The pages are still blank, but there is a miraculous feeling of the words being there, written in invisible ink and clamoring to become visible. ~Vladimir Nabakov

Friday, February 17, 2012


Sometimes in life there are people who are simply meant for each other.  There are those who care passionately, work very hard to build their character and uniqueness to establish a good and credited reputation in the artistic community, they pursue their dreams and follow through every step of the way.  And then there are the ones on the opposite end of the spectrum.

Here are real people - then here we have drama queens - and finally everything in betweens.

People who think they know it all, who think that life is just meant to simply revolve around them, they throw temper tantrums to get their way in life, they lie and cheat their way into success, manipulate men and women to fall at their feet, they cry merciful pleads and play head games. They often get what they want by mean of manipulation, trash talk and gossip.  Drama doesn't follow them.  They create it themselves.

They are insecure beings, vanity is their best friend while they seek superficial friendships to fulfil boredom and to fill a hole where deep spiritual self reflection should exist.  They are like a black hole sucking good and kind people in and spitting them out dirty and used when they are done with them, tossed like trash.  I see this all the time on television and it makes me cringe.  This individual has a purpose for you, they are calculative this way.

People like this seldom have their own characteristics developed.  Rather they are copy cats themselves and mimic others and the material society, absorbing people's ideas and visions, styles and flair.  They blame others for right out stealing their ideas, fashion, originality, talent and such while they are thieves themselves.

It's all about winning, nothing else matters to them.  These people are beyond the healthy competitive edge.  They are always paranoid, grabbing onto any type of sympathy from anyone making up long sob stories of friendships that which suddenly ended, holding no responsibility for their actions.  Another of many - red flags!  Who flags these days?

Seldom do these individuals hold any backbone to their madness of chaos in their heads.  Conceited scatterbrains!  They are in need of much soul healing.  People cannot even compliment them, because a story or friendship has to be born and die in order for their drama filled world to blossom.

I'm not generalizing.  It's not any different then cats and dogs.  Some want to be petted and some hiss & growl. 

There is a distinctive purpose to those individuals too.  They become the leaders in their little social groups, often seek attention by screaming for it until it is given while sadly they are loners at heart while looters of hearts.  They dismiss anyone offering deeper then the superficial skin deep connection, often break hearts while they cry and make up stories of being so hurt by the world and other people.  They often have extravagant stories to tell.  They are very spontaneous with their actions and very cut throat.  Merciless and heartless.  They delete aspects of life that should be faced and so much more..........

There is only one person I could possibly have in mind -- ONLY ONE -- as I type this ridiculous blog while all I can do is laugh to myself fully and whole heartedly, thanking all my blessings and for most part those who know me -- do know I would not do such a thing, but then there is always that one person that does.  

The QUEEN.  You're so vain - you probably think this blog is about you too!  Don't you?  (love that song)


PS:  My sincere apology to all my amazing wonderful chums, loyal friends, readers and real people out there.  I just had to write this bullshit blog as my character was recently attempted to be tarnished by someone who accused me of being a thief and a copy cat without the decency to say it to my face only spreading rumours, and who simply won't go away politely while continuously stalking my blogs.  Again, so sorry to the rest.  I think this will get a message across.  xox


The Goddess said...

Picasso said it best, "Good artists borrow, great artists steal." People and their drama eh? All that creative energy going to gossip. What is the point? I have not been on facebbok or very social lately because I've been so busy creating. If someone is gossiping and busy enough to follow what others are doing then guess what that means? They have flatlined creatively. Sucks to be them huh? I've known you for five years. You had the right stuff then and you've got it even more now. YOu have a proven originality track record. Don't worry about the wannabes my love, they gotta slash your rep, it is the only way they can save their own. They can't do it with their talents. Do your best and forget the rest. :) :)

Janette Dengo said...

You betcha sista! It's funny, I read it this morning again after I read your comment and was just chuckling to my self. Thank you so much for making your positive footprints on my page, you are like a warm sunshine! I'm not by any means worried or concerned about this individual. In fact I'm flattered actually that they felt so threatened by my artistic flair & ability that it consumed them with envy, resulting in hate. And to feel any greatness and uniqueness, they in fact have become the "troll"....haha, remember the troll. It's great they found my work to be so fantastic to feel competitiveness. HA! Never would they admit such things but actions speak louder then words... Cheers lovie! xoxo

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! You go Girl...very well said!! The message should certainly get across!!
You certainly have many talents...and writing is one of them!! :)
Your talents are your own, very unique and Beautiful...Just like a Butterfly ;) You are no copycat!~You are creative enough to certainly come up with these fabulous ideas on your own!!
You have a nature "God Given Talent" Don't let anyone Trash it or Take it away from you!!!

Janette Dengo said...

Thank you so much my dear!! I appreciate your wonderful, kind and supportive words - they mean tons! I am a confident person, aspiring artist and I'm filled with love and positivity. Anything opposite of that bounces right off me :)) I will never let anyone tarnish my good name nor my spirits. Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving your wonderful impact in my heart! ♥

Robyn Dargie said...

Copycat?!?! Whatever! I have known you for 20 years and everything I have seen from you is 100% Janette! Your style, your passion for life and your artistry is evident in everything you do. I love it all! I also loved your blog about meeting Leonard. My friend Shayne was so intrigued by meeting Leonard with you and he still says it was the most unique and memorable experience he has had to date! He called me right away when he came home from meeting you and Leonard that day. Wish I had been there!

Janette Dengo said...

Omg Robyn thank you so much. What a crazy night, this woman is clearly unstable calling me dozen times, bashing down my door, accusing me of being a coward where she clearly only wanted to provoke me. I'm so proud of Anthony & the way he handled himself, we took a photo of the collage she posted on her blog that which again she provoked me to go see by her harsh comments and emails & thank goodness to my quick thinking. My face, my daughter, my work, my photography, including my name all of it was bashed & attempted to be tarnished by words of Copy Cat and thief & that is something I don't hold lightly, including the threats of my children and family, my husband's job...... the list is endless. We would have every right to have her charged with slander, as I've never mentioned anyone in my blog, but obviously 'someone' assumed it was about them who did in fact stalk me & my work & bashed my integrity.....and is now finally caught red handed! Period! Sick people out there!! Love you for your support & being my loyal friend! xoxox

Janette Dengo said...

PS: Robyn, I just want her to go away & seek the help & medication she requires so I can put the nightmare behind me but if she comes back with something on us, which I highly doubt.... we will have proof of her slanderous remarks & actually photo infringement rights theft of my work. Note to thyself, always follow your gut & those red flags! xo