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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Messengers

I stumbled on this amazing site of Spirit Guardians about the time I was meant to few years ago and found the fact it existed quite fascinating. It took me of course by surprise as I have been seeing and living with the numbers 444 for the last 10 years or so, though never knew how common this phenomenon was. Are these angelic signs or a secret code from beyond the tangible by the unseen? Absolutely!
People notice the streetlights coming on or going out when they pass by or they may hear the doorbell ring, yet there is no one in sight. They open and close doors, walk across your floors in your presence and even though you can hear them, you cannot see anyone. However, they are always there. They will use any electronically controlled device to get our attention as they can and have changed traffic lights in my personal case and saved me from a horrible car crash a few times. I wish more people would just talk to them and create their own personal experience. When the occurrence happens about a dozen of times out of a dozen of times asked, the chances of it being a coincidence is remote not to mention I don't believe in coincidences. Confirmation for me is my own experience and a valid elaboration, while they vary with each individual.

This special number sequence of 444 appears in my dreams, as a wake up call with the numbers on the clock, on the street signs, in the movies I watch, articles I publish, airline tickets, grocery receipts, bar codes on purchased products, during paintings I paint and of course in the work I do and on nearly daily basis. I know these are messages from beyond and here is my story.

My dreams and visions as far as I can remember go back to my childhood of being a one year old. One of my unfortunate predictions was my grandfather's death at my tender the age of 8 years old as well as other significant life events. Nearly 12 years later he passed away from the exact cause as I predicted and his fatal illness was exactly in the area as foreseen. Psychics and many important folks such as my mother told me that this is very impressive, although this is something of a challenge to share with my daily friends. I don't hide my gifts and abilities though I don't flaunt them either. There are many disbelievers out there however I think a lot of those still find all phenomena fascinating.

In my adult life, I have gone to psychics, read various books on visions, dreams, numerology and of course doing some major soul searching as to what this all means. I don't have all the answers although I feel closer to the truth and the meaning of all this has a clearer welcomed impact on my life. There are angels among us and I accept this as I accept my life.

Few years ago one afternoon I felt an urge to seek guidance and grabbed the phone book. I opened the yellow pages and the page revealed a psychic in Woodstock Ontario with the address of 444 "Street" although this place no longer exists it did at the time. Short after I visited a fantastic lady who was very gifted. While her message to me was to read a book called The Messengers I took a lot more with me just by sharing in her presence. She was amused I made an effort to see her and asked me why I was there. She told me I needed not to be there as I know my steady course and am on the path with my abilities. Now this is a psychic who is making a living on the side telling people mostly what they need to hear, and for her not needing me there to make a buck spoke highly of her in my opinion. Needless to say, we chatted for a full hour after which I insisted to pay her for her service and off I went.
Of course I found the only and last copy of The Messengers available at Chapters books where I was guided to look for it. The information I gained from this book was not only fascinating but most certainly invaluable and again confirmed what I already had an inkling was happening with me. I don't always take everything I read in a book, word for word. There were few things in the book that did not resonate with me and that's fine. We gain and learn what we need to and simply leave the rest.

Living with the voices and visions that come to me unexpected through the nights, flashes of future events and even moments of unaccounted time loss has led me to firmly believe there is a higher source at work with me, and a great purpose we all have on Earth. We are here to learn something we ourselves have set to, just as we selected our parents and this life we live. Aside from learning something very significant on our Earthly journey, I know for a fact there are messengers guiding us and speaking to us at this very moment. It is up to the people to acknowledge them, hear them and accept them as their guiding force and light and learn what we are mean to.

Now, many call this force God or other named superior being, however the two are often mixed up and misunderstood. Our superior being we call God is a mere reflection of us, as it resides in every living cell and organism in the Universe. Angels are different and special beings, which exist in the higher consciousness and dimensions we all can tap into. They are here to help us live the life we chosen and keep us on the path, while providing us with the knowledge and better understanding of ourselves. The numbers, whatever sequence it may individually be is only a message from them such as acknowledgement a great task has been accomplished, something new was learned or a new adventure beginning or otherwise. There are many reasons for them and are a way of communication and signalling their presence.
Through the course of my journey thus far, I've learned that I also am a messenger. Full recollection of the messages given to me and of course my deliverance of them hasn't always been the most compliant thing in my life. I've kept to myself most of my teens as I know my path is unique and during this time I've also tapped into an awareness of my Empath abilities though that's another story. It is up to the individuals who receive my messages to do with it as they wish, should they even accept to receive them. It's either that or I am in need of immediate medical attention and some major drug therapy and I question the latter. LOL

I see things from so many perspectives, angles and dimensions and feel the nature and people on so many levels it is sometimes quite overwhelming. There are days that I think I can hardly handle the stress and emotional roller coaster of my family, and my amazing life and of course my two kids can and do drive me bonkers. That's the real world. However, there is a world that is sacred and unseen by the naked eye, one that lies deep in our sublevel of knowledge and gut feelings. It is our sixth sense, a special portal in the soul through which and where spirit guardians, angels or messengers reside and communicate through. Angels are important beings. It is said we are born with two guardian angels as we take on our human form and these two are by our side until we depart this early vortex. I believe that.

The angelic site has reassured me and confirmed a lot of my personal choices made in life and the people who have come and gone out of it, that I am not insane like I have been thinking for most of my youth. After all the society tells you that when you hear voices you need to see a shrink and need medication. Not in this case. I know the messages I get are clear with visions and a warm and comforting feeling as if someone gave you a great warm blanket over your shoulders. It isn't any different when in time of grief and sorrow, to feel all of the sudden uplifted when seeking comfort in prayer.

A really great friend has once told me that it's all right to talk to yourself out loud even if there is nobody visually present, as long as you don't answer yourself. I think that's also true. Angels love it when we acknowledge them and verbally grant their presence and accept their guidance, however we can and are very capable to communicate through a telepathic wavelength. They are very flexible and we don't always have to think two or even three dimensionally.
This firm belief I have a greater purpose has led me to write amazing channelled poetry and paint pieces one can either appreciate or not. I always had the thoughts of what I wanted to say and convey on paper, just never could put it into words just the right way until one special day. A messenger named Edgar visited me and he stayed with me for the course of two weeks. I recall the day perfectly as I sat down and started to write a short story book on my life experiences growing up. The memory is a blurred two weeks of my life in which I have written 7 short story books and amazing faith and confidence has been revealed within me.

I know that I am capable of anything I set my mind into and never question how, why and when. I was guided by a special being that took me into the unknown and guided me in exploring my identity, abilities and spirit. I believe today my life would be different if Edgar hasn't appeared and changed me. I never actually seen his face, nor felt him in the physical world however he's as real to me as my dog is.

We all have guides whether we believe in them or not. Some call them Angels and some just call them friends. Life is a surprise every day and I live it with that in mind. I firmly believe in higher forces among us, which whisper gently to me, lead me out of danger and drive me to be loving and compassionate to mankind and nature.

Are there Angels among us? You know the answer within you so don't let anyone tell you any different then what you believe.

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