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Monday, October 20, 2008

Is a name brand product always better than a generic?

What is a name without proof of quality? I do not believe that a name brand is always better than a generic however in many situations it is the case. In whichever case, the quality is what everyone is after. I have found many times the generic brand to be equally adequate if not even better then the name brand. This however does not fit every category of products.
Name brands not only cost a lot more money, they are not always necessarily better. Many times the exact product is used with different labelling as manufacturers use the overflow or excess of the product made and either sell it to or label it under a generic grocery brand. This is to ensure sales of both high and low end of the consumer market. Now in this case I am speaking of canned food. I seldom buy name brand just for the sake of it. In most cases I pay attention to the price and where it was made. Sticking mostly to local and neighbouring manufacturer countries such as Canada and US is a personal preference. Then I ensure I am getting the nutrients I am after and I compare ingredients, fat contents, cholesterol, sodium and other important things to my family and me. The same concept goes for fresh vegetables and fruits. I pay attention to prices, local freshness and not the name brand higher jacked costs.

Needless to say, I find that in many other cases such as clothing for example T-shirts, sweats, dresses and jeans I do prefer certain tag names. The item does not have to have an exposed advertising label for everyone to know what I am wearing, but it is merely for personal preference. Not only I know I am getting the quality I am used to but am also paying for the durability and even lifespan of my clothing. With some generic brands the fabrics easily tears, fades and wears out fast. This also includes jeans. I have in the past purchased generic department store jeans and soon found them fading, fraying and falling apart. It is worthwhile sometimes to spend the extra buck for the higher quality and in this case let it be the tag.

Not everyone can afford name brand prices these days including myself. I find many of my clothing fashion in the local second hand shops where I do inspect for quality, no wears and tears, and of course the tag to see the manufacturer or name. Even though the items are gently worn, I know I will get a lot of wear out of it just from past experiences. The same goes for my kids clothing. They not only grow so fast and within 6 months the item no longer fits, they are also very careless with their garments and I cannot justify spending outrageous cash on clothing. I do however ensure they are high quality, again my trusted brands even if gently worn.

The same goes for foot ware. Our feet are so important to us. I absolutely refuse to wear generic "cheap" foot ware. They not only have poor arch supports, they are often made of lower quality materials and your feet soon sweat and become sore. Flat foot ware and poor arch support shoes are very bad for your back and your entire posture and body can suffer. I have personally gone into both ends of shoe shopping of the high and low quality, and proper shoes is one area where I will most certainly splurge on especially if they are a name I trust.

With that said in conclusion, I do pay attention to name brand prices and products. From personal experience I guess from what I wear to what I eat. Are all name brands better? I think not.

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