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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Painting in Progress - My 1st realism piece

This was such a fun side project to do.  As an arits and a human, I love to learn and explore beyond the obvious. My mission with this simple task? I wanted to see what steps I actually take to create a painting and follow my own progress, and I have to say I found it quite interesting. 

The final piece is fantastic and I'm very happy the way it turned out.  Now if you notice, the one on the left was actually what I thought was final, until I noticed few errors with the eyes.  They were slightly off and incorrect in terms of proportion, sizing and angle, though to the average viewer probably not even noticeable.  However, to artists this is something that needs attention and correction, especially when the pieces are showcased and sold for a good buck. 

Note: The comparison of the bottom picture to the last in the group of 10 - compare the outside eye especially the glare, the size and even the inside eye especially the size and angle.  See it?   It was pointed out to me that the proportion to the angle was incorrect by my artist colleague and she was right.  I had to shrink the outside eye due to angle it should appear smaller within the eye socket & slightly enlarge the inside eye.  Do you see it?

If you notice the far right eye in the above right piece & compare it to the piece below... I had to alter the angle to make the eye more real in terms of proportion.  The outside eye should be smaller due to angle, as it is in the piece below and it appears larger in the pieces above.  An error many artists don't catch right away & neither did I, it was pointed out to me by another fellow artist/friend of mine. 

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed your visit and learned something new today. 


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