The pages are still blank, but there is a miraculous feeling of the words being there, written in invisible ink and clamoring to become visible. ~Vladimir Nabakov

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Spiritual Oneness

"Materialism grounds you.  Reach for the light, for the knowledge resides in the consciousness of your higher self."  These are the words I woke up to.  Who said them?  I was alone sleeping and yet I head them clear as day.

I question the significance of our guardian angels and their spiritual meaning in our life and lately I'm becoming more aware that it may in fact be ourselves who guide us along this human journey. There is a being much more aware and much more powerful then this fragile human fleshy one, allowing us to experience all we are here to experience on Earth.  It watches and guides us to where we are going and perhaps what we all came here to learn.  It is us residing in a higher dimension of our consciousness and universal awareness.

We are creatures of the light, energy, electricity and such great power.  People so easily forget where they come from, blinded by the nature of the Earthly possessions, colour, sounds, tastes and the feeling of tangible objects.  It's all fake and I know why I dislike it so much.

For me, all I've ever wished is to return home.  A home I know is awaiting me and yet I know it's not a home like we all imagine.  This home is me with God and myself in another dimension of awareness and collective consciousness and I so crave and yearn to feel whole again.  It is an indescribable feeling inside my heart and soul that pangs to reunite with the light.  I feel the energy surge in my vivid dreams, I feel it when I stare into the sunset, feeling the wind in my face and dirt on my hands.

I've never felt like I belong here yet I know I have something to learn in this fleshy matter just as I've made the choice to be here.  Life is beautiful.   I've accepted that much a while back and my journey has become a little more comfortable over the years.  Questioning what that learning is has never stopped however.  The yearning for oneness is always there and lately with the time lapses and time itself speeding up, I feel strange for writing this - but I feel the time of the merge is near.

The knowledge I seek through meditation, deep sleep conversations I have with beings have allowed me to feel and see so much more clearly then I ever imagined.  Lately, I have felt overwhelmed and suffocated by the pollution of this planet by the energy vampires who suck you dry and leave you shaking, drained, helpless gasping for air.  I've seen it in the changes of people and their od behaviours and felt the impact of the hate from people called siblings.  I continuously become part of the vicious circle I fear and it's a constant battle to break away.

My destiny awaits me with each powerful second I use my will to choose.  Material things don't exist.  They are just another form of energy, transformed into a tangible object of our imagination.  If you believe, you will create - whatever that is individually.  However, people don't believe until something significant makes them believe, whatever that is.

These books on enlightenment, powerful of law of attraction, the secret itself has been known since the beginning of time and yet we are still here in our fleshy matter, some are rich flaunting their assets, some are poor and starving and some just don't care.  Some seek fame and money while others remain quiet, yet aware with the higher knowledge poor or rich.  Why is our planet consuming us.  This beautiful planet we all chose to come to and experience life on.

So why don't we all live in mansions, drive expensive cars, flaunt our million dollar bills?  Isn't that what the entire human race wants?  Have I lost my faith in people?  I hope not, because faith is the only gift that resides in each and every one of us, that is from the spiritual being we all call God.

For now - I'll just trust that what I heard was a confirmation of my higher self for my recent conscious choices to let go of the tangible and reach for the light and that I am in fact on the right path.

Peace to all~

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