

As I am an entrepreneur myself I already have acquired the many skills it takes to speak to people in terms of helping others, donating, informing them of great causes, etc.  The reason I wanted my daughter to be involved was for her to experience many things two of which are being part of a dynamic team that is not seen on surface but belonging in a way that is higher then she can comprehend, and the other is feeling something amazing in her heart.  A reward of self satisfaction by helping others in need, to go that extra little bit and push yourself beyond your limits to help others.

Your package comes with all the items you need right down to the pen.  You'll get pamphlets, tax return slips and instructions of how to fill everything & deliver the news to each person and home you visit.

"By going door-to-door in your neighbourhood during the coldest month of the year, you'll be warming the hearts of thousands of Canadians affected by heart disease and stroke. Last year, over $8 million was raised thanks to the fundraising efforts of people like you."

About 7 years ago I did a mother/daughter walk for Cheerios with my 1year old girl pushing her in the stroller, where I have also raised over $275.00 walking 5 km.  It was hard work, but it left me feeling absolutely amazing that I could help in some way.  At the time, I was also pregnant with my second child and didn't even know it.  It made my heart feel so good to be part of such a great and rewarding event.  I know this is going to be another memorable event.

I think this February helping in "Make Death Wait" will be a rewarding experience for such a great cause. I urge you to donate a little time and effort in the community and help this great cause.

To make your pledges on line please visit my DONATION PAGE.  Every single dollar makes a difference.

Thank you so much for your donations.  Your support will help save lives just like in Owen's Story above.



Anonymous said...

oh my Janette........ awesome story here lady. So nice to see good citizens and human heart at play and the example you are setting for your daughter is priceless. Very nice. It warms my heart.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Janette. What an impressive blog and what an impressive woman you are! Owen is such a beautiful little boy and I hope things work out for him and his family. As someone who comes from a family history of strokes as well as having frequent CT scans on a growing aortic aneurism that will require surgery if it grows another centimeter, I am sympathetic to your cause. I can't do much at this time, but maybe a little will help. Jill

Janette Dengo said...

Jill, thank you so much for all your support. I am just doing my small part in trying to make a difference in any ways I can & this is just one. It's the least I can do & I know what a big fan of Heart & Stroke Foundation dad (Albert) was, so this too motivates me & inspires me to help in this specific cause. I cannot imagine what you are going through Jill, but I will sure keep you in my prayers & thoughts. Love ya lots for helping out. Big Hugs to ya lady, Janette xox