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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Goodbye 2012 summertime

I would have to say we had the BEST summer ever.  My kids told me this hundreds of times this summer and I finally believe them.  Looking back at our amazing little adventures, it has sure been a blast.

Here are few glimpses at various random moments...

They were on a mission!!  Nothing like shopping for sweets just before the movies! lol

Da peddies & mannies for da girlies!  Kendra's party.  Phew, what a job.... lol  but I got it done.

Kendra's 9th home baked birthday cake.  

My amazing family. ♥

Feeding beluga whales at Marine Land 2012

Jake's very 1st roller coaster ride - Marine Land 2012.

Jake's 7th home baked birthday cake.
Who want's CAKE?

EVERYBODY makes friends!  lol
Jake scored 6 goals in his final 2012 soccer game, tournament/fun game.
Kendra and Jake both got to hold this bug at Science North - Sudbury 2012
At Science North - our 4D movie adventure "Forest Fire"

ok, so it was taken by a really really old man (I'm grateful), I rather have this shot then not! lol
At Niagara on the Lake - summer 2012

I think he was praying.  :) 
Kendra was sooo intrigued by the butterflies.

Espanola - she must have caught all the sunfish in the lake that day!!  LOL

At Science North - Sudbury 2012

Uncle Joe's new boat on Bass Lake.  

The kids loved the boat rides. 

Yep!!  The 3 muskateers meet again!!  Fantastic night over cards & some good old fashioned Slivovica!

It's goooooda!  haha

Tina - let me tell you something very important...........  don't ever forget lol

With swimming all summer long at our local Brant Park with a van pass that made it easy & convenient, exploring various beaches along our beautiful shore lines of Lake Erie, season’s passes to Marine Land & various trips to explore the park, overcoming fears of roller coasters, eating cotton candy, ice creams, exploring Niagara on the Lake, feeding Beluga whales & bears at Marineland, laughter at dolphin shows, petting animals at the zoo, cottage country at the stunning sunrise shore of Bass Lake in Espanola, fishing, swimming, boating, late nights, early mornings, exploring Science North in Sudbury, few evening bond fires in & out of town, spending a week with second cousins, enjoying the butterfly conservatory, eating bugs prepared for tasting at Science North, catching snakes, hiking, these were just some of our summertime adventures & memories there is just way too much to mention.

Two birthdays also filled in the gaps of the birthday summer fun & both kids got spoiled.  I love it! 
Girly night with my Kendra and 3 of her friends went to the 3D movies, manicures & pedicures, presents & her home baked butterfly cake....

Jake’s back yard slip-n-slide spider man wet slide birthday bash was filled with good friends, delicious food and of course home baked "rubik's cube" cake!  J

Somewhere in there the kids were also part of the summer camp programs one called Bug Zone & the other called Sky.  They loved their independent times during summer, making crafts, singing and for Jake, as long as they have food he is set!! LOL

Now if that wasn't enough & let me tell you it sure was - both kids’ schedules were also filled with soccer practices & games and many hours spent gardening in our beautiful and fruitful garden, biking 10-15km trails, roller blading & so much more.  Not to mention soaking up the rays & bubbles in our outdoor hot-tub.  Oh what fun!

Yes, I have to say the summer is much lived at this house but mostly outdoors.  We love the fall and winter and we are all looking forward to the snow and ice activities.


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