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Friday, October 26, 2012

Do dogs smile?

I had to share this photo.  I have always thought that dogs have this amazing way of bringing a smile to your face.  Their adorable faces are almost intoxicating, as their whiskers pucker up, their eyes twinkle and their little tail gets every so wiggly when they are simply happy to see you.  Just as I have always thought that they too are capable of smiling like humans do.  Not all dogs are happy, so why would they smile.  Some, are unfortunately in dog pounds awaiting the inevitable and I don't even want to imagine those sad faces.  Dogs that have loving families, good food, all the treats in the world with belly rubs they can get - why wouldn't they smile?

Below is my dog Gypsy.  She is almost 5.  I think she has a gorgeous smile.  Don't you?  :)

I hope her smile makes you smile, even if just for a second.  Have a happy Friday. 


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