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Thursday, December 22, 2011

What's bugging you today?

An experience like no other happened to me couple of weeks ago.  I decided to write about it because I feel it has a purpose that I am not aware of yet. Or does it?

I was meeting a networking contact for coffee at our local Harmony square coffee pub.  I had no idea what he looked like in real life as I've never met him.  His name is Shayne McIntyre, ACN.  I got to the coffee house as we agreed upon and bought a coffee.   I sat there patiently awaiting him looking around to see who walked in through the door.   I've connected with him on Facebook but you can't really tell from those photos what a person looks like.

There were two other similar looking men sitting in the pub.  One in each corner of the room.  After about half hour as I watched these two specific men observe me, I walked over to one of them asking him if he was Shayne.  He looked at me and politely said "no mam, sorry"....  & so forth I repeated this in the other section of the room. 

I walked over to the counter and asked the ladies if a guy named Shayne visited the premises often or was looking for me.  They replied "no, sorry" but we'll let you know if he does.  At this point I felt like I was stood up & this wasn't even a date. 

Surprised that neither one of these men were the person I was suppose to meet or anyone heard of him, I casually walked out onto the patio overlooking the skating rink.  It was a brisk morning.  I was done my coffee and so I decided to leave.  At first I thought if the universe is playing a joke on me that morning, but I smiled and off I went home. 

When I arrived, Shayne has called me few minutes after apologizing for being late.   Then I got even more suspicious.... "did he see me leave?" I thought. 

He politely asked me to meet if it wasn't too awkward & so I agreed to go back.  I surprised myself too. 

When I walked in, I immediately noticed who he was and his real face wasn't that far off from the Facebook photo.  You just never know with these things & I've never done this before. 

We sat down and he introduced me his line of work and we began chatting about so many topics.  It was an interesting conversation and before I knew an hour went by.  Then something unusual happened. 

Out of the blue, this man walks over to our cozy little corner with this ridiculous beaded looking wire bug that looked similar to a mosquito on what appeared to be a yo yo string.  Odd looking thing.  He politely asked if I could watch his bug for a minute while he grabbed a coffee.  Jokingly I asked if it will fly away if I don't watch it & that's when it started. 

Meet Leonard. 

AND meet Leonard's Bug.

Now for those who know me I love nothing more then to laugh.  These quirky things do happen to me & I love it when the universe makes me burst into uncontrollable laughter.  I should know better by now, but this sort of thing hasn't happened to me for quite some time and took me totally by surprise.

As Leonard who actually politely introduces himself as he plays his ukulele with a twisted bizarre song that he just made up I'm sure of it..... he also hands me his business card.  He said he was an artist so I immediately connected the artist's mind to the way he was behaving and thought nothing more then that this odd man had oodles of energy and zest for life like I've never seen.  There is something to be learned from all this. 

Now while I was reaching for his card, tons of things crossed my mind.  Is this card safe to touch, am I going too far along with this, should I politely say we (Shayne and myself) are in a conversation as this person was sort of interrupting our time.  As I thought all these things & the fact Leonard was sort of "bugging" me in better lack of terms.... I looked on the card to read his credentials and nearly peed peed my pants. 

It had his full name, his email address and with big bold letters "WHAT"S BUGGING YOU TODAY" on it.  I would have loved to see my face when I saw that, the card, the words... I was shocked, surprised.... I laughed until tears came out.

Unbelievable I thought.  Now if that's not an instant manifestation I don't know what is.  My good friend Julie Coombs introduced me to the concept of manifestations few years ago along with the Secret.  I wasn't even aware how powerful we truly are until the Secret came out & I realized I've been living my life the way of it and didn't even know it.  Anyways.... back to the story.

As Leonard proceeded to grab himself a coffee I knew this visit will be quite lengthy as he had an amazing amount of energy and I thought oh boy, here we go.  At this point I wasn't in a much hurry but I saw Shayne was too a little uncomfortable as we both didn't know what's next.  Leonard commented about my appearance and that there was something special about me & my aura.  I jokingly asked if it was glowing a shade of "welcome, come sit with us, we love small talk with strange men & odd looking bug things" and he politely said YES, with those big brown eyes. 

Leonard was full of surprises, showing us how this bug moves up and down and how it's his business card holder with Velcro tabs and how he breaks the ice so cleverly to start conversations with folks.  Then he pointed out it was a mosquito and how they kill so many people a year and how he has a business plan on making more of them in many different colours.  He spoke of the world and how he saw it & we listened.  His translation of the society and how everyone on the planet is botherred "bugged" by something every day and no matter how small it is, it's huge to them.  Hence the size of his squitto.  I was actually quite blown away at this man's wit, bravery, intelligence, nutty personality but so intriguing in every way.  In my head, I'm thinking "Bravo dude, you're quite brilliant" & he is, yet on the edge of something I can't put my finger on quite yet.  Aren't all brilliant people slightly on the edge?  Was I entertaining the thought  that if I say he's a weirdo, totally out there a nut bar - I'm infact judging him.  Yes.  I did my best to put that out of my mind and just enjoyed this unfolding event whole-heartedly.

His business card stated he was an artist so I asked him what he does.  He assured me he is in fact an artist and that he'll be teaching 4 classes in the upcoming year in our downtown so I am sure to follow up with that. 

Another half hour has passed with so much information told by Leonard at which point Shayne began making his exit very politely and I wasn't staying alone with Leonard so we both excused ourselves to depart the pub.   We shook hands outside and were in disbelief actually what has just happened chuckling at it light heartedly. 

Leonard had left quite an imprint I have to say.  I think about that meeting & what it could possibly signify & how it fits into my day that day.  Was it just a nutty day all around with the quirky universe showing me to loosen up & not be so serious?  I'd like to think a little both and that the purpose of Leonard & meeting him will unravel in the coming months.  Perhaps it fits into the story of Shayne & my meeting with him and our first unusual meeting, that is yet to be pursued in further meetings of the entire group he's constructed, where my friend Robyn Dargie - Arbonne's District Manager also attends on Tuesdays.

For now, I will never take the question of "what's bugging you today" with the same casual thought.  I will always think of Leonard.  And with that said, everyone has a purpose & a meaning even if they don't know it, even if these people are on an edge of "out there" & cast aways by the normal standards of society.  What is normal anyways?

So.... I only have one more question.  What's bugging you today?


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