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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Love Arbonne - My Arbonne Journey

February 2012 became my month of transformation.  There is a great vibration in the air every time I think or have thought about the product line.  I've been using few Arbonne products since about September 2011 ever since I held a spa benefit at my home for a dear friend of mine Robyn Dargie who's now the Arbonne District Manager.

It all happened over a social evening getting together with loads of fun, snacks, karaoke and catching up with our good friends.  That night changed my life and I didn't even fully know it or realized it at the time.  My sole purpose was to make my girlfriend happy while I took the step towards something incredible and signed up as an Arbonne Independent Consultant on a simple whim, chance, happiness in the air and maybe a little from my wine glass.  I know it is the best decision I've made, because it feels good inside.

I knew she would benefit from this somehow and I thought at least I'll save 35% on all those fantastic products I was already using and I could totally make her night.  She was all smiles, let me tell ya and offered me a few products with savings to experience the amazing RE9 Arbonne product line, which made me grin from ear to ear.  That facial skin care line is simply phenomenal and all you need is 2-3 days worth to see instant transformation in your face.  Using all botanical infused products without harsh chemicals is simply a must for me and my skin.  You'll be glowing with joy from how amazing your skin will feel, pores tighten, smoothness and even the scent is invigorating.

It has only been under 3 weeks and I'm pumped more then ever.  I've already made few people realize how amazing Arbonne is and signed up my first 3 preferred customers, and I'll be receiving my very first pay check in 15 days.  I've received absolutely mind blowing deals on the Arbonne products so I can Arbonnize my home and make it safer and healthier for my entire family, which is extremely important to me if not the main reason Arbonne spoke to me.

To make things even better I began using the vanilla protein shake and have noticed a nearly instant reduction in my bloating and tummy area.  It has been only a week drinking my morning shakes and I can feel like a lady again without that bloated tummy.  The shakes are amazing!!

I am so very happy.  I bought a domain name for 3 years and made a free website on Wix.  There is a story about the hummingbird on my website which was just a quick template I selected there but few days prior I had a profound dream of a gorgeous hummingbird sitting on my hand.  I dreamed the entire thing in colour and the feeling I felt when I awoke was so peaceful and beautiful.  It somehow all is beginning to make sense.

(below are few Arbonne products I myself started using nearly immediately AND I can actually feel the difference in my skin, body, skin appearance, textures, scent, and over all wellness)

Amazing Protein shakes and Fiber boost. 

This is a life changing opportunity to take charge of my life and put products on my children that I know have been formulated for wellness and are as the following.

Arbonne Personal care products are formulated with:
  • No animal products or animal by-products
  • No Parabens
  • No Formaldehyde donating preservatives 
  • No Petroleym based ingredients:
  • No Benzene
  • No Mineral Oil
  • No Petrolatum
  • No Phthalates
  • No Toluene
  • No Paba
Arbonne Healthy Living products are formulated with: 
  • No Artificial colours
  • No Artificial flavours
  • No Artificial sweeteners
  • No Animal products or animal by-products
  • No Cholesterol
  • No Saturated fats
  • No Trans fats 

On Monday, I met a group of fabulous women at a meeting and to think of it I was so tired and didn't even want to go but made myself.  I'm so glad I did.  Listening to their stories of how they did this with their families and transformed their lives to be on a course of a healthier living, made me want, need, and be what I saw in that room.  It was filled with amazing women wanting the same things.  All reaching their goals and I do believe many will reach them.  On the way to our meeting my friend and I joked that Arbonne only emphasizes and creates "our bond" that much more powerful and significant with a huge purpose.  It will be fabulous to go on trips with this lady I've known for over 20 years.

Tonight, in less then a week I met another room full of more incredible people (over 200 attended) the Mercedes Benz dealership in Kitchener where I got to pick my vehicle and with a quick photo I can post it on my inspiration board to observe until I WILL REACH my goal!  Camila Scott was at this event and she is beautiful and so funny.  I didn't get a photo of us but I will meet her plenty of times to get one.

For now, here is my Benz with my personalized fun plates.

And here is me in one:

And one more:  Hot little car isn't it?

Now here comes the part I think I was the most excited about as I went through my home like a mad maniac reading each and every bottle of skin lotion, shampoo, conditioner, scrubber, facial cleanser, body butter, shower gels, shaving foams, make up, well - you get the picture.  I soon found  there were over 100 bottles and they were all products I no longer wish to use, and many were hiding in throughout my cabinets that I would regularly reach for.

Harmful chemicals in products (listed in bullets above) have been known and directly linked to causing all types of cancers, premature puberty, becoming sterile in both women & men - sadly beginning at the tender age of babies and toddlers as we put unsafe products on our most precious children.

Here are my photos of products I decided to part with.

AND the other half

NOW, to protect myself I cannot specifically point out which product is unsafe nor would I want to, 
I am simply making a point of removing these from my life.

I believe Arbonne will provide me and my family with the natural, tested, botanical, vegan, hypoallergenic, safe products to use, which will become a tax write off for me and will allow me to save money.

Our SKIN is our biggest organ.  It takes the most damage absorbing the products we put on it and I will sleep better knowing my children do not have harmful chemicals on their precious bodies. 

If you have any questions on how to become an Arbonne preferred customer and save 20% (it is like a membership) or even an Independent Consultant and save 35% on products along with the opportunity to show others how they can alter their life for the better, please contact me through my email and I will gladly offer you an opportunity of a life time into health and wellness.

For me - it is all about bettering my family's health and wellness and helping others.
It's about Pay it Forward.

Thanks so much.


Anonymous said...

This is mind blowing incredible! YOU GO GIRL!! I cannot believe how much stuff we have to put on our bodies, where all we need is one or two things. This story is so inspiring on so many levels. I can actually feel your excitement Janette and you look so darn good in that white car, it is a great fit!!!!! Good for you and I wish you the best and highest success on your journey with this endeavour. Love, J.

Janette Dengo said...

Awwww....... thank you so much, this is the sweetest comment. I have to apologize though I know many J's, can you private message me so I know who wrote this. Again, thanks so much for your wonderful support. :)

Anonymous said...


Janette Dengo said...

Thanks so much!! Anyone interested in learning more, pls private msg me. :) Thx Xxxo