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Friday, August 29, 2008

Who do you think is the most important person ever to live?

Important: Having great significance, big, consequential, historic, considerable, large, meaningful, monumental and substantial.

I am a member of Helium.  A great writer's site where people share all kinds of knowledge.  This following article is one of many I publish on there. When I first read the question, my immediate reaction was important person to whom? While many different people in the past and present suddenly flooded my thoughts, without a doubt my answer is of course me! I am the most important person that has ever lived, right now at this very moment beginning with the second I was born.

Choosing myself is not because of preconceived notions or being conceded because I don't believe I'm better then you, it is simply because I believe in the enormous power of single individuality which in fact leads to great unity. I believe in myself first. Let's see, if I believe I am the most important person, then my children and husband are equally so and then there are my parents and grandparents who brought me into this world and their ancestors.

We are all important and our mere birth creates a chain effect that lasts inevitably forever. It really starts with us, doesn't it? If we only believe in ourselves, that we are in fact important and significant equally, then we would treat our family, friends and neighbors with great respect and importance. This would have hopefully avoided all the famine, wars, hate, theft, killings and hunger for power to be better then the other, while creating a peaceful world which all of us wish and hope for. Everything in life really starts with us, first and foremost. It is actually how we view the world we live in and therefore manifest our beliefs and expectations by our pure thoughts, dreams and visions.

While we are very important individuals consistently, united we project everything right down to all that is happening around the world at this very moment. We have the power to seize hunger, poverty, pollution and killings yet we choose not to. By giving our focus and attention the things we don't want to see, we are actually just creating more of it. Just as we have the power to preserve and nurture our planet, we are zealous and compassionate people who are capable of a lot more then we give ourselves credit for.

Many point fingers and judge others, while we walk around jaded and asleep awaiting our next most important leader, inventor and savior. We are not at the mercy of any other great individual, but ourselves. While awaiting another most important person, we are destroying and suffocating our planet and ourselves. Somewhere along the lifeline we lost the belief that change can and does starts with us first and that we are the power behind all existence, persistence and life.

Why does a person have to become monumental by death before he/she is symbolized important and reincarnated for preservation of great importance? From our ancestors such as Egyptians, Cleopatra, Moses and Mozart to Van Gogh, DaVinci and Michael Angelo even Nostradamus, Jesus Christ, Napoleon, Einstein, Louis Pasteur, Hitler and many others - they all hold a great impact on our society. They have altered the planet and human evolution and the way we are living today, they are however not more important then you or me.

Those idols are builders, conquerors, musicians, artist, inventors and geniuses, while the people behind the scenes of their actions, inventions, victories and loses are easily forgotten. They are the losers, defeaters and captors and also play an important role of their own in the historic events. I don't believe one single individual is better then the next.

I often think of the soldiers fighting in a war at this very moment, while I have the luxury of sipping my coffee and walking the planet calling it my home. They have to firmly believe I am important to be dying for me. How many of us do actually think of the important soldier dying for their country and their people this very minute, somewhere in the world?

Whether the victory is positive or negative in makes no barring on the topic, the importance of those individuals behind it does. Everyone affects a single person or a group of people whether with inspiration, great invention, healing or killing and has a purpose. This leads to other groups doing the same for generations becoming the followers. Does it really take a person of such idol authority to be remembered, praised and deemed most important? I believe we all have the power to change and accomplish anything we put our thoughts into and believe in.

No matter what color, race and religion we are, we all matter uniformly, considerably and consistently across the board. The entire planet is filled with important people that right now at this very moment are making a difference in someone else's life. While I read and proofread this article, I paused for a moment and thought of how wonderfully I conveyed the message, especially to myself. Whether you are saving a bug from a dog's water dish, helping a homeless person by offering them your coffee or donating millions to a catastrophe or charity, it all makes a difference equally.

Our every single action and reaction no matter how small and insignificant at the moment, affects the next evolution, distinction and unfolding life in general. It affects people with the pay it forward attitude which we all hold within ourselves, whichever way we choose to pay it forward and whether it has negative or positive results. With that said, I firmly conclude that I am the most important person ever to live, thanking my mother who gave me life and grandmother who gave her life and so forth. Carrying myself proudly and firmly as the dying soldier who believes in me, I encourage my children to do the same and I ensure to make them feel like they are in fact the most important people ever to live.

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