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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Love & Light of Mona Lisa

We all have someone that we admire, someone extra ordinary, a hero, visionary, teacher, artist, whom ever it may be, we all have an idol.  For me it has been  Leonardo Da Vinci.  He became someone extra ordinary to me later in life, through my childhood history and a constant vision that is nearly uncanny.  A vision that haunts my past, present and future yet in a positive light.

Growing up in Czechoslovakia, Europe - we had one of Leonardo's famous paintings.  The Mona Lisa and of course it was the replica otherwise we would perhaps be the wealthiest bunch of Slovaks on the planet.  The painting that clearly could not be avoided by anyone entering our home, stared at me daily and those eyes watched me grow into my young pre-teens.  There was something about those eyes. 

Mona Lisa

I didn't realize this until my later years that it is in those same eyes and the face of Mona Lisa that a message has been secretly hidden and still remains un-decoded.  Can you imagine - a secret message somewhere in the painting, constructed by one of the most brilliant people who existed on Earth. 

For me as a little girl, the eyes of Mona warned me to be cautious, remain loyal, kind, giving and pursue my passions all in one word.  She was my alphabet for goodness and a warning of those evil.  It was something instilled into me by those eyes of Mona as if she could pierce my essence by her look and see right through me.  She followed me across a room.  She could see everything I did.... everything and always.  She knew.

As a child I had no clue who she was, who painted her and what her purpose was in my home.  At times I found her eerie and sneaky peeking at me through my parents glass bedroom door.  When I was at my peek of mischief and happen to walk by her, she stirred me off my course of "bad" and into the light where I could almost envision her saying "no, no, no child" with a soft and gentle voice.  

She was nearly as an important idol as Jesus and as a Roman catholic Jesus stands in the utmost highest along with God for me.  

"Love shows itself more in adversity than in prosperity, 
as light does; which shines most where the place is darkest" 

~ ME ~
"THE EYES" are a gateway to our soul.

Now that I am older I often seek her image on the Internet.  There is something soothing about her look, yet at times her mere look reminds me of a past I rather forget.  Those eyes, that I lived and altered my paths by are a secret gateway to her soul.  I see Leonardo in her eyes.

A look, a glance and one knows who, what, where and how.  Leonardo was invaluable. Genius.  Amazing. His essence filled with knowledge, love, lights, shadows and that power to comprehend humanity.

My grandma for one had another Leonardo's famous paintings, The Last Supper.  This is another entirely different story though of this painting inviting you to her master bedroom for a lengthy conversation.

On some level Mona brings me comfort for a brief second as a mother would.  Her soothing stare no longer scares me as I am no longer a child but a mature confidant woman, it guides me to reach for a new milestone once I seek to overcome a hurdle.  She tells me, "all will be well" just keep on believing on your path of discovery.

Believe - is such a powerful word.

There is so much more I'd like to know about Mona Lisa and I hope I live to see the day the mystery message placed within her is deciphered.  I think her magnificence is locked in the mystery of the secret that Leonardo conveys in his untold story and his significant past and present impact rests in the hands of scholars and scientists studying his work.  The lessons along with his teachings all lie within the structures of his images that which the brightest mathematicians cannot unveil. 

Perhaps, for me the image represents the likeness to the daunting of one's adversaries.   If I could focus hard enough, I could create such sombre stare and empower myself with all my courage to overcome all of my fears only to conquer them all.

Love & Light,


Anonymous said...

I love learning about you Janette great read. Mona Lisa is a famous painting but her look even gives me chills. I love your image with the white hair, its very interesting. Also love your photography. :)))))

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