The pages are still blank, but there is a miraculous feeling of the words being there, written in invisible ink and clamoring to become visible. ~Vladimir Nabakov

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Staring frozen at the above hovering
While questioning faith and my belief
Hiding behind two hands my face covering
In disbelief and sheer horror with grief

Incredulous are my eyes to the unknown
Why is this object interrupting my light?
Who send it here and is anyone on board
Inside this gyrating supremely quiet flight

Sceptical is this time with my eyes seeing
Fantastic it is I am quite willing to admit
And doubting unfeelingly in saintly being
Uneven judgment emerges of the shape lit

No longer have the privilege to disbelieve
In the denied events too often talked about
As my conviction of this cosmic like disc
Will be taken to my grave without a doubt

Who am I and where have I come from?
Amongst many questions surface inside
So unidentified I have suddenly become
Motionlessly pretending my fear to hide

Shaded by its obesity and the still droning
I feel faintly sickened by this heavy smell
Fading into some sort of trance like state
Woken up though by a distant church bell

Four hours have passed the sun was setting
When I looked surprised to check the hour
Raided and mystified I felt in this moment
Yet recalled a chat with a being quite dour

Exchanging telepathically became this game
Where I felt like computer is best described
Though location gained of their life planet
On galactic voyage in their astonishing ride

As this was in the time I have lost in passage
Suddenly on ground both my feet stood still
Observing this unknown in shock so oblivious
Feeling eeriness, goose bumps and a huge chill

And together we stood still for few moments
Identically like two peas in pod unidentified
Resembling thoughts rushed in my warm blood
Reminiscing a yearn for the returned unified

So I called to the object, can anyone hear me?
While repulsion lingered within my nasal whiff
As it slowly and silently elevated higher to fly
Disappearing like a bullet above distant cliff

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