The pages are still blank, but there is a miraculous feeling of the words being there, written in invisible ink and clamoring to become visible. ~Vladimir Nabakov

Friday, February 6, 2009

Reflection on SOCIETY

The Beast.

Beyond each our walls resides this beast
Hungry awaiting his next feast
Fiery mouth with deeds unkind
Seeking the weak souls of his next find

His many red eyes are so evil and stark
Silently he sits in the pitch dark
Lurking to snatch another head
Leaving only corpses decaying for dead

Merely bones remain within his domain
Devouring human souls with pain
As crawling back to his small hole
Greedy and gluttonous to eat them whole

He has several heads with special features
All obeying the rules of their teachers
Emotions do reside within each head
Though character is obvious by his dread

One head, which too often indeed appears
This arrogant one without any ears
Deaf to hear the cries of pollution
Incredulous in thy self to provide solution

Second head lying sly devious confusions
Causing chaos imagined by illusions
Peace and truth lies on opposite sides
With precision and accuracy he rarely hides

Another one breathing only words of fire
Hate, envy and virus in his desire
Seeking the weak for a quick bite
Gloating sorrow, shame, anger and spite

Along this mad beast still resides yet another
One opposite of his repulsive gather
A conscious being along his sad side
This one mindful and living modestly in pride

Brilliance and warmth are ignited daily inside
Of this amity and loyalty which oxide
In this head existing along with others
Closely they protect their sisters and brothers

Although each has emotions, feelings and views
Providing conscious thoughts in spews
One body they share connected among
Often unattainable is the winning to then get along

Society has polluted the brilliance of this being
Secretly hidden and material is his living
Confused of the steps he must daily take
Masked actions are safer whether loyal or fake

Who is this beast you perhaps have asked?
Who does he represent unmasked?
He is of course dogma of bloody
Beast qualified to exist in each human body

Who wins in final stages of our decaying flesh?
Which core is remaining in the mesh?
Depends on unique DNA of every soul
Integrity, strength and mostly vivid mask of this fool

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