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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Merry Christmas 2012

It will be one of the best Christmases this year.   There isn't a better feeling in the world then having all the people you love right beside you.  To top it off, we own our home without anyone having a hold on it.  That alone felt amazing.  Welcomed a new family member into our lives less then a month before Christmas this year as my sister was blessed with another gorgeous little son.  I'm a proud mom of two and a proud aunty of two.  I'm hosting the Christmas dinner this year and I am so looking forward to having everyone under the same roof, celebrating Jesus' birth, rejoicing in the wonderful spirit of Christmas and feeling the love. ♥

Have a Blessed Christmas everyone.  Love and Peace to all.

nothing like the twinkling bokeh of Christmas lights

we captured an angel in our Christmas tree the day we put it up, which was Nov. 3rd and also Albert's (dad's) ♥

My BEST friend, my mom.

two favourite little people n the whole world

it may not be the crispest image but it was an impromptu snap and one of my faves

Our most special tree to go up is the one for the kids, smaller then our normal 12 foot or 9 foot, this one is 6 feet of the most prized possessions of kids hand made ornaments from the past 9 years, paper mache balls, old special colourful trinkets and wooden ornaments.  LOVE this tree!  One of the 4 decorated this year.

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