The pages are still blank, but there is a miraculous feeling of the words being there, written in invisible ink and clamoring to become visible. ~Vladimir Nabakov

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I believe...

In fairies dancing in the shadows
Of our lives flickering fire dance
And angels guiding over us daily
Each in unique alike human stance

I believe in every child that is born
Has the pureness with future so free
Yet grows up so cynical as a resident
Of this globe reflecting you and me

Programmed we are I believe this
In the glorious seconds we arrive
With labels and libels to defy us
Utterly doing anything to survive

If believing is seeing then I just do
Yet not only with my editorial eyes
My spirit sees this world perishing
Among arrogance, neglect and lies

Since when did believing in Santa
Become this sin, crime and insanity
Believe in your own child's dreams
In the end it confirms human amity

I also believe we each have a choice
Yet refuse to listen to our inner voice
Follow the leader in this life's game
Seeking assets, credit and dusty fame

Who governs this world of equality?
I believe we have given them a right
Results always so scandalously alike
Causing chaos, greed, wars and fight

Politicians and democracy I dislike
Believing they have all lost my trust
While freedom really no longer exists
And to be anything then human I lust

While I believe in oh so much more
My forlorn dim voice is lost among
These our walls, we all build so tall
Since we just simply cannot get along

I believe in nature and this divinity
That unifies our existence and life
Though no matter how much I wail
We collide in wars expiring in strife

Yet I know and believe in one free will
Our spirit liberal within us is residing
It surfaces often and faster evermore
Tired of dormancy and silent hiding

Broken somehow I believe we became
Blinded and rhythmic in a sleepy state
All believing with creed of disbelief
Each assisting the outcome of our fate

I must believe there will come a day
For our love will bloom like flowers
Healing of absolution will restore us
And we all awake amid equal powers

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