The pages are still blank, but there is a miraculous feeling of the words being there, written in invisible ink and clamoring to become visible. ~Vladimir Nabakov

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

November Stars

You gave me this gift
Oh so many moons ago
It was ever so beautiful
Before this life, another
And swallowed by battle
A life you freely gave
You did not have to go

Demons to face yourself
Thinking you are alone
Almighty sword bloody
For the shedding of love
Seeking your lonely dove
Defending this family
All vessels of humanity
With all your vast ability

Here spoken one truth
Take it, you'll understand
Read it over and yet over
Yes, you will apprehend
Somehow it still reaches
Core of love it teaches
My undying name living
By mortal hand so giving

I gaze upon these your stars
Behind my foggy windows
For hazy life I do remember
Life of love so unforgotten
Gazing moonlit November
Stroking my kind thoughts
Healing your constant scars

Radiance lays high above
In this our midnight hour
Twinkling of but your love
I always highly empower
Illuminating humanity
Still awaiting an embrace
Yet never seeing your face

These are after all your stars
Enchanted by wonder yellow
Shining so gloriously bright
As I quietly sit to watch
With love always mellow
Only wishing one to catch
It falls into your oceans lust

Bleed again if you must
Yet do come and save me
Never will I let go of trust
I found once within thee
You, HIM the one I seek
Beating constant, life meek
Only for you is my heart
In all creation of existence
We are never truly apart

Who am I to go living?
A shadow of an entity
This vast world to face
Forever-longing embrace
And feeling beyond ability
With uncontrollable love
Unbind my wings of dove
In universal power light

Brilliant sky of sunshine
Never feeling any fright
She too wants to fly high
Soaring above in the heat
United by this living beat
Goddess conception am I
And within light for you
That is forever mine

So, here we go on giving
In joy and sorrow of life
Beautiful exactly as it is
In all this elemental strife
Magnificence in essence
This one circle eternally
Living to die perpetually
And never truly alone

It is time to fly again
Eyes weary yet open
Wide-awake you see
Feeling forever me
It has always been you
Unreachable yet there
My love is undeniable
I hear a gentle melody

A choir famously sings
Perhaps I am this fool
I no longer need wings
My heart is unlocked
Beating to your hymn
Sung by only one tomb
Oh, can't you hear it?

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