The pages are still blank, but there is a miraculous feeling of the words being there, written in invisible ink and clamoring to become visible. ~Vladimir Nabakov

Friday, February 3, 2012

Tea is on me

If life wasn't hard enough for some of us moms.  Helping a friend when she needs my help is something given.  No questions asked, no need to repay me, ever, I'm there in a heartbeat.  It is what friends do for each other.

I have to acknowledge this cutest gesture from my friend when I picked up her little girl to take her to school and bring her home one of the days this week, while her sibling remained home not feeling well.  As the little girl enters my van while mommy stands waving on the porch, she hands me this translucent bag with a little note in it with a tea bag.  "Thank you so much for..... please enjoy a cup of tea on me, Love T."

It's the little tiniest things that make the heart fill with love.

Tea's on me ♥

Have a wonderful happy Friday.



Anonymous said...

awwwwww........... this is cute!!!!

Belinha Fernandes said...

Hi Janette! It's Belinha. I've been at your site and read your biography - amazing woman you are! Rnjoyed so much reading your story, so you traded Europe for Canada.My father spent some monts in Canada back in 1974 but he did not adapt. If he did probably I'll be there too. Europe is sinking, that's how I feel when I watch TV news.Portugal is suffering a lot due to euro crisis and lack of honesty and vision of our politicians. As always it's middle class and bellow that suffers more. I am facing real hardship but trying to keep my head up and finding solutions!For now I still have strenght to fight! I'll let you know when I post about you. It's just I have another person in queue...but you'll be next! Very nice to have met you!Sorry if my english isn't 100%!!:))

Belinha Fernandes said...

World of dreams and compassionate fury are my favorite paintings from the ones I saw so far!:)

Janette Dengo said...

Thank you so much Belinha for taking the time to read about me & for your beautiful heartfelt compliments. I've connected with you on your blog and Google as well. I'm so happy to connect with amazing wonderful people such as yourself. Don't worry about the English - it's perfect for me. :) Thank you again. xoxox

Belinha Fernandes said...

Hello Janette! I just wrote about Ewa's store on my blog and you'll be next.I'm glad I took the time to read because you lived a life that can inspire people like me.It was comforting and inspiring. I will write a little about you too on my blog, like I did for Ewa! I am not doing it write away because it will not have impact.:))