The pages are still blank, but there is a miraculous feeling of the words being there, written in invisible ink and clamoring to become visible. ~Vladimir Nabakov

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


In the darkest nights
Of shady BLACK Awaking is my soul with lack
To inhale, breathe deeply and live
It yearns and burns with desire on fire
Only simply love to give
Dreaming am I inside your heart
Upon your candle lit bed
Petals of most glorious roses
Connect our blood the color RED
Only you on my mind running unveiled
So free spirited and naked
Of fantasies in my head
I lay there whispering your name
One divinity we are of undying flame
Wanting your heat anything but tame
In secret thoughts of deepest desires
In blazing heat of fires
Wild and absolutely free
Oh release into me
My hot breath in your ear gently whispers
Come to me, come to me my love inside
Deeper and deeper to taste my core
Savour and nibble forever more
Eating your way through
To a place called home
A place where served are the finest dishes
Simmered with care and to perfection
With the most sacred craving and yearning wishes
Deep below the surface of a wishing well
Is a place only you know so well
My last wishing coin I cast
With my might for light
To unite us at last
And as two coins
Are blending to become one
In divinity of celestial mould
We are at last merging
Perhaps not even aware how deep
Our spirits together are surging
Into unity of electric BLUE
Magnetic is the force
This colourful enchanted hue
Never again forlorn
Never again to feel alone
Of sweetest harmony our spirit dances
In both our eyes and in deepest glances
As our hearts are swiftly in hope beating
While enchanted melody romances
And these our bodies are heating
In degrees beyond human touch
How I do adore you
Oh so much
Perhaps lusting we are, yet oh so trusting
In a misty valley of our emerald GREEN fields
Lives a place where we connected
It is where our love forever yields
Onto each other, in this union
Of mother and father
Ying and yang
Female and male
In the beautiful balance
Under elemental veil
Lives a fairytale
We lay on shores of our desert beach
Famished are we both as we reach
Gazing upon the stars so mellow
You did paint them for me YELLOW
I thank you love for your loving gift
And I run to you so swift
Floating above this holy ground
In a higher dimension so profound
Tranquil seconds are exchanged
In this our world so deranged
And still are the grains
Of light BEIGE sands
Our hourglass
In silence stands
Inviting you into my chalice PINK 
This core and womb you speak and seek
I give you freely do drink my love
Taste it and fulfill your crave
Quench your thirsty rave
After all here lays only I
Bare naked and free
I am yours only to save thee
In the ecstasy and rapture
Our bodies reach to capture
As they flow in beat to the heat
Yet untouched and still is our delicate sweat
Dripping of moans in a mild peaceful chill
Of these dreamy delicious world so wet
I caress you with my angelic quill
After a serene PURPLE rain
This drenching pouring fantastic day
Soaked not only our bodies together sway
But invigorating is our spirit
So refreshed and revived
As we both survived
Touch my face with both your hands
Kiss my CRIMSON lips and RUBY mind
Feel my fruits so ripen
Taste the ORANGE below my rind
For the cross I bear to leave behind
Underneath is a soul waiting to dance
In a bit of flair and in secret romance
For eternity ready is my rainbow of colors
To be flavoured and savoured
By the one and only
Just as me
So lonely
Frozen I was
In a state of GREY
Surrounded by icy shards
My perfect aces trumped long ago
By these living mortal cards
You found me through the murky clouds
Unveiled my darkest heavy shrouds
Discovered so muddy
In the earthen BROWN Our elemental womb
Of mother ground
I was lost once
Now am found
In this one spectacle of colors
This fantastic rainbow arch of hue
Unveiled is my purest love
The one, which belongs to you
Oh, my darling at last I am living
Even if only in this state giving
In this one poetic affair
Yet faithful in a delicate flair
Melting is my flower in heat
Beating to your beat
Only you understand and speak
What can only be envisioned
And what I truly seek
To live in this world as a toy
Love you do bring me
Truest joy
It feels so right
My one and only
Dove of purest WHITE

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