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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Universal Consciousness & Roots of Gaia

Do you ever find yourself question how in the heck could that be?   It can be anything.

I've encountered this so many times I lost count.  I get a feeling or an idea and while I'm literally creating it, implementing or designing it, someone else I may or may not know creates it nearly instantly.  I cannot express the inquisitiveness I've held for such coincidences.  Or are they?  Coincidences that is. 

Well, I for one don't believe in coincidence so I dug a little deeper into the concept of what it could be few years ago.  I've never written about it until now due to the recent other similar comparison to another artist.

Universal Consciousness.  I've been living and co-creating with that in the back of my mind ever since.  We all tap into it.  Everyone.  It sounds far fetched when you compare the basic concept to the Borg from Start Trek but it's so true. 

"We are Borg. 
Lower your shields and surrender your ships,
and prepare yourself to be assimilated.  
We will add your biological
and technological distinctiveness to our own. 
Resistance is futile."

Are we all that different from a cybernetic lifeform?  The way I see it, we are not far from reaching this technological advancement, theory or whatever it may be in the next few decades.  With the technology & the way we are collectively connected within social media, Internet communicating, networking, etc. it isn't just science & fiction.  It is real.

We, humans, all intellectual beings on this Earth and perhaps in the entire universe are connected to a source higher then our own comprehension.  We have been ever since the existence of mankind began.  It is the mere pillar of consciousness, light, universal portal we all feed from weather it be ideas, fashion, dreams, desires, innovations, artistic flair, whatever....

For me, it must have began years ago when I was much younger and my art teacher would always praise me for my eye for detail in all my highschool sketches.  I would get double marks for some works.  But, I didn't fully appreciate the praise until my painting "Roots of Gaia" was compared to Frida Khalo's (1907-1954) marvelous work by a complete stranger.

In her lifetime Frida has created some 200 pieces of work related to her experiences and life.  She's a unique artist who's soulful sorrow is evident in many of her human depictions as is her profound rooted loneliness in her many self portraits.

The day I was told that my piece slightly resembled her work, I had no clue who she even was.  I've Googled her and when I found out a little about her life I was quite flattered to have been compared to her piece just below mine.  Since then, I've observed her work as unique, one of kind visual work of an extraordinary visionary and artist.

Roots of Gaia - by Janette Dengo

By Frida Khol

For me, there is always a magical experience with each painting I create.  If somehow I've managed to subconsciously tap into anyone's visual creation, their naked concept for basis of their entire image, sculpture, photo, imagination and ideas, I can with honest heart say it's due to the universal consciousness.  Weather it be a prior, current or future timeline I cannot be responsible for similarities of such.

The bottom line is everyone looks to be unique and stand out in one aspect or another.  Let it be artist, painters, fashionistas, jewellery designers, photographers, sculptors, etc.   Everyone wants to be know for their own unique imprint, such is our own DNA as it solely reflects the artist behind the creation.  Sometimes, and the world is vast, we cannot and are unable to get away from certain visual comparisons that may be so evident in similarities of others.  It is beyond our control. 

I use to get a little annoyed at people I'd encounter in my life if they would buy for example the same clothes as me and the next time I'd see them, they'd say "oh, you have one of those too?"  I'd get irked and roll my eyes, but now I could care less.  If anything it is flattering they found my style tasteful and had to get one for themselves.  Some people get their panties all in a knot over the fact someone may be imitating them and fully believe it, only to have nothing but ill feelings all made up in their heads that they are right out copying them or stealing their ideas.   Bull!

My suggestion:  Get over yourself & breathe a little.  Nobody is treading on your heals and stealing your ideas.  The world is vast, the people in it are all inspired by something or someone all the time.

Remaining confident that the art created by you, me and the world all holds uniqueness, beauty and one of a kind visual concept is the key.  Confidence with a capital "C".  It is as irrelevant as if someone had the same shoes as you at a party. 

"People think they are ground breakers but they are only treading on the path of others" - so eloquently put by my hubby Anthony.  Always.  Civilization has existed for how long?  Is it really that insulting to people who get their backs raised that someone imitated or flat out copied them?  Actors, models, all types of divas out there on the red carpets find themselves in similar if not identical outfits, all the time.  Does that mean we should bring out the guns?

Someone out there is and will always be similar to your work because after all - you yourself has gotten a visual inspiration from someone else that may be not so flattered you right out "stole" their idea if that's how you see it.  If you put those thoughts into your head & get paranoid of people stealing your ideas, you will loose the battle in the artists industry, in whatever it is you are creating. 

Feel the confidence you are unique, execute it and don't worry about the rest.  People will always pick up on imitations, because if someone doesn't have the talent, they can paint, photograph, chisel away, cut, sew, stitch their little hearts away and it will never be you!  You are IT!  You and only you.  There is nor will there ever be another you. But let's get back to Frida and me for now  :)

For me Frida represents something deep.  The roots of the mere Earth - Gaia - the Goddess - as I seek to find her in my above creation.  She isn't that far from the mere concept of the "universal consciousness".  A feminine creation connecting to the source, the light, love, universal being of the roots we all tap into.  Even though I wasn't directly inspired by Frida, her image somewhat haunts me in a positive way.  While I was told to use certain colours and stay away from reds - it is what came into my mind with the piece I created for my client with them and their lifestyle in mind.  The fact it was unveiled there is a a similarity is quite uncanning.  By the way, the client loved my creation & it was evident in their eyes full of tears & gratitude. 

We all tap into it.  Whatever the universal consciousness is.  I cannot seem to get ahead of it.  I've had ideas that made people millionaires so with that knowledge, in the comfort of my own home I reap a little of those millions they have - even if my pockets are empty because I know I too had that idea at the same time they did. 

If someone took my image and put their name on it & unfortunately there are people like that out there & I've known of few artists that have succumbed to those thieves, that is the only illegal form of theft punishable by law.  This is also only if your image and photo is protected by the copyright and each laws in each state, province, country is different so it's best to check into that.

While my Roots of Gaia was one of the pieces I was probably the most intimidated to give away & present to my client as a final piece of work/product, it is probably one of my finest works. 

Thank you so much to all who inspire me, give me confidence to keep on creating and encourage me to continue on my artistic journey.  Love you all very much from the roots of my entire creative consciousness.

Peace, love & light.

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