The pages are still blank, but there is a miraculous feeling of the words being there, written in invisible ink and clamoring to become visible. ~Vladimir Nabakov

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Yearn to Learn

Every day I am able to see and view things from a more profound perspective then the day before. Knowing and trusting that life offers ample new fresh ideas every single day for our cerebral pathways to constantly maintain stimulated, is just a fact. It is something that I blindly accept by leap of faith and hand it over into the unforeseen! I gain knowledge about something new and brilliant each day, which gratifyingly feeds my yearning for learning.

Developing projects very often feed themselves by brainstorming, you just have to follow your internal instinct that everything takes its course in terms of “time” and that it will all be fine if you truly believe in it. If you are willing to align yourself with self-discipline, enthusiasm and purpose, then everything imaginable is absolutely achievable. I love it!

As I throw myself to the merciful vast space of the web craze field, modern technology and even network marketing; I not only have the uncontrollable feeling of OK with an slight sigh, but I must also maintain the trust in hope that it’s somehow alright.

Not asking HOW and WHEN can be a difficult task for some at first, since this is one definite way we have all learned and developed. Our constant questioning around circumstances is as natural to us all as the skin on our bodies. To change that would be like discarding our skin and re-growing a new one. It is unquestionably part of us and it just needs reprogramming of the old and outdated ways. Go ahead and get ready for this! It is just how it is. Even applied into your own life – it is just a matter of time before you realize it yourself and ultimately accept it.

The more you focus on how and when, the longer you will stay frozen in a timeless vast space of reality and things will actually seem like they are still and not progressing. As soon as you get rid of questioning uncontrollable elements such as how and when and even why, the sooner you make room for the actual “speed” at which it advances. Hope this all makes sense to you and that I haven’t left you thinking that I have 3 eyes. Because I actually do! Hee, hee!
Enjoy your luminous and ray filled days and appreciate the education secretly hidden behind each and every highly significant action in your lives, even if it feels irrelevant and unimportant at the time.

Because everything matters!

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