The pages are still blank, but there is a miraculous feeling of the words being there, written in invisible ink and clamoring to become visible. ~Vladimir Nabakov

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Shall I die today?

Let out the dog for pee and put new water in his dish
Feed him, the cat and the rat and do not forget the fish

Dress the kids for school while making a yummy lunch
Clean the leaves in the pool and know I love you much

Oh and there are three bills on top of the fridge to be paid
Do not forget it is urgent; deadline is now to have it made

Then there are also birthdays for our kids I have planned
Invited twenty-three guests are coming with joy to attend

I am very sorry for these duties and this list left behind
Of these little things you always told me, oh never-mind

There is always tomorrow we have time to get them done
These daily responsible duties though I cannot if I am gone

The house will sure be sombre, shall I die today and depart
Our kids will keep crying with a gaping hole in their heart

Please be patient and kind in this dreadful hour of their need
You are the only one left to heal their wounds as they bleed
Become their best friend, their teacher, doctor and mother
You will rely on each other even if you will find another

If you reading this darling then I am not with you today
Yet I will always stand loyal by your side as you pray

Glance at those albums treasuring all our memories built
Keep my name alive and please never ever live with guilt

Remember me with joy, laughter and only those happy tears
Building new memories with children to last for many years

Whisper to our daughter one day, as she walks down her isle
It has been long since mother died though for her only while

Watching her in royal gown, as she is simply a stunning bride
Kissing her cheek with a blessing and back to her heart I hide

Please praise and tell our son as he plays in any sporting game
I just know he will live forever on some majestic wall of fame

Praise both of them often and tell them to reach for the stars
It is yet another way they will heal, longing for mother scars

Growing so graceful and kind I am so proud to be their mother
You have rose so high to the plate, making one hell of a father

Thank you from beyond my grave with this short published poem
Shall I die today my dear all these things I pledge so solemn

I will always watch over you, this I do promise you now
Like on our beautiful wedding day as we both took a vow

I love you all so much, though shall I die today
My name, deeds and genes will live everyday
In the memories, hopes and dreams
And in the smiles of my children!

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